Betway was registered in Kenya in 2015 with the aim of offering a dynamic product in which Kenyans could win big off of small bets. This means a low minimum bet and a gigantic potential maximum payout which is above the industry standard.

Our Jackpot games are the real score if you’re looking to win big, as the jackpot amounts are consistently in the millions. Despite only being in the country for a few months, we made it into the Kenyan record books in November 2015, when three millionaires were made overnight after the KSh8.5 million Jackpot was won by three customers.

Betway is licensed and regulated through the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) of Kenya and is a big supporter of gambling responsibly. Rest assured, all transactions online with us are protected using impenetrable digital encryption technology, creating a safe and regulated arena in which to comfortably bet from anywhere, at any time.

Betway also currently provide betting in a wide array of markets, which means that you can make a single bet as tailored as you want it to be.

Betway really lives and breathes football, and we’ve cemented our name on the Premier League by becoming the official principal sponsor of West Ham United.

Betway Games

Betway Bonanza

    1. All Jumbo Jackpot games are owned and operated by Bluejay Limited (“Bluejay”). By using any Jumbo Jackpot game, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below which constitute a binding contract between you and Bluejay. In the event of a conflict between these terms and the General Terms and Conditions these terms and conditions shall control as they apply to your use of such Jumbo Jackpot game.
    2. It is your responsibility to check that the Bet instructions you submit are correct before confirming the Bet. Bluejay reserves the right to refuse placement of any Bet for any reason.
    3. Where there is any disagreement as to the details or status of the Bet or wager, Bluejay’s records will be the primary source of evidence for the details/status of the Bet.
    4. Bluejay may, in its sole and absolute discretion, decide to suspend betting on a game at any time. Bluejay also reserves the right to void a game in its entirety or any Leg(s) or Bet(s): to correct any obvious errors; to maintain integrity and fairness in the Jumbo Jackpot games; if there has been a change to the format or events within a game; or if it believes any Bet has been placed in contravention of these Terms of Play or of the rules of a sports governing body or other relevant professional body.
Betting Structure
    1. The base currency for all Jumbo Jackpot games is Sterling (GBP). This means that certain data (including but not limited to Game Units, Game History, Unit Distribution and Winning Units) may be displayed on the site in Sterling values only. However values which are specific to your Account, including the prize you are playing for, your stake options and any cash-out offers, will be displayed to you in the currency of your Account.
    2. The Legs in any Game Period shall be selected by Bluejay acting at its discretion.
    3. Players may choose to place one or more Bets, each consisting of a minimum of at least one selection in each Leg (e.g. Arsenal to beat Aston Villa by ‘Other Home Win’ (i.e. a home win by a score not otherwise listed on the coupon), Liverpool to beat Newcastle 3-2, and Chelsea and Everton to draw 1-1). Each Bet is identified with a unique reference number when the Bet is accepted.
    4. Bets on American Football (to the extent such Bets are offered) are placed for the result including all overtime periods and if an American football match results in a tie after overtime, in correct points margin games the lowest points margin win for the home team and the away team will be settled as dead-heating winning selections. Unless stated otherwise, all Bets on other sports are placed for the correct result in the ordinary passage of play according to the match officials including stoppage time, but excluding extra time, any golden point period, penalties or similar (if they occur).
Currency and Game Units
    1. The base currency for all Colossus Bets pools is Sterling (GBP). This means that certain data (including but not limited to Pool Units, Pool History, Unit Distribution and Winning Units) will be displayed on the Site in Sterling values only. However values which are specific to your Account, including the prize you are playing for, your stake options and any cash-out offers, will be displayed to you in the currency of your Account.
    2. In specific games Bluejay may give Players the option to place Bets at a fraction of the full unit cost predetermined for the game. For example, if the full unit cost in a game is KES 95 (as may be the case in the Pick 7 Correct Score game), Bluejay may enable Players to place Bets for a fraction of this full KES 95 unit cost. Fractional Bets like this will give the Player a corresponding entitlement to any dividends payable at the point of game settlement. A Player betting in a currency other than Sterling may also be enabled to place Bets which are a fraction of the full local currency unit stake, for a corresponding entitlement to any dividends payable. Staking options available to Players betting in different currencies may differ, but in all cases Players will only be entitled to a dividend which is proportional to the cost of their Bets.
Settlement, Abandonments, Postponements and Errors
  1. Subject to the other provisions in this clause 1 below all bets will be settled based on the official result of the relevant event regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result.
  2. In the event of any uncertainty about any official result, Bluejay reserves the right to suspend settlement of any game until the uncertainty can be resolved to its reasonable satisfaction.
  3. Bluejay reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a game if it has been settled in error (for example, a human or technical error). If Bluejay resettles a game, this may lead to amendments being made to Players’ Account balances to reflect changes in game settlement.
  4. Notwithstanding anything else in these Terms of Play, once a game has been settled for 72 hours, its settlement will be considered full and final.
  5. If a match is not completed – i.e. the full period of play (so 90 minutes in the case of soccer according to the match officials, plus any stoppage time) within 3 days of its scheduled start date, it will be considered a void Leg for the purpose of all games in which it has been included.
  6. If a match starts but is later abandoned or postponed but is completed within 3 days of the scheduled start date, it shall be considered a valid Leg for all games in which it is included unless the match is restarted from the beginning. If the match is restarted from the beginning then clause 1.16 above applies.
  7. Notwithstanding the provisions of this clause 1 above, in circumstances where Bluejay reasonably believes that a match (whether started or not) will not be completed within 3 days of its scheduled start date, Bluejay reserves the right to declare the match to be a void Leg at that point for the purpose of relevant games (irrespective of whether the match is ultimately completed or not within 3 days of its scheduled start date).
  8. The voiding of any Bets or Legs as described above in relation to abandoned/postponed fixtures will not apply to Bets/Legs unconditionally determined at the time of abandonment/postponement. For example, if Bluejay offers a Leg based on the score at half-time in a match, the abandonment of the match at any point after half-time is not relevant to the completion of the Leg in question.
  9. References above within this clause 1 to a particular number of ‘days’ shall mean the end of the day in local time (where the fixture is taking place) after the expiry of the specified number of days. For example, if a match is scheduled to be completed on 15th November when a game is loaded on the site, then the rule that allows the match to be completed within three days after the scheduled completion date would mean that the deadline for completion of that match would be 23.59:59 local time on 18th November.
  10. If any game is decided on fewer than the advertised number of Legs, then any guarantees or rollovers otherwise applicable to a game, will be disapplied. In such circumstances Win game and Consolation game dividends will be declared based only on the net stakes of tickets purchased for that specific game, although Bluejay reserves the right to apply a substitute guarantee to any such game.
  11. Provided at least one Leg of the game takes place, a Win Game dividend will be declared. If no Legs of a game are completed, all Bets in that game will be void and stakes will be refunded. This excludes stakes rolled over from previous games, which will be rolled over for use in future games as determined by Bluejay.
  12. Notwithstanding the terms of clause 1.20 above, to the extent that a game includes Consolation Game(s), if the number of Legs which are completed means that every ticket automatically contains at least one winning Line in any such Consolation Game, then the Win Game and all Consolation Games in the game will be declared void. For example if only 2 legs of a correct score Pick 6 take place then each of the ‘4 of 6/all correct except two’ Consolation Game, the ‘5 of 6/all correct except one’ Consolation Game and the Win Game will be void.
  13. If the scheduled venue for a Leg is changed after a game has been loaded by Bluejay, the Leg will be void only if the new venue is a home ground of the original away team. For matches played at a neutral venue bets will stand regardless of which team is listed as the home team.
  14. Bluejay accepts no responsibility for typing, transmission and/or evaluation errors. Bluejay also accepts no liability for incorrectness or incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information provided via the site, including (without limitation) any clock counting down to the beginning of the next passage of play in a game, any live scores and results.
  15. Bluejay does not accept any responsibility whatsoever in relation to Players seeking to cooperate with each other to improve their chances of winning any prizes or making any cash-outs. Players enter into any such arrangements entirely at their own risk.
  16. Notwithstanding the terms described above in relation to matches which are not completed, Bluejay at all times reserves the right to decide the result of a postponed/cancelled match in any of the Pick 13 Jackpots via a live, audited draw. The result of the draw is final and not up for contestation regardless if the match is played later.

