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Fahim Yasin Twaha Biography and Career

Fahim Yasin Twaha is a Kenyan politician born on the 14th 0f May 1968. He belongs to NARC-Kenya and was elected to represent the Lamu West Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya since the Kenyan parliamentary election, 1997.He is an undergraduate of Nairobi University.

Fahim Yasin Twaha Political Career

In the years between 1997 and 2007 Yasin was a member of Kenya African National Union and later in 2007 to 2013-01 and Yasin Fahim Twaha was a Member of NARC – Kenya representing Lamu West before moving to TNA and letter Jubilee Alliance star. Yasin Fahim Twaha was Member of Parliament of Parliament representing Lamu West between from 1997. At the same period he served as a Member of Committee on Delegated Legislation – S.O. 197, a Member of Local Authorities Committee. Yasin Fahim Twaha was a Governor Aspirant on the ticket of Jubilee_Party representing Lamu between 2017-06-01 and 2017-08-08, where he lost to his opponent but was able to win in 2017 during his second trial.

Fahim Yasin Twaha Photo

Fahim Yasin Twaha Photo