New Safaricom Data Bundles – Safaricom introduces new data bundles

Safaricom Data Bundles – Safaricom has introduced new internet data plans, responding to a public outcry that revolved around the validity periods of bundles especially those accumulated for use during off-peak hours.

The telecommunications firm on Friday ( 10.07.2015) morning revised its four plans – daily, weekly, monthly and 90-day data bundles, all being charged at cheaper rates.

Safaricom Scraps the night shift data bundles

The new tariffs, effective at midnight ( 10.07.2015), will also see safaricom scrap the night bundles which were awarded upon purchase of the normal data and only usable between 10pm and 6am.

“Our new data bundles will be available to Safaricom Pre-pay and Post-pay subscribers and they will be able to access mobile Internet service through buying data bundles,” said Sylvia Mulinge, the director for consumer business at Safaricom.

Subscribers reacted negatively to the prevailing tariffs when they were first launched in February this year, complaining about the ‘inadequate’ expiry dates affixed to their data.

The telecom firm in March responded and revised the expiry periods upwards (to a maximum of 90 days), with no chance of this data rolling over if they are not utilised by the deadline.

New Safaricom data bundles rollover

Beginning tonight however Safaricom says customers will be allowed to extend their data expiry dates further on condition that they make a new purchase before the period lapses.

Customers with accumulated night bundles will be allowed to use them during the day on condition that they exhaust them within six months.

“We listened to our subscribers and made the necessary changes to the customer journey to allow them to continue to enjoy the unparalleled data experience that only Safaricom can provide,” said Ms Mulinge.


Safaricom Bundles Offer

Buy tunukiwa internet bundles by dialing *444# 

Blaze Bundles Safaricom

We are excited to launch new bundles for BLAZERs. With BLAZE bundles, you get an insane deal for less cash. Check out the table below to see what package is the one for you.

Offering Daily 10 Daily 20 Daily 50 Power Hour Monthly 1000
Cost 10 Bob 20 Bob 50 Bob 19 Bob per hour 1k per month
SMSs 20 40 175 4000
Data 20MB 40MB 175MB 150MB 4GB

How can I get the BLAZE bundle?

All you’ve got to do is dial *555# and choose your preferred bundle.

Safaricom Sms Bundles

Dial *188# select sms bundle of your choice

How to Sambaza Safaricom Bundles

  • Dial *544# then Select Sambaza Internet > Enter amount of Internet data bundles to Sambaza > Enter the mobile number you want to Sambaza OR.
  • Online at

Safaricom Big Box Bundles





Easy 50 50GB 6,000 45 Days
Easy 30 30GB 3,500 30 Days
15GB 30GB 3,199 30 Days
5GB 5GB 1,199 30 Days

Here is a detailed pricing plan for the new Safaricom data bundles

  1. New Daily Safaricom Data Bundles

Daily Data Bundles Data (MBs) SMS Price (Kshs) Validity Period
Daily 5MB 7MB 7 5 24 Hours
Daily 15MB 15MB 15 10 24 Hours
Daily 25MB 35MB 35 20 24 Hours
Daily 50MB 60MB 60 30 24 Hours
Daily 150MB 150MB 150 50 24 Hours
  1. New Weekly Safaricom Data Bundles

Weekly Bundles Data (MBs) Price (Kshs) Validity Period
5MB 5MB 5 7 Days
10MB 10MB 10 7 Days
30MB 30MB 30 7 Days
65MB 65MB 50 7 Days
130MB 130MB 100 7 Days
  1. New Monthly Safaricom Data Bundles

Monthly Bundles Data (MBs) Price (Kshs) Validity Period
350MB 350MB 250 30 Days
1GB 1GB 500 30 Days
3GB 3GB 1,000 30 Days
7.5GB 7.5GB 2,000 30 Days
12GB 12GB 3,000 30 Days
  1. New 90 Days Safaricom Data Bundles

90 Day Bundles Data (MBs) Price (Kshs) Validity Period
6GB 6GB 3,000 90 Days
16GB 16GB 6,000 90 Days
30GB 30GB 9,000 90 Days

…………………….End of Update…………………………

Safaricom bundle enables you to pay less per MB when browsing the Internet. Safaricom data bundles plans are designed give you the freedom to connect to web according to your lifestyle.

