Bahati Gospel Artist Biography

Bahati whose full name is Kevin Mbuvi

Kevin Bahati made headlines being the new kid in the entertainment industry, he came as a rising start with his hit single ‘Siku Ya Kwanza’ in late 2012. Now a gospel wiz kid Kevin Bahati has a life story that is often associated with people in the movies. As a man with talent, his humble nature and obvious talent put him in the big league. Having had a difficult childhood growing up Bahati has managed to outshine many musicians in the entertainment gospel industry to emerge as an
outstanding musician that saw him win the groove awards 2014 award for best male gospel musician. Now a hot topic in the radio waves, we take a look at the life history of Kevin Bahati and how exactly he came to be a star.

Kelvin Bahati Kenyan Gospel Artist – Personal life

Just by looking at him, one would not imagine that Kevin Bahati has had such a difficult life. his parents died at a tender age leading to Bahati being left with no one to look after him. Being a bright child from a tender age, Bahati decided to go to the ABC orphanage in Mathare slums in order for him to have shelter and education. Now having a semblance of a normal life, Bahati went ahead to have education until his high school years first at Nakeel school in Kajiado and then at St Theresa’s Boys in Eastleigh where he attained a C+ in KCSE at 2011. It is in 2012 that Bahati decided to make something of himself and thus delved into the music industry.

Bahati - Bahati Gospel Artist
Bahati – Bahati Gospel Artist

Bahati Gospel Artist – Musical Journey

Bahati musical journey started during his high school years. His talent was discovered when he made a solo performance in 2010 playing the guitar at the Music Festival National Level held in Nakuru. The next year Bahati went ahead and represented his school St. Theresa Boys High School in Eastleigh where he sang and played the guitar at the National Music Festival in 2011 that amazed the crowd. Having his confidence in music grow, Bahati decided to pursue music as a full time career for his passion and as a means of him getting out of a hard life.

Straight from high school, Bahati coupled up with J. Blessing and L.B films who did his first song ‘Siku ya Kanza’. This song went ahead to be a great hit song that propelled him to immediate celebrityhood in the gospel industry with people increasingly requesting his song.

Kevin Bahati Songs and Awards

Bahati had the privilege of being awarded Groove award winner for best male gospel singer 2014. He also received various nominations for best video of the year and best collaboration. On top of this Bahati has been named the best gospel artiste in Africa in the Afrimma awards 2014 hosted at the Eisemann center in Texas, USA an award that is usually reserved for musicians who have matured in the entertainment industry. Now a musical sensation, Bahati has made his dream an aim of going to producing great quality of music to his audience, this he plans by attaining skills in radio and music in college. As a relatively new musician, Kevin Bahati is taking the world by storm while maintaining a non- controversial lifestyle, as his new hit single ‘Barua za Bahati’ is getting radio play time Bahati is proving that he is a great model for youths.

Kevin Bahati Songs: Lover Bahati Songs Download

Bahati Songs – Bahati Mama Video

Bahati Gospel Artist Opens up About His Family (Pulse)

“As you have heard in my song, Mama, I was nine years when my mother passed on but now I have come to find out that I was actually seven then,” Bahati, the singing orphan and now the most promising gospel singer recalls.

“By the way, don’t shed tears if you get moved by the tribulations in my life as I am full grown now,” in quick succession, he jokes, his uplifted ambition betraying the pitfalls that have stalked his entire humble upbringing.

“Seven,” I pose with a puzzled gesture. We are here to connect the missing links. A prolonged awkward silence throws us to an uncalled for interlude.

It is only days after the talented contemporary gospel star docked at the Pulse desk, revealing his desire to reconnect with his family that sort of neglected him after his mother died while he was a toddler. His father, whom he cut links with shortly after his mother’s demise is also diseased. Even then, he was a stranger, after he remarried and relocated homes, with a poor Bahati finding himself alone in Kariobangi, a Nairobi slum, the only home he now knows.

“I had been living in ABC Kenya Children’s home in Kariobangi, until I learned of the passing of my father. I was in Class Eight. Somehow, I managed to attend the burial and it was after this when my step-brother took me. He is the only family I have ever known of,” says Bahati, of his guardian, Kioko Bahati. With Pulse and his step-brother as his back-up, two weeks ago, the young Bahati finally gathered courage and took a journey to his late mother’s native Makueni County to trace his background.

