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Bahati Town Kenya – A Guide to Bahati Kenya

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Bahati Town Guide

Located in Bahati constituency, Nakuru county, Bahati town is one of the urban centres in the county. Bahati Kenya lies at an altitude of about 1912 meters above the sea level and is estimated to have a population of about 3833 residents.

Bahati Town Kenya Geography and Climate

Bahati town lies at an altitude of about 1912 meters (6272 ft.) above the sea level. The town is estimated to have a population of about 3833 people according to the country’s census data carried out in 2009.

The climate in Bahati town is basically  warm and temperate. Rain in Bahati town mostly falls in the winter with relatively a little rain in the summer. The town’s average annual temperature is 17.6 °C with the average annual rainfall being 971 mm.

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March, with an annual average temperature of  18.5 °C is the warmest month, whereas, July is the coldest month with an annual average of 16.6 °C .

January is said to be the driest month in the town with an average of 28 mm of rain, whereas, April is said to be the wettest with an average of 145 mm.

Economic Activities in Bahati Town

With agriculture being the backbone of the economy in Nakuru County, Bahati town has also followed suit because most of the residents in this town depend on the sale of the various farm produce to meet their financial needs.

There are also numerous manufacturing industries that have being set up in the town that process the food produce for both local and international markets. This includes milk processing plants, wheat processing industries and flour making industries.

Education Institutions in Bahati Kenya

Bahati town is well established in terms of education as it has various learning institutions with some of them being among the top performing schools in the country. Some of the primary and high schools in Bahati town include:

  1. Banana Primary School
  2. Bahati Menegai View Secondary
  3. Bahati Highway Secondary
  4. Bahati Victoious Secondary School
  5. Blmas Academy Primary School
  6. Bahati PCEA Primary

Transport in Bahati Kenya

Being an urban center, Bahati town is served with a good network of well maintained tarmacked roads. Due to the good road network, the most common means of commuting within the town is through matatus as it is cheaper compared to other means such as private vehicles and motorbikes.

People living in Bahati Town

With a total population of about 2225 people according to the country’s census data carried out in 2009, Bahati town homes people from different ethnic background. The different groups of people include the Kikuyu, Embu, Kamba, the Borana, Somali, Asian and a few Caucasian whites who have also made the town home.

Most of these people are engaged in business or employed in the various sub-sectors in the region.

Bahati Town – Photo

Bahati Town - Bahati Kenya

Bahati Town – Bahati Kenya


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