Anne Kiguta Biography

Anne Kiguta is the Group Digital Manager and a Senior Anchor at Royal Media Services & Citizen TV Kenya. She was until her latest appointment the Chief Anchor and Current Affairs editor at KTN. There she pioneered the country’s leading political segment Checkpoint and KTN Sunday Night. She was also a weekly political columnist for The Nairobian. With three years in television, she has anchored live and exclusive events including NewsNight, a weekly current affairs series and State of the Nation, an in-depth look at Kenya’s socioeconomic scene.

Anne Kiguta is a Nutrition Advocate with international charity Save the Children. She is also a mentor with the Standard Group’s Eve-Sister programme which seeks to empower women and girls. She is a much sought after speaker, moderator and mentor. Anne is also a member of the Association of Media Women in Kenya.

Anne Kiguta has interviewed a wide range of global leaders including Kofi Annan, Jeffrey Sachs, Luis Moreno Ocampo and Jesse Jackson among others. She has moderated various forums including the Young Presidents Organization – Kenya Chapter which featured Betsy Myers- the lead campaigner for US President Barack Obama’s women’s initiative.

Anne Kigutabegan her career at 18 years as a youth talk show host at Hope FM. Four years later she joined Capital FM as a reporter, anchor and on-line sub-editor. She joined KTN in 2011 and Royal Media Services in October 2013.

Anne Kiguta Education Background

2004- 2008: Undergraduate student at Daystar University, Communications, Electronic Media & Public Relations

Secondary school student at The Rusinga School Nairobi

Anne Kiguta Job History

October 2013 – Present :Group Digital Manager, Senior Anchor at Citizen Tv- Royal Media Services

April 2010 – August 2013 :Senior Anchor, Current Affairs Editor at KTN, Kenya

  • To carry out screen tests, direct and produce the audition process, identify talent and advise the board of directors on recruiting of anchors.
  • To continuously train anchors on various techniques, house-style and image.
  • To assign anchors various news products to host on a weekly basis including live or special events coverage.
  • To plan continuous news coverage for special events including sustained coverage of Kenya’s pre trial cases at the ICC, the 2010 referendum and the 72 hour 2013 general election’s continuous coverage.
  • Monitor current affairs by liaising with a team of reporters and editors from The Standard, KTN and Radio Maisha news outlets and create a daily news agenda which determines the daily news broadcast on KTN.
  • To source for news stories, conduct interviews and cover news events on location as well as collate field material and edit various news items.
  • To produce and host various news segments including the premier Kenyan political talk show #Checkpoint on Sunday nights which has been lauded for setting the national agenda for the week.
  • Conceptualize various news products including special features and shows for broadcast by other news anchors.
  • To host various live and recorded news items including the prime time bulletins, breaking news and special events.
  • To write weekly news columns on current affairs, gender and development themes.

2009 – 2013: News Anchor & Reporter at Standard Media Group

  • Ensuring timely and accurate news casts by sub editing stories filed by reporters and voicing bulletins
  • To deliver real-time news updates on-air on breaking news or developing stories and
  • To monitor local and international media reports both for electronic and print media
  • Regular maintenance of news website pages
  • Sub editing web copy filed by reporters

2003 – 2006:  Presenter & Producer at 93.3 Hope FM

  • The task was to carve out a niche audience for a newly founded station in a highly competitive market. It involved carrying out studies of the market, conceptualizing, launching and maintaining new projects.
  • It also included an advisory role to senior management on the best tools to achieve and maintain audience growth.
  • The work involved conceptualizing and budgeting for quarterly campaigns that would be run. It also meant implementing the programmes on-air with co-hosts.
  • She undertook audience research for the station sampling its primary audience. The pioneer research formed the basis for subsequent studies resulting in better tailored audience-specific programmes.
  • She worked to pioneer two radio shows and produced them for three years. One show’s segments grew into a stand alone programme. Both shows continue to air.

Anne Kiguta Volunteer Experience

2011: Kenya Child Nutrition Advocate, Save the Children UK

  • Under nutrition is the largest single contributor to child mortality worldwide and is responsible for the loss of billions of dollars in productivity, in effect stunting not only citizens, but competitiveness and economic growth of countries with the highest burden of stunting like Kenya. Under nutrition not only puts children at greater risk of infection, and death, but it also stops them reaching their full potential.