Safaricom Data Bundles – Key Features

  1. To activate the bundle dial *544# from your mobile number;
  2. Your bundle will be valid for 24 hours.
  3. You will have 24 hrs to use your bundle both on first activation, on renewal and always during the period you remain subscribed onto the bundle.
  4. Billing will be carried out daily at midnight (0000hrs)
  5. The bundle purchased will automatically be renewed at midnight each day;Once the bundle expires at the end of 24 hours, it cannot be reactivated.
  6. If you exhaust your bundle, you will be charged an out of bundle rate according to the table above.You can subscribe into a particular bundle only once per day.

PrePay Safaricom Internet Bundles

The data plans are available for PrePay and PostPay subscribers, with each offering giving you the best connectivity options. Daily, weekly and monthly plans are available. They also come with some extras like complimentary SMS. Browsing without purchasing a bundle will cost you slightly more.

There are several ways to top-up bundles that includes, scratch cards, online purchases and through sharing with another Safaricom subscriber – Internet Sambaza.

The world is in your hands with the best data plans from Safaricom.

Old Safaricom Data Bundle Prices

Safaricom SMS Bundles

5MB 5MB 5SMS 5
12MB 12MB 12SMS 10
25MB 25MB 25SMS 20
50MB 50MB 50SMS 30
100MB 100MB 100SMS 40
7 Days BUNDLES OFF-PEAK (10pm-6am) SMS Price
4MB 4MB 5
10MB 10MB 10
30MB 30MB 25
65MB 65MB 50
30 Days BUNDLES OFF-PEAK(10pm-6am) SMS Price
100MB 100MB 100
300MB 300MB 250
650MB 650MB 500
2GB 2GB 1000
5GB 5GB 2000
10GB 10GB 3000
25GB 25GB 5750
50GB 50GB 6750
POWER BUNDLE/OFF-PEAK – 10PM – 6AM), Validity = 3 Days
1GB 300
90 Days Bundles POWER BUNDLE/OFF-PEAK(10pm-6am), Validity = 14 Days SMS Price
500 MB 250 MB 500
1.5 GB 750 MB 1000
3 GB 1.5 GB 1999
8 GB 4 GB 3999

 To Activate the Safaricom Data bundles:

  • Direct top up *544*Voucher Pin#
  • Third party top up *544*Voucher Pin* Mobile Number#
  • Go to
  • Send an SMS from your Safaricom mobile number with the price of the bundle to code 450. For example, to purchase a bundle of 500MB, send 500 to 450.
  • You will receive an SMS informing you of the status of activation of the bundle. You will be able to use the service once you receive an SMS informing you that the bundle has been activated.


  • These bundles are valid for duration of time either ninety (90) or one hundred and twenty (120) or one hundred and eighty (180) days as indicated in the table after which they expire.
  • If the bundle expires, you will not be able to access or reactivate any data balance unless you activate another bundle before your old bundle expires. Any bundle that you activate before your old bundle expires will give you the opportunity to be able to use both the old balance and the newly activated bundle for the validity period of the newly activated bundle
  • To renew the bundle, you will need to purchase through any method described above.
  • You will not be able to buy data for use on a Partner Network.
  • Once you exhaust your bundle, you will be charged the Safaricom published out of bundle rate for continued use.

PostPay Safaricom Data Bundles

Our data bundles are tailor-made to suit every need; whether you are a light user or a heavy user, we have a suitable package for you. 

Bundle Price (Ksh) Validity Period



90 Days



90 Days



90 Days



90 Days



120 Days



180 Days



180 Days



180 Days


  • These bundles are valid for duration of time either ninety (90) or one hundred and twenty (120) or one hundred and eighty (180) days as indicated in the table after which they expire.
  • You will not be able to buy data for use on a Partner Network.
  • Once you exhaust your bundle, you will be charged the Safaricom published out of bundle rate for continued use.

Browse the Internet @ 2/-

The main difference is that browse @ 2 charges you on the duration of time over which you access the internet while for the existing data bundles you are charged based on the volume of data accessed.

Chattitude Safaricom Internet Bundle

Chattitude bundle enables you browse Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp all day and night for only Ksh10 a day. Update your status and stay in the know.

Available for both individual PostPay & PrePay subscribers, just dial *544# to activate the service and stay connected to friends, fans and followers.

How to Sambaza Safaricom Internet Bundles

You can transfer as much as 900MB worth of data bundles and as little as 5MB in a day. You can send data from one device to another in 3 easy and fast ways:

  1. Dial *544# then select Sambaza Internet
  2. Send an SMS with the amount of internet data bundles in MBs *Mobile number to 450
  3. Or you can visit

Now you can stay in touch with your friends and family with Internet Sambaza!

