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Embu Town Kenya – A Guide to Embu Kenya

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Embu Town Kenya Guide

Embu town lies about 120 km (75 miles) north east of Nairobi. Located on the south an eastern slope of Mount Kenya. Embu Kenya has a population of 41,092. Embu Town plays host to adventures on Mount Kenya and to the north. Many expeditions set out from Embu each year to scale the slopes.

From Embu Kenya, visitors can go water rafting on the mighty Tana River or canoeing at the Seven Forks Dam. This is an ideal base for trout fishing on the many steams that flow from Mount Kenya. From Embu town there are spectacular views of Mbere Plains. The nightlife in Embu town is accompanied by African drumbeats with a rhythm of real fun.

Embu Town Geography and Climate

Located on the south an eastern slope of Mount Kenya. Embu Kenya has a population of 41,092. Embu Town plays host to adventures on Mount Kenya and to the north. Many expeditions set out from Embu each year to scale the slopes.

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The climate here is tropical. In winter, there is much less rainfall than in summer. The average annual temperature is 20.2 °C in Embu. The rainfall here averages 1120 mm.

The driest month is June, with 17 mm of rain. Most precipitation falls in April, with an average of 269 mm.

History of Embu Town

Embu is a town in Kenya, located approximately 120 kilometers (75 miles) northeast of Nairobi towards Mount Kenya. Embu Kenya serves as the headquarters of Embu County in Kenya and is also the district headquarters of Embu District. Located on the southeastern slopes of Mount Kenya.

The Ambeere split from the Aembu in the 1990s and formed Mbeere District with its headquarters in Siakago, a dusty town about 25 Kilometers East of Embu town. This, however, did not stop the Ambeere people from visiting Embu Kenya especially for services and commodities that were not readily available in their new headquarters. Due to historical ties as well as the fact that many Ambeere people own property in Embu town, it is not uncommon to hear locals say that they consider the town as part of their heritage.

Embu Town Kenya is known for its Jacaranda trees, that literally turn the town into a purple shower when in flower. The Jacaranda trees lose their green leaves and become solid purple when they bloom, usually in October-November each year, depending on the rainfall.

Embu Kenya rises from the Ruvingaci River, up to the Kangaru School as well as from Njukiri forest in the west to Muthatari in the East, a radius of about 10 kilometres (6 miles) in size. The main town (center) however is very small and can be crossed in a few minutes. Embu Kenya has a small airstrip (1 kilometer long), which is 7.1 kilometers south east of the heart of the town. Dallas, an estate in the town is known mostly for its diverse inhabitants.

Economic Activities in Embu Town

Embu town is a major trading centre in Eastern Kenya. For a long time, it was the main economic center for the Aembu and the Ambeere subtribes, as well as other groups of people in central Kenya.

Places To Visit While in Embu Town

Must See Attractions in Embu Town

  1. Karue Hill
  2. Ena River
  3. Thenge Njeru Waterfalls
  4. Njukiri Forest
  5.  Seven Perks.
  6. Kigari Church Bells
  7. Bridge of God
  8. Mau Mau Caves

Things To Do While in Embu Town

  1. Bird watching
  2. Picnics
  3. Nature walks
  4. Bungee jumping
  5. Canoeing
  6. Camping
  7. Rock climbing
  8. River fishing

How to get Embu town

The most convenient mode of transport to Embu Town in Kenya from Nairobi is by Traveling by bus or commonly referred to as ‘matatus’.

Night Clubs and Nightlife in Embu Town

Tavern @Kenol
Sunrise Hotel
Club Storm (Countyview Hotel)
Minni Inn
Innocent Inn
Gerish Hotel

Accommodations and Hotels in Embu Town – Embu Town Hotels

Embu Kenya has a fast growing hospitality industry with a diverse array of hotels lodges and other accommodation.

  1. The izaak Walton inn
  2. Masinga Dam Resort
  3. Kwetu lodge
  4. Gerish Hotels
  5. New Thuci Lodge
  6. Maina Highway Hotel
  7. Valley View Hotel L
  8. Baraka Guest House
  9. Philadelphia Retreat
  10. Hotel Chakaka Sagana

Education Institutions in Embu Town

There are numerous recognized educational institutions within Embu Kenya. The schools and institutions of higher learning include;

  1. St Paul’s High School-Kevote
  2. Kyeni Girls High School
  3. Kangaru High School
  4. Nguviu Boys High School
  5. Kamama Boys High School
  6. Kegonge Boys High School
  7. St. Teresa’s girls High School-Kithimu
  8. St. Benedict day Secondary School-Kithimu
  9. Kithegi day secondary School
  10. Embu Lions Primary School
  11. Embu County Primary School
  12. Embu High School and College
  13. Government Training Institute
  14. East College

Similarly, there are up and coming tens of catholic private primary schools, which include Mother Angelina academy in Kithimu. these latter ones fall under Catholic Education Secretary’s office.

Embu Town Photos

Embu Town - Embu Kenya

Embu Town – Video