2011: Mentor,Eve Sister Programme at The Standard Group

  • The Eve Sisters mentorship programme is an initiative sponsored by The Standard Group to provide an opportunity for women of all walks of life to meet with Kenya’s leading women role models.The forums provide the opportunity for women to share their challenges in getting ahead in business or politics and to learn from women who are champions in these fields.

2013: Africa 2.0 Mentor,  Africa 2.0

  • Africa 2.0 is a Pan-African civil society organization that consists of over 300 young and emerging leaders from Africa and the Diaspora who share a collective vision for Africa and a commitment to finding and implementing sustainable solutions capable of leapfrogging the development of the continent.

Anne Kiguta Publications

April 2013: Journalists could not be judge and jury in the last polls, Media Council of Kenya

  • The March 4th 2013 general election in Kenya may have been free of wide spread violence but did not lack in controversy. Kenya’s media came under close scrutiny over their coverage of the historic mammoth election. Was the media blind or responsible? Read my opinion piece on page 30 of The Media Observer.

Ann Kiguta Family and Children

Anne Kigutas Daughter
Anne Kigutas Daughter


Anne Kiguta Age

Ann Keguta is around 30 yeays old as of 2015.

Anne Kiguta Salary

Details on Anne Kiguta Salary will be updated soon…

Anne Kiguta Married – Anne Kiguta Husband

Anne Kiguta was once a victim of an abusive relationship? Speaking about her ordeal to True Love, the hot TV siren gave details of her life that she has never told anyone.

Apparently, there is a day before she went live on KTN that her baby daddy furiously beat her up while she was holding her three year old baby Wairimu, but she stood strong, applied make up and went on air.

According to her, she did not leave him but stayed in the relationship mainly because of her baby but after the third beating she packed her bags and left. In her own words, that was the best decision she has ever made in her life.
Currently she is in a serious relationship with a very good man and she has been with him for the past one year and four months. She further added that she has never been married.

Ann Kiguta Interview

Interviewer : Anne, as one of the top Kenyan TV personalities, there is pressure that comes with it, especially now that you’re a mom. Your fans expect you to achieve even more. How do you manage to balance work and taking care of your beautiful daughter?

Ann Kiguta: Well I don’t know that I actually balance it. But if it looks that way, great! I’m all about the ‘manageable crazy’. I always have a couple of things going at the same time and to be perfectly honest I could do with another two hours of sleep and a lot more of the spa! But I guess the trick is just learning to prioritize. When you look at the things we think are so important, many of them actually aren’t.

So I weigh things and what I can do without, I do without. I don’t have to be at every event or buzzing new place or take on every project etc. I’ve learnt to differentiate between the temporal and permanent things in my life. My daughter, our relationship- that is permanent. My career is important and deeply fulfilling but not permanent. So the golden rule is never invest the permanent in the temporary.

Interviewer : What are the 3 three things you would never do for fame?

Ann Kiguta: Sacrifice my relationship with my daughter. She comes first in my life. Another thing would be giving up my values and spirituality. It’s what has brought me this far. Finally, I would NEVER undermine my colleagues to get my own way.

Interviewer: You’re known to be a fashion lover. I even met you at the Fashion High Tea earlier this year. Whose fashion do you admire locally and Africa-wide?

Ann Kiguta: I like the local brother-sister style of Papa Petit and Velma Rossa of ‘2manysiblings’. I love the art and culture fusion in what they wear. And if I wasn’t covering politics I’d probably be wearing that because deep down I just want to be in my ripped jeans.

I’m inspired by Kenya’s Zeddie Lukoe who’s based in New York & Wambui Kibue here in Nairobi. Zeddie’s bespoke work is clean, simple yet very elevated. There’s something about a man in a well-tailored suit and its good to see Kenyan men embracing fashion.

I’m crushing on African designers like Mozambique’s Taibo Bacar. He really has an understanding of the feminine form. Shout out to Tanzania’s Jacqueline Kibacha who’s based in the UK. I’m fascinated by her jewelry line and especially the timeless ‘Uhuru wings’.

I’m also loving Nigeria’s Ese Azenabor. She’s based in the States and specializes in embellished looks. And I for one love a little bling here and there…and everywhere. Lol!

Interviewer: Your biggest professional lesson while you’ve been a news anchor?

Ann Kiguta: Anything can happen. And it usually does, especially when you least expect it. You have to be ready at all times and for anything and everything. Once that camera is rolling there is no such thing as “take-two”. You get one chance and once chance only.

