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GG Kariuki is Dead – G.G. Kariuki Biography, Family and Career

G.G. Kariuki is Dead

G.G. Kariuki burial set for July 14

Updated: 03.07.2017

Laikipia Senator Godfrey Gitahi Kariuki, better known as G.G. Kariuki, will be buried at his Rumuruti farm on July 14, the family has said.

Family spokesperson and his son Robert Mwangi said the committees tasked with burial arrangements in his rural home and Loresho residence in Nairobi had started preparations for the send-off.

GG Kariuki – Heart

The veteran politician, who served under all the four past governments, succumbed to a cardiac-related illness at Nairobi Hospital on Thursday night.

His family on Sunday also disclosed that the senator had been ailing for the past 18 months.

“We are meeting with the organising committee to come up with the programme. We have agreed to bury our loving father on July 14,” said Mr Mwangi.

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He added that the Nairobi burial committee, chaired by former Tetu MP Francis Nyammo, was planning to hold a requiem mass at St Andrews PCEA in Nairobi.

Security officials in Laikipia have confirmed that various leaders led by President Uhuru Kenyatta are expected to attend the burial.

GG Kariuki Tribute

Meanwhile, local leaders and Kenyans continue paying glowing tributes to the lawmaker.

Led by Laikipia Governor Joshua Irungu and Maendeleo ya Wanawake Organisation Chairwoman Irene Wachuka, the leaders said the senator’s death is a big blow to Kenya.

“The death of the senator should serve to unite the county leadership as that was what he stood for,” said Mr Irungu.

“He fought for the rights of the local people, restoration of security and issues of human-wildlife conflicts that have been affecting the County for decades.”

During his last days, the senator spent most of his time unifying all communities living in the county and calling for the dialogue among pastoralists.

He believed he could help to end conflicts between private ranchers and farm owners in the county.

GG Kariuki is Dead

Updated: 30.06.2017

Veteran politician and Laikipia Senator Godfrey Gitahi Kariuki is dead.

Mr Kariuki passed on at a Nairobi hospital aged 78 on Friday morning.

GG Kariuki Death News

The news of his death was broken by one of his colleagues attending a meeting with editors in Mombasa.

The lawmaker confirmed he had spoken to Mr Kariuki’s son.

Deputy Senate Speaker Kembi Gitura confirmed the death of the senator and sent condolences on behalf of the House.

GG Kariuki was a veteran politician and the oldest senator of the 11th Parliament.

GG Kariuki, who joined politics in 1959, served in the governments of President Daniel Arap Moi and founding President Jomo Kenyatta.

GG Kariuki Last Appearance

He was the only serving lawmaker who had also served in the first Parliament after Kenya’s independence in 1963.

His last public appearance was in Nyahururu when Deputy President William Ruto visited and presided over the handover of cheques to dairy farmers who had shares in the Kenya Cooperative Creameries before it went under.

It was also his first and only public appearance after he had made it official that he was going to defend his seat in the August 8 General Election.

GG Kariuki was set to face off with former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga, Simon Mithamo, Laikipia County Kuppet branch executive secretary Ndung’u Wangenye and Mr Mururi King’ori.

GG Kariuki Heckled

GG Kariuki who appeared frail and struggled to rise from his seat, was among politicians who were heckled by youths who were chanting pro-Njenga praises when he was invited to address the meeting.

GG Kariuki had declined to be assisted to stand but did not manage to walk to the dais, addressing the meeting in his seat.

The seemingly angry senator said: “You can hear them shouting me down only because they have been promised a plate of food. They would still get that plate of food if they choose to stay mum. They have been brought here to show that I have no supporters.”

The senator had added: “I am the senior most politician here and no one is of my age. I might be looking old and frail but the elephant is still there and standing strong. Kwa hivyo mtu asije akatuletea bangi zake hapa (So don’t bring your bhang madness here)”

G G Kariuki Biography

G G Kariuki (Godfrey Gitahi Kariuki) is a Kenyan politician and currently the senator for Laikipia county. He is a member of The National Alliance party and a coalition member of Jubilee Alliance. Since his election in 1963, he has served as a member of Parliament for 20 uninterrupted years.

