Eric Omondi Biography

Eric Omondi was born in 1985 in Kondele, Kisumu County. He is a stand up comedian, a brand ambassador for OLX Kenya and Dola Flour.

He is the second born in a family of four siblings. He is a brother to Fred Omondi(comedian).

Eric Omondi Education 

He started school at Kondele Primary School and later joined Kisumu Boys High School for his secondary education.

He joined Daystar University for Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. On joining Daystar, had joined Christian Fellowship and was nominated and elected as a vice-chairperson in absentia but was called and told what happened. The school resolved to recall him and had him apply for a scholarship which he eventually scooped and won the full scholarship in the university that helped him graduate from the University after seven years since he joined after undertaking and completing his pre-university and then doing his undergraduate degree in 2006 and graduating in 2010.

Eric Omondi as a comedian

Its in Kisumu Boys where his comedy skills thanks to his naturally talkative and never missed in the ‘noise makers’ list. Whether he was absent or present, he would be on the list that got him into sort of big trouble since anything he said came out as a joke. It was while in form three that he narrated some Indian movie he had watched to some classmates and it seemed enticing and more and more students converged around him as he narrated and imitated Indian accents and all the weird stuff.Unfortunately, the principal sneaked in and disguised himself among the students at the back but no one noticed. What followed was his parents were called to school and he was caned in turns:- by his parents, the principal, and some teachers all got a piece of him.

His career in comedy began when he joined Churchil show. He later left churchill to do his own show dubbed Hawayuni that aired in KTN but it was short lived. He also did ‘Somewhere in Africa’ and ‘Untamed’. He currently does parodies that he uploads on Youtube. He was voted as amongst the top 10 Africa funniest Men, he is largely popular from his appearance on Churchill show.

Erick Omondi on Jimmy Fallon Late Night Show

On 28th February Erick Omondi flew to US on a businesss mission, he is expected to perform in Las Vegas on March 3rd and 4th. He featured on The Tonight Show that is hosted by Jimmy Fallon making it to be the first Kenyan on the show. He took it to social media to share the blessings as he wrote.

‘Imagine one of your wildest dreams coming true…mine just did… Jimmy Fallon just said ‘All the way from Kenya, it’s Eric’ still waiting to wake up from this dream’

‘Wake me up when its all over. When you given that golden opportunity on that giolden stage so you do your favorite joke’

Eric Omondi Salary and Networth

Multi-Millionaire and comedian Eric Omondi is a true definition of a hustler;- emceeing, events, endorsement deals, product adverts like OLX, Own company, Radio presenter, TV Personality, Local and International comedian the guy has worked hard to be where he is today, being raked as amongst top respected comedians in Africa and most expensive.

Nevertheless its all play and laughter till the bank account starts smiling when on a good day he can make Shs 0.75 Million. Having joined the entertainment industry he has managed to pile a hefty chunk of an estimate networth of sh.30Million alias $350,000.

Eric Omondi Hobby

Eric unwinds by playing football and he is a die hard fan supporter of Manchester United with a sub conscious of pissing off Arsenal fans.

Eric Omondi News

Eric Omondi’s naked video sparks online fury

Updated: 01.03.2018

Erick Omondi’s woes after a video of him taking a swim with minors at a river in Turkana could deepen more after the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ezekiel Mutua threatened to sue.

In a long post on Facebook, Mutua castigated Omondi for posing nude with naked kids violating the KFCB classification guidelines.

Mutua stated that Omondi’s video was an ‘illegal, bizarre and obscene comedy that violates the rights of children’ whom he claims were being exploited for money.

He added that he will pursue legal action against the comedian and urged the parents of the children to sue Omondi for the ‘gross abuse and indecent exposure of their kids.’

“There can be no justifiable context to warrant this indecent exposure and abuse of children’s rights. This video is not only in violation of the KFCB classification guidelines and the spirit of Cap 222, it’s also in breach of the Children’s Act,” wrote Mutua.

On his part, Omondi apologized for his actions saying that he had erred in judgement.

“I have been a comedian all my life… Many are the times that I have errored… Today was one of those days. I have offended so many. I did not in any way intend to offend anyone…I AM DEEPLY SORRY FOR THAT…” said Omondi.

Here is Eric Omondi’s Naked Video:

Eric Omondi: I’m sorry for indecent video clip

Updated: 01.03.2018

Comedian Eric Omondi has apologised to Kenyans for a video clip, which shows him playing and jumping into River Turkwel in Turkana County while naked in the company of teenage children.

The 2-minute clip was shared on micro-blogging site Twitter on Wednesday, February 26th, sparking outrage on the social media platform, with many online users calling out the comedian for being disrespectful, insensitive and impetuous.

Mr Omondi says that it was not his intention to offend anyone, and that the video clip was leaked to Twitter by a person, who was bent on painting him in bad light.

Speaking to eDaily, Mr Omondi said he was taking part in a culture typical of African rural life, only that he did not think the moment would be captured on video and posted on social media.

