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Approved Schools in Kenya

Approved Schools in Kenya

Approved Schools in Kenya initially were under the Department of Approved Schools but after independence they were put under the Children’s Department, now known as the Department of Children’s Services.

The department’s divisions include Field services, which covers child protection and cases of sexually abused and trafficked children.

Approved Schools in Kenya – Some of the activities the department handles include;

  1. Cash transfer to orphans.
  2. Alternative family care, for example, adoption service; foster care; guardianship; custodian of the registered list of adoption societies in the country.
  3. Responsible for statutory institutions e.g. rehabilitation schools and remand homes, charitable
  4. children’s institutions.
  5. Finance and administration.

It derives its mandate from the Children Act.

Approved Schools in Kenya

There are 11 juvenile remand homes (under the administration of the Children’s Department) in Kenya, with a reported capacity of 2,500 children.

The decision to send a child to a rehabilitation centre or not is left to the judge and is based on the circumstances surrounding the child and the offence. Before a child is sent to a rehabilitation school, the parent must obtain a committal order.

Before boys are placed in the rehabilitation centres, they must first undergo an assessment programme at Gitathuru Rehabilitation School. From there, they are sent to various schools based on whether they are high-, medium-, or low-risk. Girls undergo a similar process at Kirigiti Girls Rehabilitation School.

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The schools are Kirigiti, Dagoretti, Kisumu, Kericho, Kakamega, Wamumu, Kabete, Gitathuru, Likoni, and Othaya rehabilitation centres.

Not only children found guilty of committing a crime will be sent to approved schools but also those in need of care and protection.

Approved Schools in Kenya

Approved Schools in Kenya

Approved Schools in Kenya – Video