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Fourteen Falls Thika – Activities, Charges, Directions and Contacts

A Guide To Fourteen Falls Thika

Fourteen falls waterfall near Thika town is spectacular 27 meter deep scenery. There is a lot to see and do in this scenic site. These include boating, fishing, photography, plant identification, and bird watching are among other activities.

14 Falls Location

Fourteen Falls is located in Thika about 65 Kilometers North East of Nairobi off Thika-Garissa Road turning at Makutano junction. Fourteen Falls derives the name from their 14 distinct waterfalls on the broad section of the famous Athi River.

14 Falls – Fourteen Falls Tour

The tour departs in the morning from Nairobi and you drive north some 45 km from the city centre to arrive at Blue Posts Hotel, established in 1908 as a stopover for white settlers who farmed and lived in central Kenya. Once at fourteen falls, a local guide will lead you down a rocky path to the near side base of the falls where you get a boat for crossing the river.

The experienced boat guides use a long pole, guiding the boat on a leisurely ride downstream, back upstream and across the river to a rocky bank on the far side. The view of the falls from the boat is extraordinary! You may spend a couple of hours strolling around the rocks at the base of the Falls and enjoy the fresh air, breathtaking view and local flora.

The base of the Falls is characterized by large boulders and the powerful sound of rushing water as it cascades down the 25-foot drop. A fine spray hangs in the air and keeps everything cool. There are lots of birds.

The guides also entertain visitors by performing jumps (they call it ‘diving’) from the top of the falls to the plunge pool below. Lunch will be served at the Blue Posts hotel, after which you will be driven back to Nairobi where the tour ends.

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Fourteen Falls Thika

Fourteen Falls Thika

Overlooking the falls lies the Hill of the Buffaloes popularly known as Kilimambogo. The Hill derives its name from the hundreds of Buffaloes that lived and are still found in the area. The Hills are also home to the graves of the family of Sir Macmillan. Sir Macmillan was a famous philanthropist who lived on the foot of the Hills. He made the Hills internationally known when he hosted the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and US president Roosevelt. The Hills are home to buffaloes,baboon,zebras and other wild animals.

There are local traders who offer affordable services like photography, curios and fruits like the fresh and sweet pineapples. To make the experience worthwhile you can hire local guides who will take you to the most appealing spots. They charge affordable fees for this ranging from Kshs150( $1.8) to Kshs 300( $3.5).

Fourteen Falls Contacts

Attraction Type: Scenery & Landscapes, Wildlife
Region: Mt. Kenya
City / Town: Thika
Telephone: +254 20 232 6170

Fourteen Falls Entrance Fees

There is an entrance fee to Fourteen Falls Thika

Fourteen Falls Video