Prophet Owuor Biography

Prophet Owuor was born in 1966 in Goma village, Usenge in Bondo District in Kenya. Dr David Edward Owuor of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness, he is a scientist by profession, but now turned prophet and televangelist.

Dr Owuor is the second born in a family of six girls and three boys. His father Helekia Owour was a civil servant who worked with East African Community Prison Service and rose within the ranks to be a Sergeant Major. His mother the late Margaret Achieng’ Owour was a house wife, a peasant farmer but a dedicated Christian.

Prophet Owuor  Education

Dr David Edward Owour  who was brought up in a humble but spiritual background, went to Wambasa Primary School in Yimbo and to various other primary schools including Jusa, Luzira and Kitalya in Uganda, where his father had been transferred while working for the defunct East Africa Community. He joined Mbale Senior Secondary School while still in Uganda where he sat for his ‘O’ level exams, before proceeding to St. Peters Collage in Tororo for his ‘A’ levels.

Prophet Owuor later joined Makerere University for a Bachelor of Science degree, but later moved to University of Nairobi where he was to complete his first degree in 1988. In 1992, he joined Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel for his masters programme.

He earned his first degree from Makerere University, his second at University of Nairobi, and his masters degree in Genetics (Inheritance) at Ben Gurion, Israel before proceeding for his PhD in Molecular Genetics at University of Haifa (also in Israel).He also holds a degree from the University of Giessen’s Institute for Genetics (Germany).

Dr David Edward Owour went back to Israel for his doctorate at the University of Haifa on Mt. Carmel. He was later to proceed to Germany to work on a virus that could not be imported in the laboratory in Israel because of international quarantine on pathogens.

Prophet Dr David Edward Owuor Teaching Experience

Upon the completion of his Doctorate from the University of Haifa on Mt Carmel in Israel, Prophet Owuor was immediately offered appointment by two leading institutions in Medicine in the US. He joined the Centre for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Illinois in Chicago as a Post-Doctoral Fellow where he researched and taught in the college of Pharmacy, and specifically the Department of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics. He was a specialist of a branch of Drug Metabolism known as Signal Transduction. He majored in Signal Transduction by cancer chemotherapeutic drugs.

The work that arose from his appointment at the Centre for Pharmaceutic  al Biotechnology, was extensively published in world class peer review scientific journals of cancer such as  Journal for Biological Chemistry (JBC), Journal for Pharmaceutical Research, and Carcinogenesis among others.   Effects of environmental insults After that, prophet Dr David Edward Owuor was further appointed to the department of pharmaceutics at the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy at the State University of New Jersey. At the Department of Pharmaceutics in New Jersey, Owuor furthered his work by looking at not only the cancer chemotherapy, but also got involved in cancer chemo prevention, and that is when he studied the chemicals PEITC and different Anti Oxidants and their roles as gene-switches, that help the human body to fight cancer.

Prophet Dr David Owuor professionally trained in chemical engineering and has worked as well as tutored in various institutions in Israel and the United States of America. But, he avers, he had to drop this professional pursuit and heed the strong voice of God that directed him towards the proclamation of repentance by sinning people. That was the assignment over which he raised a lot of dust in the secular as well as Christian circles when he, without much preamble, made such profound pronouncements that Kenyans could not just wish away.

While based at Chicago in the US, Prophet Owuor worked as a faculty post-doctoral fellow at the Centre for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Illinois.

He took another position at the Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug metabolism at the Earnest Mario School of Pharmacy at the State University of New Jersey-Rutgers at the same time honouring another appointment at the Environmental and Occupational Health Science Institute (EOHSI).

Dr David Owuor has also served at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey (CINJ) in Division of Surgical Oncology and Department of Surgery of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, teaching as a research specialist. “I got appointed as a specialist consultant in forensic toxicology and aircraft (medicine). That is, to improve aerospace medicine in order to detect fatigue among pilots and develop a molecular signature for detecting performance impairment while flying a plane,” he explains.

Dr Owuor also published works in the Journal for Biological Chemistry, Molecular Pharmacology (JBC) and also worked with American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.

