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Children’s charitable institutions in Kenya – Children’s home

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Children’s charitable institutions in Kenya is a home or institution established by a person or corporate, a religious organization or a non-governmental organization and has been granted approval by the National Council for Children’s Services to manage a programme for the care, protection, rehabilitation or control of children.

There are 830 charitable institutions (CCIs) in the country. The ministry gazetted CCI regulations in 2005, which require that the institution be registered with the department of children’s services. Only 347 have been registered. The registration expires after three years.

The categories of children placed in CCIs range from those who are abandoned, neglected, abused, orphaned, street children and children with disabilities. The division offers these children services such as food, shelter, clothing, education, medical care, guidance and spiritual well being.

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In 2005, 60,000 cases of children were reported to district children offices as being in need of care and protection.