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Black & White Colobus Monkey

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Black Colobus Monkey

Black Colobus Monkey

Swahili: Mbega

This forest-dwelling colobus monkey is a handsome creature found only in the forest parks — Mt Kenya, Mt Elgon, Aberdare and Saiwa Swamp.

The monkey is basically black but has a white face, bushy white tail and a white ‘cape’ around the back which flows out behind when the monkey moves through the trees — an impressive sight. An average colobus measures about 140 cm, of which about 80 cm is tail, and weighs from 10 kg to 23 kg.

The black and white colobus spends most of its time In the forest canopy and is easily missed unless you keep a sharp eye out. It is unusual for them to leave the trees; they get most of their water from small puddles formed in the hollows of branches and trunks. Colobus monkey are usually found in troops of up to 12 animals, consisting of a dominant male, females and young. Newborn monkeys are initially white, gaining their adult coat at around six months.


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