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Busia Town Kenya

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Busia Town Guide

The towns of Busia, Kenya and Busia, it is a town in Western Kenya. The towns of Malaba, Kenya and Malaba, Uganda, approximately 33 kilometres to the north,along with the Busia megalopolis account for the bulk of trade and human traffic between the two East African Community countries. It is expected that in May 2016, the construction of a one-stop-border-crossing between Busia, Kenya and Busia, Uganda will conclude.

The towns of Busia, Kenya’ and Busia, Uganda are very busy border towns on Kenya’s common border with Uganda. The towns of Malaba, Kenya and Malaba, Uganda, approximately 33 kilometres (21 mi) to the north, along with the Busia megalopoli

Economic Activities in Busia Kenya

The main economic activity is trade with neighbouring Uganda, with Busia Kenya – the county headquarters and largest town – being a cross-border centre. Away from town, the county economy is heavily reliant on fish farming in Kenya and agriculture, with cassava, millet, sweet potatoes, beans farming in Kenya and maize in Kenya being the principal cash crops.

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Busia Town Climate

Busia’s climate is classified as tropical. Busia is a city with a significant rainfall. Even in the driest month there is a lot of rain. The average temperature in Busia is approximately 22.0 °C. The average annual rainfall in Busia town is 1691 mm.

Hotels and Accommodations in Busia Town

  1. Fioman Hotel
  2. Hotel Levantes
  3. The Breeze Hotel
  4. Hotel Generation
  5. Border Palace Hotel
  6. Hotel Rowcela

Education institutions in Busia Town

Being a developing town, Busia is quite established in terms education as it has several schools within it. Some of the schools include:

    1. Butula Boys High School
    2. Lugulu Ac Sec School
    3. St. Pauls Amukura High School
    4. Nanderema Sec School
    5. Buhuyi Mixed Sec School
    6. St Anne’s Kisoko Girls’ Secondary
    7. St James Nasewa Secondary
    8. Malanga Mixed Sec School
    9. Namboboto Sec School
Busia Town Kenya

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