Night Clubs in Nairobi

Night Clubs in Nairobi: Nairobi has numerous bars, nightclubs and pubs which can be found everywhere, particularly around Westlands and Parklands. Nairobi night clubs offer a wide range of music and atmosphere. 

Best Night Clubs in Nairobi

Here is a short description of the best night clubs in Nairobi.

SkyLux Lounge

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Skylux Lounge is Nairobi’s sexiest lounge that has a touch of class for its clients. When you feel like chilling inside a trendy and sexy lounge Skylux is the place to be.Only adults of 21+years are allowed in. The latest tunes and vibes that you want to dance to are played there. At  the Lounge they offer a luxurious  surrounding, vibes, professional services and delicious cocktails.It is located at 2nd floor, Soin Arcade, Muthithi Rd, Westlands, Nairobi, Soin Arcade, Westlands

Florida 2000

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Florida 2000 is located in Koinange Street, Nairobi. is Nairobi’s musical pulse. What’s new and hot on the music scene is usually found in there. It is open from 9 pm till 6 am on daily bases.

The resident djs will have you on the dance floor till you sweat! Take a breather and have a cold drink at one of  our world class counters or have a late meal at The Choma Cave Restaurant. We suggest the succulent nyama choma (barbecue beef or goat)

New Florida Night club (f1) a.k.a Madhouse

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New Florida Nightclub is vast seafront complex house Mombasa’s liveliest nightclub, which boasts its own casino, restaurants and even an open-air swimming pool. It’s owned by the same people as the infamous Florida clubs in Nairobi and offers much the same atmosphere, clientele and Las Vegas-style floorshows, with the added bonus of outdoor bars, table football and real German Currywurst (curry sausage)! Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the big party nights.


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Pavement is a nightclub in Nairobi Westlands at westlands roundabout (opposite the casino and the mall).It is mostly attended by young people and its very popular indeed.The main dance floor on the bottom level. Music of all kinds is played in Pavement. It has also 2 bars serving wide variety of drinks. This is a good place for a good meal, although slightly more expensive than the local places.


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Casablanca is a hip new Moroccan-style lounge bar has been an instant hit with Nairobi’s fastidious expat community, and you don’t have to spend much time here to become a convert. Shisha pipes, wines and cocktails conspire to ease you into what’s bound to end up as a late night.

Casablanca is an oasis where like in the olden days the Berber tribesmen of the dessert would after a long journey of hardship find nourishment, comfort, celebration and love.

Black Diamond

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Black Diamond located in the commercial heart of Westlands area is a premier restaurant, bar and club that aces in good entertainment, fantastic food and boasts a superb ambiance. Enjoy your evenings among
the most fashionable crowd in the city. Nicely spacious with an interior centrally positioned dance-floor and an outdoor balcony area. Ideal for a laid back after work drink a thrilling night out.Has a spacious balcony to offer you the best view of the area.

Klub House K1

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K1 Klub House is Nairobi’s only true sports bar.Enjoy the action inside the famous Soccer City Stadium. Designed to give you a complete stadium simulation and fitted with multi-tier outdoor stadium-style seating and live-size HD screens.Experience unmatched hospitality.

Brew Bistro and Lounge

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In 2009 The Big Five Breweries Company opened its doors to the world debuting the Brew Bistro and Lounge offering diners an unparalleled culinary adventure that exudes understated drama.
Brew Bistro is located on Piedmont Plaza along Ngong Road and it is one of the coolest nightlife spots in Nairobi. Brew Bistro is famed for its master brewers and premium brews as well as the exquisite restaurant that serves delicious local and international gourmet meals and bites. The atmosphere before nightfall is mostly laid back and the touches of coral and lavender on the decor add to the relaxing mood. The outdoor terrace and lounge are great places to hang out.

Club Tribeka

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Tribeka was established at the tail-end of 2011, and has been the preferred all-night scene in the Nairobi CBD. The swanky VIP section, Beka Lounge, sitting 150-180 guests opened its doors in Dec 2012 and is a popular choice for the urbane Nairobi professional hangout, private parties and corporate events. Located in Banda Street, Nairobi, Tribeka aspires to continue doing all kinds of awesome things and live up to its tagline ‘Your passport to Nairobi’s nightlife.Located on Banda Street off Kimathi Street opposite Nation Centre buildingthe club is specifically designed to take care of the spirited

Mercury lounge

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Mercury  Lounge offers the unique Tapas dining concept, it combines a rich exotic fusion of uniquely designed ambiance, fine cocktails and food inspired by the Spanish tradition of Tapas – married with continental & african cuisine. On weekdays it is an intimate place where one can listen to relaxing jazz sounds over great food and conversation; while on the weekend it comes alive with House music from our live DJs.

Galilleo / Galaxy Club

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Gallileo/Galaxy Club is a restaurant and nightclub providing high quality service in a charming atmosphere.

A meeting place for friends, couples and groups just to have fun and share meals together. A place away from the hustle and bustle of each day where one can have a nice evening.

Socialize with friends and get to know others that can be part of your life. There are also places you can shop. Avail yourself and be there. Have fun.

Nairobi Night Clubs
Nairobi Night Clubs

Nation Lounge

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Located on 4th flr Graffins Building at Moi Ave, Nation Lounge is a chilled out lounge with great prices and friendly security team. Recently the security team has been slightly brutal when the bar becomes packed with underage after-work drinkers but still one of the CBD’s prime early evening spots.

Club Bettyz

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Location: Kimathi St. opp Tacos Club and I Club.
Club Bettyz is very strict on age, the over 26 audience only club has a relaxed, serene atmosphere. You would feel lost in its red, obsolete to the outside world ambience.
Beers at Club Betty’s go for 150/-. In their defense though, they have dj’s who always play the trendiest music with a hyped up crowd.

Club Mojos Lounge

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Located in Cameo building on Banda street opp Nation Centre
Midweek now has a new meaning! Every Wednesday Radio Maisha take over Maisha Africa Night at Mojos Lounge in the CBD. Top djs on the decks will be Radio Maisha’s own disc gurus, Dj Genius, Dj G, Dj 2one2 and the lady Dj Sonnia. Come chill with your favorite radio hosts, artists, comedians and industry players here. As they play the best music from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, together with the best (cheapest) bottle service in town and a spacious lounge.

Club Envy

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Located on Kalimani Road, Kitui opp Haile Seilassie Avenue
This marked the beginning of a new way of clubbing in the city, from their mysterious black walls with flowing, flickering LED lights sets the mood for an awesome party vibe. You can either choose to relax with the bar-tender and a couple of girls at the counter or get some smooth crisp fresh air on the balcony as you watch the Nairobi evening traffic fade away. Club Envy is known to be popular amongst women patrons, who often seem more happy dancing with each other than with the men in the crowd. Come see why Club Envy is the envy of town

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