Betty Bayo Biography

Betty Bayo whose real name is Beatrice Mbugua, she is a popular gospel musician known for her song 11th Hour. Betty Bayo other hit songs include Maneno, Ngai Ti Mundu, Starring, Experiment, 11th Hour, Siyabonga, Busy Busy

Betty Bayo Songs – Betty Bayo Music

  1. Maneno
  2. Ngai Ti Mundu
  3. Starring
  4. Experiment
  5. 11th Hour
  6. Siyabonga
  7. Busy Busy

Betty Bayo Husband, Family and Children

Betty Bayo is married to pastor Victor Kanyari. They both had a daughter.

Betty Bayo later delivered a baby boy but Kanyari denied the paternity of the baby.

Betty  Bayo husband scandal

Betty Bayo ex husband Kanyari was exposed by Jicho Pevu Mohammed Ali. He was exposed of performing miracles but actually he didn’t he was only tricking people. He used to ask for a tithe for sh.310 on television.

Betty denied any knowledge about the pastor conning the congregation and even claimed that they were not attending the same church since she didnt believe in churches that only performed miracles.

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on plastic surgery

After her ex husband prophet Kanyari was exposed she moved to US on a music tour and when she came back she looked evidently different. This was evident from the pictures she posted on her social media she seemed to have gained a lot of weight.

On her social media pages, fans and friends questioned her about the drastic changes in her appearance.

Sonko George Kay wrote: “Welcome our dear one, and I hope you haven’t done any plastic surgery coz you look totally different from our Betty [sic].”

Flo Mwangi Munene asked: “Why are you so plump.. Kwani umetoka kuvera sidika [sic]?” Thisloosely translates to: “…Did you do what Vera Sidika did?”

Betty claimed her new transformation was due to peace of mind and eating well

“No, no, no… I was so stressed then but now I am so blessed.I did nothing at all about it, just ate well and relaxed. I didn’t even hit the gym and I am so awesome now. Got nothing to compare to the Lord. He is very faithful and has remembered me.”

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Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo