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Kenya Animals – The Big Five and Other Animals to See in Kenya

Animals in Kenya

Animals in Kenya: Kenya has a variety of animals not only in national parks and game reserves, but also in the open grassland where game has co-existed with communities for hundreds of years.

Animals Of Kenya

The zebra, hippopotamus, wildebeest, rhinoceros and elephant are some of the wildlife Kenya is famous for the world over. The Big Five, too – lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo.

Kenya Animals – Birds of Kenya

Birds, too, the big and small, are prominent, including flamingoes, vultures and ostriches. Birds are special in helping identify rich biodiversity and Kenya has more than 1,000 species. It has at least 60 Important Bird Areas (IBAs). These are places of global importance for bird conservation. They have threatened and special species.

Endangered Animals in Kenya

Today, there are many animal varieties, but some have become extinct. Wildlife is a leading tourist attraction in Kenya. The areas hosting game are protected in 33 national parks and reserves. Kenya’s fauna comprises more than 80 major species of animals.

Rain forests are home to Kenya’s unique species of animals – chameleons, squirrels, bats, frogs, monkeys and birds.

Forests in the central highlands are mostly mountainous and have afro-alpine vegetation.

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The Big Five Animals in Kenya

1. The Lions in Kenya

Category: Kenya Animals

Lions are one of the main attractions of the game reserves in Kenya and are found in all the main ones. Lion spend most of the day lying under bushes or in other attractive places and when you see a pride stretched out in the sun like this, they seem incredibly docile.

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2. Elephants in Kenya

Category: Kenya Animals

Elephants in Kenya– It is the world’s largest land animal. Kenya has about 30,000 elephants, with an estimated 10,000 in the, Tsavo/Mkomazi ecosystem. One of the best places to see elephants is in the Amboseli Game Reserve. This is the home of late ‘Echo,’ the matriarch one of the herds studied by Cynthia Moss and featured in the book and documentary ‘Echo of the Elephants.

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3. Leopard in Kenya

Category: Kenya Animals

Leopard in Kenya – The leopard is perhaps the most graceful and agile of the large cats. A powerfully built animal which uses cunning to catch its prey, it is present in all the major game reserves but is difficult to find as it is nocturnal and spends the day resting on branches of trees, often up to five metres above the ground.

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4. Rhinos in Kenya

Category: Animals in Kenya

One of Africa’s most sought-after species by poachers, the numbers of black rhino in Kenya have fallen dramatically in the past, though they are now once again on the increase, thanks to some determined conservation efforts. They are now thought to number around 500, compared with around 20,000 in 1970!

Rhino are one of the more difficult animals to sight, simply because they’re so few in numbers compared to other wildlife. They are seen in Amboseli quite often, and also in Masai Mara, Tsavo East (rarely), Nairobi National Park and Nakuru. Rhino usually feed in the very early morning or late afternoon; at other times they tend to keep out of sight.

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5. Kenya Buffalo

Category: Animals in Kenya

Kenya Buffalo is a massive, moody and dangerous animal. Its main diet is grass, but at times leaves and buds make up the greater part of its feeding. It kills more people than lions or crocodiles.

Old lone male buffaloes even lie in wait and ambush people, and it is dangerous for tourists to walk outside the grounds of a lodge or camp between a buffalo herd and their mid-morning drink.

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Kenya Animals - Animals in Kenya

Kenya Animals – Animals in Kenya

Kenya Animals – Animals found in Kenya

  1. Antelopes in Kenya
  2. Baboon in Kenya
  3. Black and White Rhino in Kenya
  4. Black & White Colobus Monkey in Kenya
  5. Bongo Antelope in Kenya
  6. Buffalo in Kenya
  7. Bushbuck Antelope in Kenya
  8. Bush Duiker in Kenya
  9. Cheetahs in Kenya
  10. Civet in Kenya
  11. Colobus Monkeys in Kenya
  12. Crocodiles of the Mara
  13. Eland Antelope in Kenya
  14. Flamingos in kenya
  15. Genet in Kenya
  16. Gerenuk Antelope in Kenya
  17. Grant Gazelle in Kenya
  18. Greater Bushbaby in Kenya
  19. Greater Kudu Antelope in Kenya
  20. Hartebeest Antelope in Kenya
  21. Hippopotamus in Kenya

    Kenya Animals - Animals in Kenya

    Kenya Animals – Animals in Kenya

  22. Hunting Dog in Kenya
  23. Hyena in Kenya
  24. Hyrax – Dassie in Kenya
  25. Impala in Kenya
  26. Jackal in Kenya
  27. Kenya Buffalo
  28. Elephants in Kenya
  29. Kenyan Giraffe
  30. Kenyan Leopard
  31. Kenya Zebra’s Stripes Uncovered
  32. Kirks Dik Dik Antelope in Kenya
  33. Klipspringer Antelope in Kenya
  34. Leopard in Kenya
  35. Lesser Kudu Antelope in Kenya
  36. Lions in Kenya
  37. Mongoose in Kenya
  38. Oribi Antelope in Kenya
  39. Oryx Antelope in Kenya
  40. Ostrich in Kenya
  41. Rhinos in Kenya
  42. Roan Antelope in Kenya
  43. Sable Antelope in Kenya
  44. Serval in Kenya
  45. Sitatunga Antelope in Kenya
  46. Thomson’s Gazelle in Kenya
  47. Topi Antelope in Kenya
  48. Vervet – Green Monkey – Grivet in Kenya
  49. Vulture in Kenya
  50. Warthog in Kenya
  51. Waterbuck in Kenya
  52. Wildebeest in Kenya
  53. Zebras in Kenya

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