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Anne Kiguta Photos

Anne Kiguta
Anne Kiguta

Anne Kiguta News

Anne Kiguta Husband – It’s Jomo Gecaga! Anne Kiguta finally reveals father to her twins

Updated: 20.06.2017

From nowhere, Anne Kiguta shocked everyone after the news of her pregnancy broke. Excitement and curiosity filled the air but she remained mum about the identity of her baby daddy.

Nine months later she delivered twins, a boy and a girl and still no word on the father of her children. But that changed a day ago on father’s day.

Seems all it took was the right moment and day for to break her silence.

‘’Happy Father’s Day @jomogecaga.’’ She posted alongside a video of Jomo and her elder daughter Wairimu from her previous relationship having a great time.

Well, turns out the rumors weren’t baseless after all if her recent post is to be taken as is.

Anne and Gecaga started making headlines after they were spotted at a James Bond movie screening in 2015 holding hands and it was believed that they were dating but neither came out to confirm nor deny.

The president’s nephew and right-hand man even took a paternity leave to look after the Citizen TV news anchor after she delivered raising eyebrows and further speculation.

Other than sharing parenting responsibilities, her recent action indicates that the two are definitely more.

Is he the dad? Anne Kiguta gives birth to twins, Uhuru’s PA takes paternity leave

Updated 07.08.2016

Celebrated news anchor, Anne Kiguta, gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.

According to sources, the new mother gave birth on Friday, July 1 at Nairobi Hospital. The twins make her a mother of three (two girls and one boy) since she has a girl from a previous relationship.

Our sources further revealed that Anne’s alleged baby daddy, a senior government official at the Presidency, has also taken paternity leave to help her take care of the babies, although they don’t live together. One of the babies, we hear, has been named after a prominent personality who is related to her baby daddy.

Anne Kiguta first confirmed her pregnancy during an interview with Drum magazine where she revealed that news of her second pregnancy came as a shocker.

There have speculations about the man responsible for Anne’s second pregnancy.

Rumour mills have been churning yarns on who she has been secretly dating until Anne unknowingly let the cat out of the bag at a recent movie screening.

Anne, the Group Digital Manager and senior anchor, showed up for the screening of James Bond’s movie, Spectre, holding hands with Jomo Gecaga, Uhuru Kenyatta’s Personal Assistant. Dressed in a shimmering gown, Anne seemed quite happy as her prince charming carried popcorns for her. They seemed quite comfortable and were occasionally seen whispering to each other giggling.

Anne Kiguta later posted the photo of her with Jomo on her Instagram page.

The Nairobian has on several occasions tried to get the two to confirm their relationship, but they have been elusive.

In an interview with True Love magazine, Anne Kiguta her ex-boyfriend whom she walked out on in 2013.

The last-born of four girls and alumnus of Rusinga School and Daystar University, has in the past dated an advertising guru with whom she had even undergone the traditional wedding rites. The wedding was slated for February 2014, but they later broke up and the man has since moved on and gotten married.

Jomo Gecaga, on the other hand, is the Personal Secretary to President Uhuru and previously a First Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is the son of Udi and Jeni Wambui Gecaga (first president’s daughter and thus is Uhuru’s nephew).

The alumnus of the prestigious Eton College in Windsor, Berkshire, was the personal assistant of former Foreign Affairs minister Raphael Tuju during retired President Mwai Kibaki’s first term as president before joining Uhuru’s team.

He was the overall head of ‘Team Uhuru’ that ran Kenyatta’s 2013 presidential campaign.

He played a key role in the planning of the swearing-in ceremony and the crafting of the Kenyatta-Ruto Cabinet. His appointment to the powerful position was therefore inevitable.


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Anne Kiguta Pregnant

Updated 25.03.2016

Last Sunday brought home the news that television anchor Anne Kiguta is pregnant with her second child. A reliable source from Royal Media Services admitted that of late, the anchor has been wearing a lot of baggy clothes and trench coats to work – perhaps affirming her pregnancy.

This was confirmed after she was caught live on air trying to cover up her protruding pregnancy by holding a stack of report scripts in front of her belly to conceal and distract viewers from noticing the baby bump.

Unlike many celebrities, Anne Kiguta is seemingly not ready to flaunt her baby bump and has not yet made confirmation to the world about the good news. Some of her photos also show that she has been struck by cupid’s arrow.

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