Bahati Gospel Artist - Kevin Bahati
Bahati Gospel Artist – Kevin Bahati

The gruelling two-days search was an experience, one that saw them face resistance and even life threatening handles. Into a remote village they finally docked, and there was Bahati’s 105-year old grandfather.

“The old man was utterly shocked. It was an emotional and fulfilling reunion. He informed me that my grandmother passed on years ago,” Bahati says, livening up in jubilation before dazing into another emotional interlude. His mind goes down memory lane and as he reminisces, his hidden emotions so buried in his brave face tells of a memorable pilgrim.

“I have lived for 13 years without seeing my family and I needed to see them. Amazing, my grandfather recognised me even with my short locks. The meeting was a humbling experience. The place is very dry and the realisation of where I actually belong inspired me to work harder. It sparked one of my biggest dreams of being a factor of change in my society,” he recollects.

He spent the weekend at the village and as he familiarised himself with his maternal family, no one was giving a word about his paternal end and sitting for this interview, every query we try to raise about the missing links is met with resistance. “I only talk about this when I am giving motivational talks to schools. I know that I can only count myself successful once I embrace forgiveness. This is what has opened many doors in my life,” he says.

He adds: “I encourage everyone to trace their roots and remember their humble beginnings. I believe the city can change us but we have to remind ourselves of where we come from. It gives one such a sense of humility to see God’s favour upon your life. I don’t regret anything as there is power in humble beginning.” “My dream is to be the voice of an African child. There are many people I am yet to inspire with God’s word,” he concludes.

Kevin Bahati – News Updates

President Uhuru’s message to gospel singer Bahati

Updated on 3.10.2016

Getting an assurance from a friend or a loved goes a long way. But getting one from the President is way above the Richter scale.

And that’s exactly what Bahati got after meeting with the president while at State house. From the look of things and his recent performances at state organized events, it is quite clear that the two have become much acquainted.

‘’ ’I Promise to give you 100% Support in Your Journey to Greatness, Count On Me Bahati!!! ”

Almost Shed a Tear when PRESIDENT UHURU KENYATTA said this to me Minutes Ago at State House Nairobi. WHO’S LIKE MY GOD???’’ The Gospel artist posted.

President Kenyatta chats with Gospel singer Kevin Bahati during the Youth Summit at State House
President Kenyatta chats with Gospel singer Kevin Bahati during the Youth Summit at State House

Please Do Something We Are Losing Too Many,’ Bahati To Uhuru Kenyatta On Behalf Children Battling Cancer At KNH

Updated: 12.4.2016

Award winning gospel whizkid, Kevin Bahati popularly referred to by stage name, Bahati is among those who celebrate and appreciate their music careers as a testimony.

The singer recently took to social media to pen a heartfelt message in effort to capture the president Uhuru Kenyatta’s attention.

Kevin Bahati
Kevin Bahati


My Name is KEVIN BAHATI a Gospel Musician & Kenyan Citizen. I could have send this as a Private letter but it might take long before it gets to you so the URGENCY of this matter forced me to put it in Public maybe a fellow Citizens might read it to you. One of the Promises I made after My song ITAKUA SAWA was “No More” sad Songs & Melodies but how- When I still See nothing to Smile About??? Mr President do you see the picture above? It was taken barely Two days ago at Kenyatta National Hospital Cancer Ward bt as you are reading this (ABIGAEL WANJIKU KAMAU) is No More. Days Just after we’ve buried another 8 year Old Baby Charity. I Visited the same Kids Ward 5 months ago found more than 80 admitted kids and now on my Second Visit I find less than 30 new faces.. Not because they are healed but we’ve lost over 90% of this kids to the grave

Bahati then goes ahead to plead the president to do something to act positively with the cancer situation in the country.