  • Accessible to both Individual Postpay and prepay subscribers
  • Customer can Sambaza Internet to a maximum of 900MB data bundles in a day, maximum allowed at once is set at 900 MB data bundles.
  • Customer can request for Sambaza Internet requests up to 2 (two) times in a day.
  • One can Sambaza Internet as minimum as 5 MBs data bundles
  • A minimum of 5MB data bundle balance is required to remain on account before sambaza Internet request is successful.
  • Sambaza Internet can be done via USSD, SMS or Online option.

How to Buy Safaricom Online Bundles –

Accessing the site is absolutely FREE when connected using a Safaricom line. To access the service, plug in your Safaricom modem into your computer, input your PIN number (if you have activated PIN), click on connect, go to your Web browser and type . For iPad and Tablets, simply go to your browser and access the website.

The following Safaricom bundles online services will be accessible from the site:

PrePay Safaricom Data Bundle

  • Safaricom data bundle purchase
  • Safaricom data bundle balance
  • Safaricom data bundle balance expiry display
  • Safaricom airtime top-up
  • Safaricom airtime balance display
  • Top-up of another number (Airtime)

PostPay Safaricom Internet Bundles

  • Safaricom bundle purchase for your own number only
  • Safaricom bundle balance display

How to Buy Safaricom Bundles with M-PESA

Follow these steps to buy your Safaricom internet bundles via M-PESA in no time.

  • From your mobile phone dial *544#
  • Select ‘Buy Data Bundles’
  • Select  ‘M-PESA’
  • Choose recipient – You can either buy for your PrePay line or another PrePay line
  • Select the data bundle that you would like to purchase e.g.  select 500MB for KSh 500
  • Accept the transaction

You will be notified on SMS once the Safaricom bundle purchase process is completed successfully.

 How to Check Safaricom Bundles Balance

To check your Safaricom bundle balance, use either of the below methods:

  1. Dial *544# and select check bundle balance.
  2. Web
Safaricom Data Bundles - Safaricom Internet Bundles
Safaricom Data Bundles – Safaricom Internet Bundles

 Safaricom Data Bundles FAQ’s

What are the New Safaricom Internet Bundles?

Safaricom has introduced New Internet bundles that give customers more data thus making internet browsing affordable.

Is this a promotion or are the new Safaricom internet bundles permanent?

The New internet bundles are permanent.

Are the new Safaricom bundles available for all Safaricom subscribers?

The New Safaricom internet bundles are available for both PrePay and PostPay subscribers

What does Safaricom off peak bundles or Safaricom night bundle refer to?

These are data bundles that are only available for use at night between 10pm and 6am. These bundles can’t be used during the day.

What is the validity of the Safaricom night bundles available on purchase of the daily, weekly and monthly internet bundles?

Safaricom night bundles have the same validity as the bundles on which they are attached.

  1. Safaricom night bundles available on the daily bundles are valid for 24hrs.
  2. Safaricom night bundles available on the weekly bundles are valid for 7days.
  3. Safaricom night bundles available on the monthly bundles are valid for 30days.

What happens if the validity period of my Safaricom data bundles expires?

Any data bundles not consumed within its validity period will be deleted and won’t be available for use.

Can I extend the validity of my Safaricom internet bundles by purchasing additional bundles?

It’s not possible to extend expiry of Safaricom internet bundles by purchasing newer bundles (There will be no roll over)

How can I subscribe or buy Safaricom bundles?

The new Safaricom Internet bundles will be activated through the normal channels as below.

  1. By dialling *544#
  2. (Only available for Weekly and Monthly bundles)
  3. Airtime scratch card through dialling *544*PIN#

Can I transfer / sambaza Safaricom bundles purchased?

It will be possible to sambaza Safaricom internet but only to a maximum of 10MB per transaction and limited to two transactions (20MB) in a day. (All other rules for Internet sambaza will remain in place)

How can I check my Safaricom bundle balance?

To check your Safaricom bundle balance, use either of the below methods:

  1. Dial *544# and select check bundle balance.
  2. Web

If I have several Safaricom internet bundles, which ones are consumed first when I’m browsing?

The internet bundle consumption priority is as below:

  1. Daily Safaricom Data Bundles
  2. Weekly Safaricom Data Bundles
  3. Monthly Safaricom Data Bundles
  4. Okoa Safaricom Data Bundles
  5. Safaricom Bonga Data Bundles
  6. Free/Promotional Safaricom Data Bundles e.g. the ones available when you buy a phone.
  7. Out of bundle browsing.

Safaricom Data Bundles – Video