Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) is established under Section 5 of the 6th Schedule of the Constitution. The commission has a chairperson and eight other members.

The Commission is headed by Mr. Charles Nyachae. He was appointed chairman of the commission by the President on December 30, 2010.

The other commissioners are

  1. Peter Wanyande,
  2.  Ibrahim M. Ali,
  3.  Elizabeth Muli,
  4. Florence Omosa,
  5. Catherine Mmnrna,
  6. Kamotho Waiganjo,
  7. Philemon Mwaisaka and
  8.  Kibaya Imaana Laibuta.

The functions of the CIC are:

  1. monitoring, facilitating and oversing the development of legislation and administrative procedures required to implement the Constitution
  2.  co- ordinating with the AttorneyGeneral and the Kenya Law Reform Commission in preparing, for tabling in Parliament, the legislation required to implement the Constitution;
  3. reporting regularly to the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee on-
    1. progress in the implementation of the Constitution; and
    2. any impediments to its implementation; and
  4.  Working with each constitutional commission to ensure that the letter and spirit of the Constitution is respected.

The Commission works closely with the Constitution Implementation Oversight Committee, which in turn coordinates with the Attorney General and relevant parliamentary committees to ensure the timely introduction and passage of the legislation required by the Constitution; and to take appropriate action on the reports, including addressing any problems in the implementation of the Constitution.