Causes of corruption in Kenya include:

  • Bad governance
  • Political patronagelack of political will
  • Breakdown/erosion/perversion of societal values and norms.
  • Non enforcement of the law.
  • Tribalism, faviouritism, nepotism and cronyism
  • Weak or absence of management systems,
  • Procedures and practices.
  • Misuse of discretionary power vested I individuals or offices.
  • Weak civil society and apathy.
  • Lack of professional integrity
  • Lack of transparency and accountability
  • Inefficient public sector
  • Greed

Effects of corruption

These include:

  • Poor infrastructure e.g. impassable roads, poor telephone network.
  • Increased cost of goods and services
  • Increased poverty.
  • Shoddy work and stalled projects
  • Poor medial services (e.g. lack of medicine and doctors)
  • Reduced investments in our economy.
  • Unemployment
  • Rise in crime rate and insecurity
  • Delay denial and sale of justice in our public land, property and utilities.
  • Social unrest.
  • Negative international image.

Benefits of fighting corruption

If we join hands infighting corruption:

Our economy will grow and:

  • Increase public revenue.
  • Create more jobs.
  • Fund our social services.
  • Improve our infrastructure.
  • Provide better health care.
  • Alleviate poverty.
  • Improve our living standards.
  • Make us stand proud among nations.
  • We will have a caring society.
  • Our resources will be used to develop the country.
  • The crime rate will decline and we shall have improved security.
  • We shall produce quality products at affordable prices.
  • There will be increased investor confidence in our country
  • There will be peace and stability in our country.