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Amos Wako Biography, Education and Family

Amos Wako

Amos Wako Profile and Biography

Amos Wako was born on 31st July 1946 in Bukhayo, Busia District. He is a former Attoney General and the Senator for Busia county. In October 2009 he was given a travel ban by the USA for ‘deliberately blocking political reforms’ following post-poll violence in 2008. Mr Amos Wako left the State Law Office on 26 August 2011 as per the new constitution which demanded him to leave office One year after its promulgation. He was Succeeded by Prof Githu Muigai. He joined the Orange Democratic Movement, on whose ticket he will contested for the Busia senate seat in the 4 March General Election.

Amos Wako Education Background

  • Graduate student of University of London, masters of Law with specialisation in Comparative Consitutional Law
  • Undergraduate Student of University of London, Bachelor of Science in Economics with specialisation in International Affairs.
  • 1969 → 1972:Undergraduate student of University of Dar-es-Salaam, Bachelor of Law LL.B (HONS)

Political Position

  • 13th March 2013 – Up to date : Senator for Busia county
  • 13th February 2013 – Up to date : Coalition Member for Democracy and Reforms


Work Experience

Started 2005 : President of Asian African Legal Consultative Organisation

Started 1995 : Chair of International Council for Commercial Arbitration.

Exciting Articles

Started 1994: Member of International Advisory panel to the World Copyright Arbitration Center

Started 1983 :Fellow  of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (LONDON)

Started 1977 :Fellow of International Academy of Trial Lawyer
Started 1977 :Fellow   of International Academy of Trial Lawyers ( U.S.A. )

Started August 1970: Advocate of the High Court of Kenya of Kenya School of Law

May 1991 → August 2011 : Attorney General of Republic of Kenya

1999 → 2001 : Leader of Delegation of Kenya to International Conferences Against Corruption

1997 → 1998 : President of International Seabed Authority.

1997 → 1998 : Chair of Ministers of Justice/Attorneys General of East Africa (and chaired critical meetings, which drafted the Treaty for the Establishment of the East Africa Community).

1994 → 1997 : Chair of Group of 77

1993 → 1997 : Chair of The Ministers of Justice/Attorney-General of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
1982 → 1991 :Founder Chair of Public Law Institute

1984 – 1988 :   Chair of Association of Professional Societies in East Africa .

1979 – 1981: Chair of Law Society of Kenya

Committee Membership

  • 2004 : Chair of Committee on Fast Tracking East African
  • 2008 – 2012 : Member of Committee on Powers and Privileges – (National Assembly Powers and Privileges Act)


 Amos Wako Attorney General of Kenya

Amos Wako, who boasted a reputable academic, professional and legal career, said he was “dumbfounded” when he was appointed Attorney General on May 13, 1991, a position he held until August 2001 as the 2010 Constitution demanded after serving as Attorney General‘ for 20 years.

Amos Wako’s 20-year tenure is the longest of any Attorney-General in Kenya.

He reversed the abolition of the tenure of office for the Attorney General and High Court judges in 1991.

Other positive enactments included the Children’s Act Bill 1992 that made it mandatory for all  children to access universal primary education.

Amos Wako Time as the Attorney General

Tax payers lost billions of shillings in Wako’s time and he tabled  the Anti-Corruption Bill that created the Kenya Anti-Corruption  Commission in 1991 while the  Pharmacies and Poison’s Act 1992  created the National Quality Control Laboratory for free testing of drugs and medical equipment for the public.

Marital rape, jail terms for HIV rapists were made crimes by Wako, who also imposed a punitive Kshs  1million fine to curb drug trafficking.

The Statute Law (Miscellaneous Amendment Bill) enacted the  Defamation Act that created financial parameters for damages to be  awarded in libel cases.

Wako was Attorney General at the height of clamour for political pluralism in Kenya. He was accused of criminalising dissent in what went down as “judicial tyranny”.

His partisanship was evident when he amended the law governing nomination of parliamentary, civic and presidential elections by reducing days for nomination to 21. That in effect, meant opposition parties were left with little time to put their houses in order. The law seemed to favour Kanu , the ruling party.

The Preservation of Public Security Act ensured all detention laws remained in force and was effectively used against opposition leaders. even though Section 2(A) that allowed multiparty politics was enacted in his time.

The worst politically instigated ethnic clashes of 1992 happened in Wako’s tenure. No one has ever been found culpable. The Goldenberg Scandal that saw Kenya lose over Kshs 60billion in fictitious export of diamonds , was perpetrated in his time. No one has ever been jailed for it.


Hon. Life Member, Wiltshire Bar Association

Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS),

Elder of the Golden Heart (EGH)

Senior Counsel.

Amos Wako Family and children

Amos Wako is married with two children.

Amos Wako Photo

Amos Wako

Amos Wako

Amos Wako






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