Bishop Salesius Mugambi
Bishop Salesius Mugambi

Bishop Salesius Mugambi.


Bishop Salesius Mugambi

Born at Egandene, Meru
Date of Birth:
Ordained Priest: 10.12.1977
Appointed Coadjutor Bishop of Meru 1.11.2001
Consecrated Bishop: 19.03.2002
Took over the Diocese:19.03.2004


Office: Bishop’s House, Cathedral Road, P.O. Box 16, Meru
Tel. 254-064-20261/ 20317/30614 Fax: 30524


Mr. Balbo Giovanni, Prefect Apostolic from 1926 to 1929
Mgr. Carlo,Re, Pro-Perfect Apostolic from 1930 to 1935
Mr. Nepote Fus Giuseppe, Prefect Apostolic from 1936 to 1946
Mr. Cavallera Carlo, Pro-prefect Apostolic from 1947 to 1954
Rt. Rev. Lawrence Victor Bessone Diocesan Bishop from 1954 to 1976
Rt. Rev. Silas Silvius. Njiru 1976 -2004