“I have reflected on what I did, and I have realised my actions were so wrong. Let me be honest, that was bad, very bad. I want to say this from the deepest part of my heart; I am very sorry to those who were offended by my actions, and Kenyans at large,” he Eric Omondi.

“The video was not meant for social media. I want to apologise for the indecency. I did not mean to offend or harm anyone; those were not my intentions. My intention has always been to make people happy.

“As a comedian, sometimes, when you try to make people happy, you err. Yesterday (Wednesday, February 28) was one of those days when I made a mistake. But again, I did not leak the video; it was meant to remain on the shores of River Turkwel.

“One thing I will not apologise for is being African. This is our continent; bathing in the river has been our culture and tradition. We swim in rivers. Our forefathers did it. It is happening right now in Turkana, Malawi, Djibouti.

“But, what I want to apologise for is that it is out there; and it is being deemed as indecent because of technological advancements the society has gone through over the years. You’ll agree with me that most of our children today have not been brought up in the rural setting, where bathing in the river is deemed to be normal practice.

“So, when they see that video of me swimming naked in the river, then it is not good. I want to admit it was wrong. I am very sorry. It was not my intention. God can bear me witness. My calling and God’s gift to me is to make people happy, I will strive to achieve that,” said Mr Omondi.

The controversial video saw Mr Omondi trend at top position on Twitter Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

Eric Omondi Girlfriend

Eric Omondi Girlfriend
Eric Omondi Girlfriend

Eric Omondi is deeply in love with an italian Girl going by the name Shantel. The comedian recently revealed that the two met during the Kenya at 50 Show at Kasarani. The lady had come to specifically see Eric perform.

Shantel Grazioli is passionate in community projects and is planning on starting a beauty pageant.

“I really love this lady, not because she is beautiful but because of her personality, it’s rare to find a beautiful lady with an equally beautiful personality,”

Eric Omondi Gifts his girlfriend a car on valentine

On Valentine (2018) Erick Omondi gifted her girlfriend a brand new BMW X6 . This is after he erected a billboard to welcome her home after she had gone to her parents in Italy.

valentine Gift
valentine Gift

Eric Omondi Role Model

Eric Omondi’s big, favorite and an inspirational role model is Will Smith thanks to his traits and principles for being very humorous comedies and in movies, with Eric dream is to follow the same footsteps of doing Comedy and later start an acting career.

Eric Omondi Photo

Eric Omondi Photos

Eric Omondi Photos

The Genius of Eric Omondi

For Eric Omondi, one of the biggest celebrity names synonymous with comedy in Kenya, the stand-up comedy stage has not only been a platform to continuously crack up Kenyans, but also a stepping stone to self-discovery and tremendous growth.

As with any successful comedian who knows the value of correct timing, last year, Eric decided to leave the Churchill Show. The show is sort of the benchmark for any comedian eyeing the big league.

As one of the best comedians in Kenya, Eric Omondi has already “made it”; still, it wasn’t an easy thing to do.

But it was a big decision that was going to further his journey in finding out what he wanted out of his career. With Daniel Ndambuki’s blessings, he left the nest and went to “fend for himself”.

“Did I leave?” he asks. “What do we call it because I didn’t quit. Let’s say I’m a first born, and I had to move out, that’s the best way to put it. Have you ever seen a 42-year-old man living with his mother? It’s very unattractive, I had to move out and build my own house, and I’m old enough now.”

Eric Omondi always knew he was funny; it is not something he brags about, hence it is not surprising that his first stage was in primary school at Kondele Lake Primary School during a parent’s day event.

His poem was a hit with the parents, and thus began his journey. But he recalls that at that early age, people thought he talked too much.

“I’ve been unconsciously doing comedy ever since I was a kid, I used to be called a noisemaker but in essence, it was comedy,” he says.

Even though making people laugh was always one of the things he wanted to do in life, Eric Omondi reveals that he desperately wanted to be a reporter.

After all, his years studying communication at Daystar University in Nairobi had prepared him to work as a reporter and, if he succeeded, moved on to become a news anchor, or so he thought.

However, with just one story in at NTV, his career as a reporter only lasted two weeks.

Omondi can’t help but laugh when he reminisces about his brief stint as a news reporter.

“I worked at NTV as a reporter for two weeks, I did one story after which they kicked me out. It was very bad. I was told I wasn’t good enough. I think I was there to find myself. People are supposed to do what they love, because then they can do it for a long time,” he says.


Eric Omondi chalks down his two-week journalism career to good old experience. Looking back, he realises it did not come as easily or naturally to him like comedy.

Throughout university, Eric Omondi had been doing comedy. Apart from being the drama club chairman, he had also appointed himself the unofficial college MC and would do stand-up comedy whenever he got the chance.

In 2006, he met Churchill (Daniel Ndambuki) who was doing Red Corner at the time. Like at any other event, he was the MC before Churchill got up to give a motivational speech.

