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Bush Duiker in Kenya

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Bush Duiker in Kenya Description

This is the most common of the duikers, of which there are atleast 10 species. Even so, they are not often sighted as they are largely nocturnal, usually only live In pairs and prefer areas with good scrub cover. They are known to exist in Marsabit National Reserve, Tsavo, Nairobi National Park, Amboseli, Meru National Park and Masai Mara reserves.

The duiker stands only 60 cm at the shoulder, is a greyish light-brown colour with white belly and a dark blown vertical stripe on the face. The horns (males only) are short (around 20 cm), pointed, and grow straight.

Duikers are widely distributed and can be found in variety of habitats ranging from open bush to semi-desert and up to the snow line of the highest mountains except for bamboo forest and rainforest. This ability to survive in many different habitats explains their survival in cultivated areas where other herbivorous species have been exterminated.

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They are almost exclusively browsers and only rarely eat grasses though they appear to supplement their diet with insects and guinea fowl chicks. They are capable of doing without water for long periods but will drink it when available.

Bush Duiker in Kenya – Photo

Bush Duiker in Kenya

Bush Duiker in Kenya – Video