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Daniel Owino Misiani Biography, Music Career and Songs

Daniel Owino Misiani Biography

Daniel Owino Misiani was born on 22 February 1940 in Nyamagongo, Tanzania and died on 17th May 2006.He was known as the King of History in Kenya; overseas and in Tanzania he was known as the grandfather of benga of which he pioneered.

Daniel Owino Misiani Music Career

Daniel Owino Misiani pursued a full-time music career, traveling throughout Tanzania and Kenya before settling in Nairobi in 1964. There he channeled the sum of his experiences to create what would become benga. A strikingly rhythmic music forged from elements as diverse as the bodi music of Luo women and the fingerpicked guitar style of the Congo, its eclectic sound was further shaped by instruments including the nyatiti (eight-string lyre) and orutu (one-string violin).

He first recorded with the Victoria Boys in 1965. The band changed its name many times before becoming popular as Shirati Jazz band. He sang mostly in Dholuo and Swahili languages. He is known as a pioneering contributor to the Benga music genre. During his long career he released numerous recordings, with some international releases.In the decades to follow, he was jailed repeatedly for his perceived offenses against the government. Renamed Shirati Jazz sometime during the mid-’70s, Misiani and his group reeled off an extraordinary series of hits across the decade in question.

Daniel Owino Misiani

Daniel Owino Misiani

Daniel Owino Misiani Death

Daniel Owino Misiani died May 17, 2006, one of several fatalities in an auto accident  a crash between a minibus and a public transport van in which many others were injured outside of Kisumu. He was 66 years old.

Daniel Owino Misiani Songs

  • Simaya Chunye Oketo
  • Alice Atieno
  • Giko Piny
  • Amuka Salama
  • Nobed Wich Kuot
  • Kiseru
  • Dr. G.P Ogutu
  • Lala Salama
  • Olago Aluoch
  • Ochola Doctor
  • Ukombozi No.2
  • Onyango
  • Amolo Piny Pako Te
  • Aduma Okil Kamaloka
  • LK the Pretty
  • Harusi Ya MK
  • Wuodi Nya Gem
  • Sheroline
  • Christina Jaber
  • Safari ya Garissa
  • Ok Wan Kendwa
  • Rose Atieno
  • Mary pt 1 and 2
  • Ouya Lumumba
  • Riat Mama Gi Misiani
  • Kiparo
  • Bim En Bim II
  • Bwana Nipe Pesa
  • Simayo Chunye
  • Grace Marie Stopes I

Daniel Owino Misiani Video

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