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Dr. Bitange Ndemo Biography, CV and Family

Dr. Bitange Ndemo Biography

Bitange Ndemo whose full name is Elijah Bitange Ndemo was born 4th December 1959 in Kisii county. He is an ICT champion,academician and a newspaper columnist with Daily Nation and Business Daily.

Bitange Ndemo is regarded as one of the key people who oversaw the transformation in the Kenyan ICT Sector while the Permanent Secretary through various ICT policies and projects such as launching of undersea submarine cables, the mushrooming of business process outsourcing industry, the dramatic reduction in mobile termination rates (MTRs) , initiating of the Kenya Open Data and the growth of tech hubs such as iHub and mLab in Kenya through effective regulation.

A passionate man in matters ICT, his priority was to connect East Africa to the rest of the world through the under- sea fibre optic cable. He was at the forefront in developing the demand for ICTs by actively promoting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in both urban and rural areas. Another pet project that defined Dr Ndemo is the Konza Technology City, touted as a technological wonder that will take after the USA‘s Silicon Valley.

Bitange Ndemo Education Background


Graduate student at University of Sheffield, PhD in Industrial Economics

1991: Graduate student at University of St. Thomas(Minnesota), Minnesota, USA, Master of Business Administration

1988: Undergraduate student at University of Minnesota, USA, Bachelor’s degree in Finance – Carlson School of Management

Bitange Ndemo Job History

At the university, Dr Bitange Ndemo taught entrepreneurship, management and research methods. Most of his research work centres on small and medium enterprises in Kenya, with an emphasis on social enterprise. After his appointment in the Ministry of Information and Communication, he promptly started new development programmes, including marketing Kenya as a destination for BPO.

In 2006, a year after he joined the Ministry, Dr Ndemo, tired of the endless delays as 23 African countries bickered over plans for a joint fibre-optic cable for high-speed Internet, he linked up with The East Africa Marine System (TEAMS) from the United Arab Emirates to make such a cable a reality for Kenyans. The high speed Internet and the associated innovations can therefore be attributed to him.

When the cable was switched on in 2009, Dr Bitange Ndemo was at the forefront to ensure universities got access to broadband Internet. He also successfully pressed the government to put money into IT research and start-up incubators. He is also credited with successfully persuading Kenya’s third President Mwai Kibaki to make all unclassified Kenyan government data open source available to anyone online a revolutionary move in the African continent.

During his tenure, Dr Ndemo saw internet users in the country grow from fewer than 2 million in 2007 to more than 12 million, and nearly 90 per cent of the population has access to cellphones.

Bitange Ndemo Family, Wife and Children

Dr. Ndemo is married and has three children.

Bitange Ndemo Publication

  1. Ndemo, E B (2015) Political Entrepreneurialism: Reflections of a Civil Servant on the Role of Political Institutions in Technology Innovation and Diffusion in Kenya. Stability: International Journal of Security and Development 4(1):15
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  7. Ndemo B. (2005) Maasai Entrepreneurship and Change. Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship Vol. 18 No. 2. Spring 2005 pp 207–219. (2005)

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