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Bissil Town Kenya

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Bissil Town Guide

Bissil town is located in Kajiado County, Kenya. It has an estimated population of about 5376 people. The town lies approximately 30 kilometers from Kajiado town.

Economic Activities in Bissil Town

The entrance of big supermarkets, banks and other companies seems an indication of things to come. The people in this town also tend to keep cattle as part of their culture and also as a way of earning their daily livelihood by selling the products from the cattle.

The town homes people form different ethnic background however the Maasai are the dominant people as this is their ancestral home.

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Places to Visit While in Bissel Town

Attractions in Bissil

Bissil Hill Park

This Park Has 1 picnic shelter with 6 tables (capacity: 75), 1 restroom, 1 playground, 2 unlighted softball fields, 2 unlighted tennis courts and 1 football/soccer field.

Bissil Town Kenya- Photo

Bissil Town

Bissil Town Kenya- Video