Ferdinand Waititu Biography

Ferdinand Waititu (Baba Yao) was born on 1st January 1962. He is currently the Governor of  Kiambu County after beating the incumbent governor William Kabogo in the 2017 general election. He is the former Member of Parliament for Kabete constituency in Kiambu county having being elected on 4th May 2015 in the by- election following the death of the area MP George Muchai. In 2013 he viewed for the gubernatorial seat for Nairobi county and lost to his opponent Dr. Evans Kidero.

Ferdinard Waititu  Education Background

  • 1991 :  Obtained degree in commerce from Siri Guru College.
  • He then proceeded to Technical University of Kenya, then Kenya Polytechnic before proceeding
  • 1981: Completed his secondary school at Dagoretti High School and obtained the Kenya Certificate of Education.
  • 1975 : Sat for his CPE eams in Mbagathi Primary School

 Positions held by Ferdinand Waititu

  • 4th May 2015 – Up to date : Member of Parliament for Kabete
  • 13th February 2013 – Up to date : Member of Jubilee Alliance
  • 14th January 2013 – 28th February 2016 : Member of The National Alliance (TNA)
  • 2010 – 4th March 2013 : Assistant Minister of Water & Irrigation of Cabinet
  • 2008 – 4th March 2013: Member of Parliament for Embakasi
  • 2007 – 14th January 2013 : Member of Party of National Unity

Committee Membership

  • 2008 – 2013 : Member of Joint Committee on Parliamentary Broadcasting and Library
  • 2008 – 2013 : Member of Local Authorities and Funds Accounts Committee – S.O. 189

Waititu Ferdinard Social life and Politics

Fedinard Waititu is described as a “fiery politician” and has been arrested on several occasions, including for “hate speech” directed against ethnic Maasai and for protesting the demolition of shanty houses in his district. In September 2012 he was suspended from his government post over charges of hate speech and inciting violence.

Fedinard Waititu Baba yao

Fedinard Waititu is often referred to as ‘Baba yao’ (Kiswahili for ‘Their father’). He lost the Nairobi gubernatorial election to Dr. Evans Kidero in March 2013. Fedinard Waititu however found a way back to active politics on 4th May 2015 after winning a seat as a the member of parliament for Kabete through a by election following death of the area mp George Muchai who was murdered in the streets of Nairobi.

The landslide win united him with his long term political friend Mike Sonko but in different fields of politics. He however officially announced to run for gubernatorial seat for Kiambu to battle it out with Governor William Kabogo come next general elections.

Ferdinand Waititu Family, Wife and Children

Waititu is married to Susan Ndung’u and has a daughter Monica Ndung’u.

Ferdinand Waititu Profile

Ferdinand Waititu was born on January 1, 1962 to uneducated parents in the sprawling Kibera slums in Nairobi.

He graduated from Dagoretti High school in 1981 then joined the Technical University of Kenya then Kenya polytechnic before allegedly flying out to Punjab India where he obtained a degree in commerce from Siri Guru College in 1991.

Ferdinand Waititu educational background has been the subject of much speculation with his archenemy Kiambu governor William Kabogo referring to him as a primary school drop-out who has never stepped foot into the four corners of a lecture hall.

“Baba Yao” has also been accused of using his brothers documents including ID and Birth certificate to vie for political office.

Waititu is a “fiery politician” and has been arrested on several occasions, including for “hate speech” directed against ethnic Maasai and for protesting the demolition of shanty houses in his constituency. In September 2012 he was suspended from his government post over charges of hate speech and inciting violence.

Ferdinand Waititu lost the Nairobi gubernatorial election to Dr. Evans Kidero in March 2013. Ferdinand or is it Clifford? however found a way back to active politics on 4 May 2015 after winning a seat as a member of parliament for Kabete through a by election following death of the area mp George Muchai.

Kiambu people now call him ‘BABA YETU’

Ferdinand Waititu Age

Ferdinand Waititu is 55 years old as at 2017 having been born on January 1, 1962.

Ferdinand Waititu Family

Ferdinand Waititu was born from a polygamous family. He has fourteen siblings. His father was a landlord in the Kibera shanties

Ferdinand Waititu Wife

Ferdinand Waititu’s wife is called Susan Wangari. They got married in 1989.

Ferdinand Waititu Children

Ferdinand Waititu Fist born is Monicah Njeri, Second born is Josephine Wanjiru, and three sons.

