Clubs in Nakuru

Nakuru Town is one of the towns with most happening spots in the all of Kenya. There are many wonderful places to visit when it comes to the Nakuru nightlife. There are all sorts of clubs and bars you can visit when in Nakuru,they include:

Dimples Disco

Dimples disco is a small club that’s lively on the weekends. This club is located at the west end of Kenyatta Rd, near the roundabout. It is an upstairs building and leads directly in.

Club Dimples Nakuru

 Club Mahogany

Directly across the hall from Dimples Disco is a bar called Mahogany. This place is perfect for listening to the latest tunes, shooting pool and eating nyama choma, more commonly known in the west as barbeque.

Club Millennium

One of the best places to get barbeque in the middle of a club is a place called Millennium. Millennium is a barbeque during the day and a dance floor at night. This dance floor is mostly out doors and has three separate bars and four different pool tables. This place seats about a hundred people comfortably, however, during the weekends, the place is usually packed with at least triple that number.

Coco Savana Disco

If you’re interested in going to a more fancy up to do club, then the Coco Savana Disco is what you’re looking for. This area is meant for the more well to do and wealthy of the young.

 Club Taidy’s

Taidy’s is both a restaurant and a party joint. This place includes a night club, which has become increasingly popular with the youth. At night this place becomes a night club, a dance floor and a bar.

Club Tickles

Tickles is a simple bar located above the Piranha restaurant. This is a bar and a disco. Thanks to the fact that it’s close to a restaurant, if you’re hungry for some real food, you can just go right over there.

 Club Summit

Summit is a new recently opened bar and night club that’s become one of the more popular joints in the area. It gets natural aesthetic appeal from the fact that it’s located directly adjacent to the Lake Nakuru national park. This place has garnered popularity from the fact that it’s both aesthetically pleasing and affordable. Unfortunately, the sound system doesn’t do much and the DJ doesn’t have popular reviews, but on the other hand, the place is known for it’s charm and the down to earth cooking that it offers it’s patrons.

Club patron

Its a club located at down town nakuru next to club signature
Samba kitoko restaurante,pub en discotheque

Its the leading entertainment spot in nakuru offerin fun to different categories of ages from youths to da aged wid its restaurant wid cool rhumba music en ample atmospere and underground world class discotheque kitoko is da place to releave ur stress well interio design good sound en music beautiful sits,tables en lounge, attractive lighting system lovable. It is a 24hours spot, located at ndimu house behind dimples Kenyatta avenue nakumat wesgate.

Club Eclipse

This the best hung out joint in town, the home of soul ,old skul, and latest techno music accompanied with delicious menu and superb rooms .This is where comfort meets excellence located along kanu street opposite langa langa hospitalthe best hung out joint in town, the home of soul ,old skul, and latest techno music accompanied with delicious menu and superb rooms .This is where comfort meets excellence.The club can easily be accessed anytime of the day as it is a 24hrs joint.

Contacts:0721 292110

 Club Signature

A place for the young and the young at heart.It operates 24hrs a day.

Here are more clubs to visit next time you are Nakuru:

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Naivasha Yacht Club
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Club Monterey
New Club Satelite
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