He served as minister of Lands and Settlement from June 20 to February 25, 1982 (by then it was called Lands, Settlement and Physical Planning Ministry).G.G. actively participated in Kenya’s political development as far back as 1952 when at 15, he took an oath pledging his allegiance to the unity of the Gikuyu, to liberate the country from colonialists.

G G Kariuki Education Background

  • Upto 2016 : PhD in International Relations, the University of Nairobi.
  • Masters Degree in International Studies.
  • 1959 he enrolled for Diploma in Health Sciences
  • 1985 enrolled as a student of the Institute of Administrative Accountant (Certificate of membership )

G G Kariuki Political Career

G G Kariuki contributed in formation of the Kenya African National Union in May 1960 and was elected chairman of Laikipia branch. Upon attaining independence in 1963, G G Kariuki was elected a member of parliament for the area and when he successfully defended the seat in the 1969 general elections, he was appointed Assistant Minister for Lands, Settlement and Physical Planning.

After the death of Jomo Kenyatta in 1978, he was appointed a minister in the office of the President, in charge of Internal Security and Provincial Administration, and later transferred to his former Ministry of Lands, Settlement and Physical Planning.

G G Kariuki will be remembered for the role he played in the settlement of the landless in Laikipia which was previously part of the white highlands. He formed a land buying company, Laikipia West Farmers Company, which was instrumental in settling thousands of small scale farmers in Laikipia.

In 1966, touched by the plight of the landlessness in the country,G.G had tried to influence policy by introducing a motion in Parliament which sought to establish a policy that no land for settlement would cost more than 10 per acre. This motion led to the formation of an inquiry to investigate and recommend to the government the price of land for settlement.

Though he had also proposed that the government compulsorily acquire all land owned by foreigners to be used for settling the landless, this never came to be as the government favoured the policy of willing buyer willing seller.

G G Kariuki Political Position

Current political position

  • Started 11th March 2013 : Senator for Laikipia county
  • Started 13th February 2013 : Coalition Member of Jubilee Alliance
  • Started 8th February 2013: Member of The National Alliance (TNA)

G G Kariuki Previous Political Position

  • From 8th February 2013 – Up to4th March 2013 : Aspirant Senator for Laikipia county
  • From2002 – Up to2007 : Member of Parliament for Laikipia West
  • From 1993 – Up to 1997 : Nominated Member of Parliament
  • From 1982 – Up to 1983 : Minister of Lands and Settlement
  • From 1979 – Up to 1982 : Minister of State for Internal Security and Provincial Administration
  • From 1972 – Up to 1978 : Assistant Minister of Lands
  • From 1963 – Up to 1983 : Member of Parliament for Laikipia West
  • From 1960 – Up to 1997 : Founder Member of Kenya African National Union
  • From 1960 – Up to 1997 : Member of Kenya African National Union

G G Kariuki Membership

  • 1993 – 2000 : Chair of Betting Control and Licensing Board
  • 1968 – 1979 : Chair of Betting Control and Licensing Board
  • Started 1952 : Member of Revolutionary Council-Pre-Independence Movement (Mau-Mau)

G G Kariuki Family

Details about his family will be updated soon…

G G Kariuki Contacts

Address : P.O. Box 57105 Nairobi, Kenya
Email :

G G Kariuki Photo

G G Kariuki Photo

GG Kariuki News

GG Kariuki, the man who never believed power had eluded him

Updated: 04.07.2016

Once a person tastes power, it goes into the head and lives in the mind throughout life.

That was Godfrey Gitahi Kariuki, a former powerful Moi minister who died last week.

He rose from a little known Kanu youth winger to be Laikipia West MP at only 25 to a colossus, then fell and rose again.

GG lived in the past. Whenever he went to a public place, hotel, rally or just a meeting, he would loudly wonder why police officers were not saluting him.

Whenever Parliament doors opened and GG walked in the Gang Way to the restaurant, MPs stood.

GG Kariuki – Instance Dismissal

The only other politicians MPs stood for were Charles Njonjo and Nicholas Biwott. So powerful were they that crossing their path would be instant dismissal from a post or expulsion from Kanu, the country’s only political party.