Ferdinand Waititu Contacts, Facebook and Twitter

  • https://www.facebook.com/WaitituBabaYao
  • https://twitter.com/ferdinandwaititu

Ferdinand Waititu News

They sneered at Baba Yao: The nine lives of Ferdinand Waititu

Updated: 29.04.2017

If you had told Ferdinand Waititu Baba Yao when he was a humble sand seller that he would one day be referred to as “His Excellency,” he would probably have roared with laughter. Now he is a heartbeat a way from the coveted governor’s mansion in Kiambu – Kenya’s second wealthiest county.

Ferdinand Waititu’s journey to the top echelons of power began in 2002 when he was elected to City Hall as a councillor for Njiru ward on a Kanu ticket at a time when Nairobi was a National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) zone. In fact, he was the only Kanu councillor in the assembly.

Four years later, Ferdinand Waititu manoeuvred his way to become the deputy mayor, but still in Kanu. Ora Ora, as he was known to his Njiru supporters and by extension Embakasi followers when he was elected MP in 2008, Waititu used to sell sand at the sluggish Njiru shopping centre – a trade he had plied for almost two years after he quit formal employment.

At City Hall, the daredevil politician started challenging the authority of then Embakasi MP David Mwenje, now deceased. Mwenje was a feared man and few dared cross his path. But Waititu took the bull by its horns, always gatecrashing into meetings and rallies convened by the fiery MP who was the self-styled commander of the vicious Jeshi La Embakasi.

In the run-up to the 2007 General Election, Mwenje and Waititu were embroiled in endless running battles until the former opted not contest on a Party of National Unity (PNU) ticket. Mwenje’s surrender left an almost a smooth ride for Waititu who faced off with Mugabe Were of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

PNU and ODM were the most popular parties of the time – securing a ticket from either party was a done deal. As Mwenje faded into oblivion, Waititu’s star started to rise. He once bragged that if he managed to contain Mwenje, then nothing could stop him.

Ferdinand Waititu however narrowly lost to Mugabe, who, sadly, was killed a few days after being elected into office. The vacancy prompted a by-election, which Waituti won after trouncing ODM’s Esther Passaris. Waititu served the entire term and was at one point made assistant minister for Water. When Parliament was dissolved ahead of the 2013 General Election, he declared interest in the Nairobi governor’s seat.

Many dismissed Baba yao as a joker, terming him as an “uncivilised ghetto politician” accustomed to the rule of the jungle. As Embakasi MP, Waititu frequently clashed with the police and alleged land grabbers and was once captured on television cameras hurling stones and slapping the daylights out of an alleged land grabber. He earned the nickname Baba Yao, a moniker he recently added to his official title.
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But even as he navigated the corridors of justices answering to several charges against him based on his love for “justice, Embakasi style,” his ambition to become the first governor of Nairobi over polished and refined rivals like Dr Evans Kidero, Jimnah Mbaru and John Gakuo never waned.

In a debate moderated by a local TV station, the urbane Kidero rattled off his management credentials and his grasp of the macro issues affecting the county of Nairobi, mocking Waititu with the sort of scorn that Hillary Clinton reserved for the ‘dumb’ Donald Trump. But the smug expression on his face must have been wiped off when Baba Yao gave him the scare of his life, polling 617,839 votes against his 692,483. Baba Yao then briefly retreated back into private business before an opportunity presented itself in 2015 following the fatal shooting of Kabete MP George Muchai. He ran for the seat in the ensuing by-election and won, then declared that his intention was to send Governor William Kabogo packing.

The wealthy and crisp-talking Kabogo perceived as haughty and arrogant, repeated Kidero’s mistake, sneering at Waititu. He paid for it with a hefty kick on the backside during the just-concluded Jubilee nominations – polling a paltry 69,916 votes against Ferdinand Waititu’s overwhelming 353,60.

It was a massacre.

The stone thrower is dead. Long live the governor!

Source: SDE

Battle of Titans: William Kabogo vs Ferdinand Waititu

Updated: 03.03.2017

A titanic battle pitting Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and pugnacious Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu is shaping up in the race for the county’s top seat.

From court battles to political platforms, Mr Kabogo and Mr Waititu have not spared any effort in fighting for the coveted position.

However, there are five aspirants, namely James Nyoro, David Ngari, commonly known as Bishop Gakuyo, trader John Mugwe, Njoki Gathendu and Gakure Kanyanja who have also announced their interest.

Both Mr Nyoro and Mr Kanyanja contested the seat in 2013 but lost to Kabogo. They came second and third respectively.