Prophet Owuor Transformation from a scientist to a gospel minister – Prophet Owuor Calling

In 2003, while he was staying in Chicago, he was sleeping one night when the Lord presented himself in a vision, accompanied by Daniel, Elijah and Moses as witnesses. He touched him with his left hand and lifted him up. He says he did not understand what that meant and He told him ‘I want you to be my hand on Earth.’ He showed him a highway to drive, showed him a throne and inside there was the Ark of the new covenant.

On April 2, 2004 , Dr David Owuor says God appeared to him accompanied by John the Baptist and told him to tell the four corners of the world to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ. This was in a vision at 3.29am. “There was an earthquake, the Lord gave me the rod of Moses and asked me to warn all nations of the Earth to repent from sexual sin, lying, witchcraft and preaching of money, in order to restore the altar of the Lord,” he says.

“It was a very difficult moment. Experiencing seven months of argument with the Lord was not easy,” he says, while maintaining that his mission is strictly to preach repentance and holiness as instructed by God.

Like any other professional, he admits that it was a big challenge for him to quit his profession to serve the Lord. He says he  started preaching in churches, crusades and many people did not believe him. His friends were shocked and thought he had become insane, but his family remained supportive, understanding and thought that was the best thing he could do.

Interestingly, he says God first sent him to serve in Latin America where he preached and many people there repented. He is grateful to the Kenya government, which he says, helped facilitate his trips. He remembers his message at Puerto Escondido in Mexico on August 6, 2003. “I warned them of severe earthquake if they did not repent, and the following day, there was an earthquake. The same was the case in Monterrey also in Mexico, which experienced an earthquake within 24 hours of my preaching,” he says.

Prophet Owuor has been featured in the media worldwide for predicting disasters like earthquakes and floods which have come to pass. In June, October and November 2003, he predicated last December’s Asian Tsunami, America’s Hurricane Katrina and Pakistan’s earthquakes—all which came to pass.

Prophet Owuor is said to possess extra ordinary powers and that whenever he stands on the pulpit to preach, some white doves are reported to fly past him, with the rainbow also appearing in the sky. Asked the reason behind the phenomenon, he says it shows God’s covenant with him. “I have made a covenant with God, to serve him forever. He has empowered me, and that is why he releases doves from heaven and displays the rainbow to show that my powers are real.”

In Kenya, he will be remembered for his predictions on the fire that gutted the Nairobi’s City Hall, a heavy downpour in Kakamega when he commanded the rains to pour in less than two minutes, and the eclipse of the moon.

Prophet Owuor Preaching

Prophet Dr David Owuor was a medical scientist by profession, who was called by the Lord into an international prophetic office in 2003, with a specific mandate from the Lord Jesus Christ to prepare His people for His soon coming.

In the last 10 years He has preached at massive repentance and revival meetings in Kenya to millions and spoken in many nations bringing the prophetic word of the Lord.

Prophet Owuor Visions

Dr Owuor is known for receiving end time visions from the Lord regarding the nearness of His coming. These visions include seeing the release of the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse (Rev 6), the heavenly prophetic clock, the vision of the 2 golden wedding rings and more.

Prophet Owuor Prophecies

Prophet Owuor is also known for receiving prophetic words for many nations of impending disasters with warnings to the people to repent in order to avert judgment falling on the nation.

  • These including proclaiming a big earthquake to hit the island of Hispanola (Haiti/Dominican Republic) unless the people repented. 2 months later in Jan 2010 a massive earthquake hit the Haiti capital city killing approximately 220,000 people.
  • He also received a warning vision for Chile of a massive tsunami hitting the land, which a year later struck following an 8.8 earthquake killing over 500 people
  • Other prophecies include warnings of floods, social unrest & distress, wars, storms, earthquakes and tsunami’s to hit nations, even the recent massive floods in Austria & Europe, and India and also revivals, healings and miracles.
  • In some of the big revival meetings the Lord has healed people of AIDS, lepers have been cleansed, crippled people have walked, blind eyes opened and more.

Prophet Owuor – End time mission

Prophet Dr Owuor maintains that his mission is strictly to preach repentance and holiness as instructed by God, to prepare people for His soon coming.