Mr President is CANCER not Treatable??? I understand we can’t save the lives of all this Patients but isn’t there a way we can Pro- long their lives by giving a standard Medical care??..The Rich will go to private hospitals or Seek treatment abroad what about Us the big Percentage of Kenyans that still can’t afford a Dollar a day??? KNH is the only hope to Us but Our dedicated Doctors & Nurses lack treatment resources. Mr President our Parents are tired of Helplessly waiting to burry their Kids. Our Biggest National Hospital ( KNH) has less than 3 Cancer Treatment machines which serve over 2000 patients. Meaning a Patient Can spend almost 2 years waiting for their turn to go through the Chemotherapy Machine! About 60 people die every Month; these are 15 people weekly; meaning we burry like 2 every day. Mr President from Our Hearts we Love you & I believe you Love Us too. Am not so educated to advice you on how to do this but as the Most Powerful Man in Our Country. Please Do Something coz we are loosing too Many.

From the Voice of the Voiceless.
Bahati Tena!!!

Kevin Bahati finally unveils the woman of his dreams

Gospel singer Bahati has revealed that top Tanzanian actress Elizabeth Lulu Michael is the woman of his dreams.

The Barua star, who is currently single, says his heart will be at peace if Lulu Michael would accept to date him.

Bahati recently opened up about his covert feelings for the award-winning movie star on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto Tatu Chachu segment with Melody Sinzore.

“Nikiweza mpata Lulu Elizabeth Michael nitatulia kabisa. Mtaacha kusikia nikiitwa single boy, Millard Ayo akileta #StoryZaBongo mwambieni nimemtuma apeleke hizi habari kwa Elizabeth Michael (translation: If I manage to get Lulu Elizabeth Michael, I will settle down completely. You won’t hear people refer to me as a single boy. When Millard Ayo presents Tanzanian showbiz news, tell him to convey my message to Elizabeth Michael),” said Bahati.

Elizabeth Michael was the girlfriend of late Tanzanian film sensation Steven Kanumba who died on April 7, 2012. Lulu was accused of killing Kanumba after a quarrel ensued between the two.

In 2014 the actress was charged with unintentional killing of Mr Kanumba at his Sinza Vatican home in Kinondoni District, Dar es Salaam.

Lulu who admitted being in a relationship with Mr Kanumba denied the charges: “I admit that we had a quarrel on that night but I deny causing his death,” she told a Dar es Salaam High Court at the time.

Reports state that on the fateful day, Kanumba and his younger brother Seth Bosco were preparing to go out when Lulu entered the house and went straight to Kanumba’s room.

After a while, Mr Bosco heard a heated argument between Kanumba and Lulu. He claimed that he heard Kanumba questioning Lulu about why she took another man’s call while they were together.

Seth said he witnessed Lulu attempting to get outside the room but was refrained by Kanumba who pulled her back.

After a while Lulu informed Seth that Kanumba had fallen. Seth then went to Kanumba’s room only to find him lying down. Kanumba’s doctor would later pronounce him dead.

Lulu was first arraigned at Kisutu Resident Magistrates’ Court in April, 2012, where she was charged with murder.

She was not allowed to enter any plea as murder cases are only tried by the High Court.

She was remanded in prison for almost seven months before prosecution amended the charges to manslaughter whereby in January 2013, the High Court released her on bail.

Judge Rose Temba, who conducted the proceedings, adjourned the matter to next session when the full trial will take off.

Lulu Michael won an accolade at African Movies Viewer’s Choice (AMVC) which was held in Nigeria early March. She was crowned Best East African Actress for the movie Mapenzi.

Bahati unseats President Uhuru Kenyatta during the launch of Jubilee Party

Society operates on strict social rules, some of which are unwritten. Sociologists talk of social distance defining relationships. There are invisible lines that must never be crossed. That line was crossed at Saturday’s launch of the Jubilee Party. Bahati, a reputed gospel singer, had the audacity to not only move President Uhuru Kenyatta from his seat and occupy it, but also to place his feet on the President’s side table on which his drinking water would normally be placed. Bahati may have been well meaning. Perhaps it was entertainment. In all fairness, it was obtuse and highly disrespectful of the youngster, his fame notwithstanding. The public outcry this has raised is understandable if only because Mr Kenyatta is the Head of State. Because of the symbolism of the seat he occupies, at all times the security of the Head of State is cardinal, even if he himself has sought to demystify the Presidency. For since taking over as the President, Mr Kenyatta has adopted an easy demeanour, his panache is admirable; he is sociable and loves performances, but that is no licence for such breaches. It would help if organisers of such functions gave participants a rundown on the dos and the don’ts to avoid embarrassment and the obvious breach of security.