It was at this point that Churchill discovered Omondi’s ability to make people laugh. He took his number and promised to get in touch with him, but since he took too long before communicating, Omondi gave up believing that Churchill would ever call.

Two years later, and true to his word, Churchill made the call.

That was the beginning of Omondi’s rise to fame and success that saw him as a fan favourite on Churchill Live until his departure last year.

“I’ve made it this far because of Churchill and the Churchill Live show. Maybe I would have made it without him but I can tell you for sure that I’m here today because of Churchill,” he says.

“So far, so good, until this moment, I think I have succeeded in terms of what I wanted to achieve. I’m happy where I am because I know I’ll get to where I want to be,” Omondi says.


Just a year after landing the Churchill Live show, lady luck once again smiled upon Omondi when he got news that he would star in his own comedy show, Hawayu, on KTN.

The show meant more money and higher status as one of Kenya’s leading comedians.

That too, like his journalism career, was a moment of fleeting excitement as the show was cancelled after one season due to poor ratings.

“It was one of the worst ideas because I was young and I wasn’t ready. I think God gave me that opportunity intentionally to teach me a few things. But it was also one of the best things that ever happened to me because without it, I wouldn’t be where I’m today.

It changed everything and I learnt a lot. I understood Kenyans, production and comedy as a whole. It was a good lesson,” he says.

Although there was so much negative feedback, it helped him understand his audience and craft more.

He also got major flop of a show on NTV which did not last.

From reciting poems, being an unofficial MC, the star attraction on Churchill Live, starting his own comedy show which failed to featuring in Night of a Thousand Laughs, Omondi has had quite an exciting run. And he is not yet done.

Just to add a few more feathers to his cap, Eric Omondi is also the OLX ambassador in Kenya and just last month, landed himself the role of Kenya Wildlife Service Rhino ambassador to help protect the endangered animals.

Now, he is trying to further the cause that those before him started. All the way from Vitimbi, Intrukalass, Crazy Kenyans, Reddykyulas, Red Corner, Churchill Raw and Churchill Show, he will be soon adding his own mark that will continue to define Kenyan comedy like those before him.

With a somewhat smooth ride to fame and success, Omondi’s biggest fear has never been failure; what he dreads most is fading into oblivion.

“If I woke up one day to find nobody is hating, I would be very worried. When it gets to a point where people are not saying anything about you or even hurling insults, then just know they have moved on. In this business when people talk about you, it’s good, so I don’t mind,” he says.

All the criticism, both positive and negative, to him, just boils down to getting free opinions. His major disappointment for now is that there are no comedians like Churchill or Jalang’o who have turned their names into major brands and to further this displeasure is the fact that Kenyan comedy has been limited to tribal jokes.

His craft has, however, taken him beyond Kenya, and he has held shows in the US, South Africa and Nigeria.

In March, BBC ranked him as the 9th funniest man in Africa on a list topped by Trevor Noah and Basketmouth.

Although he has received help along the way to becoming one of the personalities that have played a role in shaping Kenyan comedy, he believes that he is a self-made man who made the best of every opportunity he got.

“I believe it is because of God that I’m here today. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me and it doesn’t add up how I got here. I give Him all the credit. I was also never handed the brand Eric Omondi, I worked hard and I’m still working hard. It was not luck,” he says.

Even though he has been in the industry for a considerable time, with a firm grasp of how the trade works, Omondi is still hard on himself and expects nothing less than perfection from himself.

“I shoot my own clips and I’m involved in the editing as well. There are so many unseen clips because if I don’t feel it’s good enough, it will never see the light of day. I’m my biggest critic. I do not need to spend money hiring a critic; Kenyans will do that for me,” he says. “All I need to do is log on to Twitter.”

Now, Eric Omondi is specialising in doing one hour solo specials that have proved to be a hit.

Eric Omondi Untamed

On the 15th of August, Omondi is slated to yet again take the stage in a one man show dubbed Eric Omondi Untamed 5. The show is scheduled to take place at the Carnivore grounds.

Before then, he will be the host of Comedy Night Live at the same venue with fellow comedians Dr Ofweneke and Malawian funny man Daliso Chaponda.

Source Daily Nation

Eric Omondi Challenge

In January 2018 Erick Omondi’s photo of his ‘balls’ went viral
after he posted a photo on his instragram with his girlfriend while on vacation. The photo prompted people to do Erick Omondi Challenge.

“No, it was not intentional. I had innocently posted the picture and four minutes after it went online, I noticed that I was receiving a lot of comments on it. I logged in to check the Instagram users’ feedback. It is then that I realised that a part of my manhood was showing through my pair of shorts,” said Omondi.

“For a moment, I was confused on what to do. I contemplated
deleting the picture, but on second thought, I decided it remains on the platform. I cannot correct God’s work.The most private part of my body are my bones, and the whole world knows about my skinniness. I choose to overlook what online users are saying on Instagram about the controversial picture. I am a comedian; my work is to make people laugh. So long as my actions make them laugh, I am happy.”

Eric Omondi Video