Isaiah 40:3: ” The voice of one crying in the wilderness: Prepare the way of the Lord; Make straight in the desert, a highway for our God”

David Owuor Preaching Ministry

In his own narration, the lord appeared to him and  He physically touched Dr. Owuor’s mouth and lifted him up, took him into another room within  his house and then left him there, from where  he walked back to  his bedroom. That was on July 3rd 2003.

In October the same year, The Lord appeared to Dr Owuor again, this time with Prophets Moses and Elijah on one side of the Ark of the New Covenant of The Lord GOD in heaven, while Daniel was on the other side of the Ark of the New Covenant of The Lord GOD.

Upon returning to Kenya, Dr. Owuor set base in Nakuru. Today he preaches gospel in many parts of the world and also performing miracles.

10 things to Known About Prophet David Owuor

1. Prophet David Owuor Doesn’t Derive his Wealth from his Congregation

It is a common fact that religious leaders and evangelists derive part or even all of their wealth from the church. They will either ask the congregations to make offerings, donations or to buy church merchandise. Strangely, Prophet Owuor doesn’t accept donations or offerings from church members.

2. Prophet David Owuor Always Dresses in White

Although many people might have seen the self-proclaimed prophet preach, few have ever taken notice of his dressing. A closer look reveals that he dresses only in white. This also includes the shoes. Probably, he does this so as to bring out the cleanliness or purity aspect. The Christian bible always depicts Jesus as wearing garments that are pure white.

3. Prophet David Owuor is a Guest Speaker in Many Forums

Many people especially in Kenya came to know of prophet Owuor from his crusades. Some took notice of him when he presumably led the former Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga to Christ. Unknown to many people, he spends most of his time giving talks or participating in forums and not holding miracle crusades.

4. Prophet David Owuor Gives Prophesies Pegged on Scientific Predictions

Dr David Owuor prophesies or forecasts of future happenings have always been a bone of contention. This has split people into two. Some may call him the Prophet of Doom; others nickname him the man of God, while others believe his miracles are stage-managed. One thing that stands out is that most of his predictions about nature (earthquakes, hurricanes, and torrential rains) had been forecast by scientists.

5. Prophet David Owuor Doesn’t Ask or Mention Offerings

People who are versed with Christian teachings know the importance of offerings or sacrifices. According to the bible, every believer is supposed to make a contribution to the church. This can be an offering, a one-off donation, or a 10% tithe. Nonetheless, the prophet never talks or speaks of offerings. He also doesn’t encourage his church members to contribute to the church kitty.

6. Prophet David Owuor Uses the Internet as a Main Platform

Many preachers and teachers of the bible use the traditional mass media as a way of reaching out to their congregation. These include use of television, radio, newspapers and much more. However, Dr. Owuor will more often than not use the internet. In fact, he is rarely seen on television or heard over the radio.

7. Prophet Dr David Owuor Prophesies Have No Exact Time of Occurrence

Dr David Owuor has gained popularity for predicting events that came to pass; for example, the Haiti catastrophe, Tsunami, unrest in Kenya and much more. Unfortunately, the time interval has always been so wide such that people are more convinced that he relies more on scientific knowledge and not power from a supreme being.

8. Prophet Dr David Owuor – The Digital Prophet

Unlike other preachers, Dr David Owuor doesn’t rely so much on television or radio for publicity. Dr Owuor is always posting his works or seminars online. Once in a while he will release a YouTube video or podcast to give the world a view of a recent crusade or upcoming event. Rarely does he use the conventional mass media.

9. Prophet David Owuor Does not Sell Books, Anointed handkerchiefs, or Medallions

Normally, preachers will have books and recordings on sale. They may be based on previous teachings or may be a way of encouraging the people to walk the Christian path. In his seminars, crusades or any other forum, Prophet Owuor doesn’t sell any books, anointed oil and handkerchiefs or medallions.

10. Prophet David Owuor Speaks in Interdenominational Forums

Unlike many other evangelists, bible teachers, preachers or prophets, his ministry is interdenominational. Dr David Owuor does not have an affiliation to a particular group. Also, he speaks in any forum especially those that centre on miraculous healing.

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