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Children’s assemblies in Kenya

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The concept of children’s assemblies in Kenya aims at instilling in children principles of participation that is crucial in promotion, inclusion, equality and development of democratic values in children. This creates the need to establish children’s assemblies in regions and counties in Kenya, so as to achieve the stated aims.

Nearly all counties have established and operationalised the children’s assemblies to capture successes, challenges and future recommendations for purposes of smooth running of the institution in Kenya.

The children’s assemblies secretariat picked four teams that monitored activities of the assemblies mid last year, with each team visiting two regions (provinces). An average of 40 children aged between seven and 17 in every region took part in the exercise. The monitoring teams oversaw election of officials.

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In some areas, the assemblies faced challenges, which included the mobilisation of children from different counties, transport problems and identifying the children. Some parents were reluctant to allow their children to take part in activities they did not understand. There was also the problem of inadequate funding.

The monitoring teams overcame these challenges by using the provincial administration, educating stakeholders, pristine activities and increasing funding.

They also suggested field education officers sensitise children in schools in their areas about the activities of the assemblies.

The Government has been urged to use children services facilities and resources to construct halls and other facilities to house regional and county assemblies in every country.