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Facts About the Economy of Kenya

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Facts about the Economy of Kenya.

GDP (2010 est.): $32 billion.
Annual growth rate (2010): 5.4%.
Gross national income per capita (2008, Atlas Method): $780.
Natural resources: Wildlife, soda ash, land.
Agriculture: Products–tea, coffee, sugarcane, horticultural products, corn, wheat, rice, sisal, pineapples, pyrethrum, dairy products, meat and meat products, hides, skins. Arable land–17%.
Industry: Types–petroleum products, grain and sugar milling, cement, beer, soft drinks, textiles, vehicle assembly, paper and light manufacturing.
Structure of economy (% of GDP): Services–59.5%; industry and commerce–16.7%; agriculture–23.8%.
Work force: Formal sector wage earners–1.95 million (public sector 30%; private sector 70%). Informal sector workers–6.4 million.
Trade (FY 2010): Exports–$4.96 billion: tea, horticultural products, coffee, petroleum products, cement, pyrethrum, soda ash, sisal, hides and skins, fluorspar.
Major export markets–Uganda, United Kingdom, Tanzania, Netherlands, United States, Pakistan. Imports–$11.6 billion: machinery, vehicles, crude petroleum, iron and steel, resins and plastic materials, refined petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, paper and paper products, fertilizers, wheat. Major suppliers–United Arab Emirates, China, India, South Africa, Japan, United States.

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