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Endarasha Town Kenya

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Endarasha Town Guide

Endarasha town is a town in Nyeri County in Kenya with an estimated population of 3049 people. Endarasha started off as a settlement in Kenya’s former Central Province. It is located in Nyeri County, a county created with Kenya’s new (2013) constitution.

Endarasha Boy’s High School is located there as is a local government clinic.Endarasha It lies 2416 m above sea level and (0 37E). It is situated in Central Province Nyeri North District Kieni West division and 35 km North west of Nyeri town .It lies on the foot of the Aberdare ranges and adjacent to the Aberdares National Park.

Endarasha Town Climate

Cool temperate climate for most of the year is experienced in the town by the residents.Endarasha Town receives cool climates all the year and is surrounded by land ideal for agricultural utility.

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Economic Activities in Endarasha Town

Among the products from the region is irish potatoes, cabbages farming in Kenya, maize in Kenya, beans farming in Kenya, wheat in Kenya, bulb onions etc. Daily products are also produced. Its also surrounded by fairly densely populated villages on all sides.

Found here is Aberdare Village House Located in the middle of Endarasha settlement scheme, which is an extended small scale farming area on the slopes of the Aberdares Mountain, with approximate over 100,000 acres and more than 8,000 families living in the area, extending to the foot of Mt. Kenya. People here are Small Scale Farmers who start working in their farms from early morning to late evening, Such means, you will find most of them are busy during the day.

The main cash crops in the area are the Red onions, Cabbage, Carrots, Wheat and much more, Dairy farming is also very popular in the area. The main town in the area is Nyeri Town, formerly a market center for European-epat highlands farmers, now a busy commercial and industrial center and the dropping-off point for Aberdare National Park. Its cemetery attracts visitors to the graves of the famous author and hunter of man-eaters, Jim Corbett and of founder of the boy Scouts, Baden-Powell, who spent the last years of his life in the cottage on the grounds of the nearby Outspan Hoteland who once said,”Nearer to Nyeri, nearer to heaven”.

Education Institutions in Endarasha Town

Secondary School

Endarasha High School

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Endarasha Town

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