The Dahalo Tribe Kenya

The Dahalo Tribe is an endangered Cushitic language spoken by at most 400 Dahalo people on the coast of Kenya, near the source of the Tana River. Dahalo is unusual among the world’s languages in using all four airstream mechanisms found in human language.

The Dahalo are dispersed among Swahili and other Bantu peoples, with no villages of their own, and are bilingual in those languages. It may be that children are no longer learning the language. This is a result of Dahalo language status being 8a (Moribund) which is the grandparent generation being the only users of this language.

Facts About The Dahalo People

 Population   400 (1992 Brenzinger). Ethnic population: 400.
 Region   Near the mouth of the Tana River , Lamu and Tana River districts in Mombasa, Coast Province .
The Dahalo Tribe Kenya
The Dahalo Tribe Kenya

The Dahalo Tribe – Video