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Swahili: Nyani

Baboon in Kenya

Baboon in Kenya

The yellow baboon is just one of at least seven subspecies of baboon and is the one most commonly sighted in Kenya. The other relatively common one is the olive baboon (Papio anubis), most often seen in Nairobi National Park. The main difference between the two is that the olive baboon has long facial hair and a mane on the shoulders, especially the males.

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Baboon have a dog-like snout which gives them a much more aggressive and less human-like facial appearance than most other primates.

They are usually found in large troops (of up to 150 animals, with a dominant male) which will have a territorial area ranging from two to 30 sq km. They spend most of the time on the ground searching for insects, spiders and birds’ eggs. The baboon have also found that the lodges in the game parks are easy pickings, especially when idiotic tourists throw food to them so they can get a good snap with the Instamatic.