Waititu, Nyoro and Mr Mugwe come from Limuru and Kabete in upper Kiambu while Mr Gakuyo and Ms Gathendu are from Thika and Ruiru in lower Kiambu.

The aspirants, with the exception of Kanyanja, have formed an alliance and talks are said to be underway for plans to field one of them to face Kabogo in the Jubilee Party primaries slated for April.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that the aspirants were considering supporting Ferdinand Waititu, with Nyoro as his running mate.

But Kabogo, who comes from Ruiru in lower Kiambu, is leaving nothing to chance to ensure that he secures a second term.

He has been crisis-crossing all 60 wards in the county to woo voters over the last few months. Lower Kiambu has five constituencies – Ruiru, Juja, Thika Town, Gatundu South and Gatundu North.

The governor has also been meeting people from outside the Kikuyu community living and working in the county as the search for votes goes full throttle.

Ferdinand Waititu has also been traversing the county meeting women and youth groups. The governor hopeful has also been attending church events, funerals and other public gatherings.

He has also made unexpected visits to markets and bus parks in the county, where he has met residents and sold his agenda to them.

The two politicians have been using public meetings to discredit each other.

This will be Kabogo’s fifth term in political office if he wins the Jubilee nomination ticket. The flamboyant politician made his political debut in 2002 as a political greenhorn, surprising many when he clinched the Juja parliamentary seat via the little-known Sisi kwa Sisi party.


In 2007, he was felled by a newcomer George Thuo. He however filed a petition, which he won in 2010.

In the subsequent by-election, the governor shocked many when he defied the influence of Government machinery and clinched the Juja seat on a Narc-Kenya ticket, handing Thuo, who was vying through the Party of National Unity, a humiliating defeat.

Speaking in Kiambu town recently, Kabogo said he was now a seasoned politician and was confident of winning a second term.

His tenure as the first Kiambu governor has not been a bed of roses. For the last four years, the county has been embroiled in political wrangles pitting him against the majority of area Members of Parliament.

The county chief has also been at loggerheads with Members of the County Assembly on several occasions, and survived at least two impeachment bids.

Of the county’s 12 MPs, only Ruiru’s Esther Gathogo and Juja’s Francis Waititu support his re-election.

The governor known to have deep pockets has also been at pains on the campaign trail to erase the notion that he is arrogant and out of touch with the common man.

Pictures of him sitting on the ground with ordinary folk drinking sodas, and eating bananas and boiled maize bought from roadside food kiosks in remote areas have become common as he tries to prove to residents that he is one of them.

Ferdinand Waititu, who has vowed to ensure that he becomes Kiambu’s second governor, is also fighting the perception from some residents that he is an outsider.

Ferdinand Waititu Political Base

Ferdinand Waititu shifted his political base to Kiambu in 2015, when he vied for the Kabete parliamentary seat after the death of area MP George Muchai.

He lost the Nairobi governor’s seat to Orange Democratic Movement’s Evans Kidero in the 2013 elections.

Prior to that, Ferdinand Waititu was the MP for Embakasi constituency and an assistant minister in retired President Mwai Kibaki’s government. He has also been a councillor in Dandora, Nairobi, where he rose to become the capital’s city’s deputy mayor.

A number of residents do not believe he is the right person for the job as they feel he has not been a resident of the county.

When Ferdinand Waititu was elected as the Kabete lawmaker, Kabogo described the constituents as an embarrassment to the county for electing “an outsider”.

The fiery legislator, known to be a crowd puller, is also battling criticism from some residents who say he is not fit for the governorship because he allegedly harbours traits of hooliganism.

Ferdinand Waititu has in the past been captured on camera leading residents in stone-throwing demonstrations to protest perceived ills.

He has however received accolades from many residents who say he is “grassroots person”.

Ferdinand Waititu also has the backing of the majority of MPs from the county. Among the legislators supporting his bid for the governorship is Alice Ng’ang’a (Thika Town), one of Kabogo’s fiercest critic.

Governor Kabogo remains unfazed by the possibility of facing an opponent for his seat.

During a meet-the-people tour in Ruiru recently, he said he was not worried because his track record was good enough to get him re-elected.

“I hear that five people want to come together with the sole aim of defeating me. I want to let them know that I will show them dust at the ballot. This year’s election will be my fifth one and I can tell you I’m not prepared to lose,” he said.

The possibility of a third force in the race cannot overruled.

Mr Kanyanja, a former senior manager at National Bank of Kenya, has maintained that he will not be forming a coalition with anyone but will go it alone.

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