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Constituency Development Fund Board

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Constituency Development Fund Board ensures allocation and disbursement of funds to every constituency and prudent management of the funds. The board receives annual reports and returns from constituencies and ensures compilation of proper records, returns and reports from the constituencies.

It also receives and addresses complaints and disputes and takes appropriate action, and scrutinises and approves project proposals from the constituencies. It refers disapproved project proposals to the parliamentary Constituency Fund Committee for direction.

The board has several committees. The Publicity Committee creates CDF awareness, responds to issues raised by the public, trains and builds capacity for CDF stakeholders. The Projects Committee provides policy guidance on technical aspects of CDF projects and advises the Board on them. It also undertakes technical audit services on projects and guides on projects cofunded by donors.

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The Finance Committee prepares the budget for the Board and quarterly or annual financial reports and also deals with Board and staff welfare. It is also its responsibility to approve tenders and manage human resource requirements for CDF.

The Audit Committee helps the Board fulfill its oversight responsibilities and reports to the Board on committee activities, emerging issues and their recommendations. It also provides an avenue of communication among internal audit, external auditors and the Board.

The Complaints Committee arbitrates on complaints from the public, the media and other stakeholders. It ensures that the CDF Act and its regulations are adhered to and resolves disputes from the constituencies.

As at 2011/12 financial year, the CDF had been allocated a total of Sh85.6 billion. The amount has progressively increased since the initial Sh1.2 billion was allocated in 2003/04 with each constituency then getting Sh6 million. In 2011/ 12, the highest allocation to a constituency, Mandera Central, stood at Sh149.5 million.