It started in 1978 when Kenya’s second President Daniel arap Moi ascended to power after the death Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

GG and Attorney-General Njonjo became so powerful that top civil servants spoke to them on fixed phone lines while standing and saluting.

The two were riding to functions in the presidential limousine.

If a person alights with the President from a limousine, the generals and police commanders will salute.

GG Kariuki – Permanent Hallucination

It elevates the ego to permanent hallucination similar to that of Saddam Hussein who emerged from a sewer after his capture and introduced himself: “I am the President of Iraq, let us negotiate”.

Commissioners of police feared rather than respected GG. A call from GG was deemed to be a command from State House.

The civil servant would carry out orders downward on the spot; and, the junior public officials would be reminded on phone — remember it is from GG — taken to mean from the President.

The first appointment Moi gave GG was Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration – the most powerful cabinet post in more than half century.

Ben Gethi, the Commissioner of Police would every morning drive to GG’s house in Nairobi or wait his call for orders.

GG Kariuki – Scandalous Delienation

In 1982, Mr Moi transferred GG to the Lands and Settlement Ministry, held by Jackson Angaine since independence.

It is here that GG presided over the most scandalous delineation of land belonging to the Agricultural Development Corporation.

Thousands of acres of ADC land across the country had been set aside to grow food crops and keep animals for meat.

He gave chunks to “who’s who” in the military, civil service and cronies of the system in order to buy Mr Moi’s loyalty.

GG Kariuki Very Influential

Moi switched him to Lands was because GG had thorough knowledge of the ministry and was very influential.

President Kenyatta appointed GG the assistant Minister for Lands and Settlement in 1972.

A handwritten note from GG specifying the acreage of public land addressed to the Commissioner of Lands was title deed.

GG fell from power following the Njonjo “traitor” debate. Moi accused Njonjo of plotting with a foreign power to topple the government, which a commission of inquiry absolved the former attorney general.

Moi called a snap General Election in 1983.

GG Kariuki Njonjo Associates

Many politicians perceived to be Njonjo associates, including Kanu cockerel Joseph Kamotho, fell in that election and were expelled from the ruling party.

GG retreated to business, farming and Tae Kwondo in Laikipia.

Kamotho and others were first to return to the Kanu party fold and then helped GG and others.

GG has documented his political life, frustrations, the highs and lows in his autobiography Illusion of Power: Fifty Years in Politics, which is a thriller.

Kariuki, 79, will be most remembered in Kenya’s annals as a politician who combined politics and the game of Tae Kwondo with an admirable legacy. May his soul rest in peace.

Source: Daily Nation

G G Kariuki Video

G G Kariuki News

Laikipia Senator G G Kariuki, stunned mourners during a recent burial in Laikipia when he compared his limping walk to a man suffering from syphilis.

Speaking in Marina area in Ngobit, the 77-year-old said: “Najua mnashindwa kwa nini huyu mzee anatembea kama ako na ile kitu tunaita kaswende” (I know you are wondering why this old man is walking like a man suffering from syphilis),” he said making some elderly women to cover their mouths.

“Lakini hii imeletwa na ile sport mimi hupenda na yenye imenifanya niishi hii maisha yote (the is a result of my love for martial arts, a sport which has made it possible for me to live this long),” he explained during the burial of former Laikipia County Assembly Majority Leader Ephraim Mwangi Kamakia.

G G Kariuki, who recently graduated with a PhD in International Relations from the University of Nairobi, credited his love for martial arts for his long life.

“It is my life and if I stop engaging in martial arts, I will certainly be looking forward to my burial,” he said, adding that, “Even if I am limping and leaders behind me gang up and attempt to attack, you will be shocked by what will happen to them,” he added.

The oldest Senator in Kenya said he pursued his doctorate to prove to the youth that “it can be done.”

“I am showing you that everything is possible and at any time,” he said.

In 2001, GG published his thinly fleshed autobiography, Illusion of Power: Reflections on Fifty Years in Kenyan Politics, about his time as MP for Laikipia and Laikipia West during the regimes of Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and Daniel arap Moi, during which he served as MP for 20 uninterrupted years after independence in 1963.

Source : Standard Digital