Since independence Kenya has so far had four  heads of states and four first ladies.

Mama Ngina Kenyatta (born 1933) was the first first-lady that was well known during the Kenyatta regime. Although she was not known to play any official role, she was a constant figure beside the first President of Kenya. After Jomo Kenyatta’s death, she was left in charge of a business empire with investments in banking, education, farming, hospitality industry, insurance, manufacturing and real estate. She leads a quiet life in Gatundu and Nairobi.

Lena Tungo Moi (1930-July 22, 2004) was retired President Moi’s wife. She was hardly seen in public during his presidency.

At her funeral, retired President Mwai Kibaki recalled that he knew Mama Lena since 1950s as a humble, God fearing and resourceful person.

Moi recalled the last moments with his wife, saying they had had a very good family conversation with Mama Lena and two of their daughters earlier on the fateful day before she passed away. He said she was involved in various community service projects, including paying school fees for children from poor families.

Lucy Muthoni Kibaki (born 1940) is the wife of Kenya’s third president Mr Mwai Kibaki. A teacher by profession, the first lady is mainly involved in charity work supporting the disadvantaged and disabled people in society. She is the chair of the organisation of the 40 African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS.

Margaret Wanjiru Kenyatta Margaret Kenyatta was born to former Director Of State Controlled Kenya Railways Corporation Njuguna Gakuo, Margaret went to the prestigious St. Andrews School in Molo, she met her husband Uhuru Kenyatta, who is her best friend in Mombasa and later on tied the knot at Holy Family Basilica in Nairobi in 1989.

According to her friends, Margaret Kenyatta is a noble and simple woman who loves keeping her life normal despite the fact that she is married to the son of the first President of Kenya who is now the President. On a normal day, Margaret would be seen enjoying a cup of coffee at social places in Nairobi. Margaret Kenyatta is a mother of two sons namely, Jaba and Jomo and one daughter named Ngina.