Betway App

Before you click Download, you need to follow a few easy steps:

  • Go to the Settings icon on your Android device
  • Tap on Security
  • Under Device Administration, tick the box next to Allow Unknown Sources
  • A box will appear – tap OK and then come back to this webpage
  • Click on the green ‘Download Now’ button at the bottom of this page
  • A box will appear – tap OK and the app will start downloading automatically
  • Pull down from the top of your screen to view notifications (this will show you the progress of the download)
  • Once the app has been downloaded, click Install
  • Once installed, click Open and sign up or log in
Bet way
Bet way

Betway Free bet

  1. As seen in the image below, you will find your “Free Bet” balance in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2.  Once you have added your selections to your bet slip, you will be given the option to either “Place bet” or “Use My Free bet”.
  3.  Select “Use My Free bet” and then click “Confirm Bet” on the pop-up window

Betway Kenya Jackpot games

Log onto

Then click Jackpots Tab on the top menu

Betway Paybill Number

To start betting, you need to put money in your account using Mobile Money.

Deposit using M-Pesa

  1. Go to M-PESA on your phone
  2. Select Pay Bill option
  3. Enter Business no. 880185
  4. Enter Account no: Betway
  5. Enter the Amount you want to deposit (minimum Ksh10)
  6. Enter your M-PESA PIN and Send
  7. You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-PESA
  8. Your account will automatically be updated with the amount of your deposit
  9. Go ahead and place your bet

Betway Sign Up

  1. Navigate to on your browser
  2. Tap or click Sign Up
  3. Fill in the form with your personal details

Note: when asked for your mobile number please use the one linked to your Mobile Money wallet

Betway Contacts

Call: 0205 142 400 (standard rates apply)
Please note our support is available between 7:00am and 2:00am