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Gatundu Town Kenya

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Gatundu Town Guide

Gatundu is town in Kiambu County . It has an estimated population of about 5550 people. It is the home town of the first and the forth president in the republic of Kenya.

Economic Activities in Gatundu Town

The main economic activity in Gatundu town is business. Businessmen and businesswomen in this town do their day-to-day activities in various businesses. A two storey modern market in the town attracts many buyers and sellers from the neighboring villages and towns. There is only one supermarket called Happy Supermarket and several general stores.

The neighboring villages are agricultural productive and therefore they feed the market with fresh agricultural commodities.

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Gatundu Town Population

Gatundu  town has an approximate population of 20,000 people who reside and work within and near the town. Majority are youths and children who study or do some work in the town. The elder minority drive the economy as they own businesses and property in the town.

Gatundu Town Health

Gatundu district Hospital serves almost all health needs of the people in this region. St. Jude Nursing Home located at Gatundu-Juja road is a private hospital. Other private clinics are also established in the region including:

  1. Health Watch
  2. Uzima

Gatundu Town Transport and Communication

The local public service vans, minibuses and taxis play a major role in transport industry of this town. Vans (also called matatus) transport passengers from the town to other towns including Nairobi city, Thika, Ruiru, Juja and Kamwangi towns. A big challenge is the road network. Except the roads connecting the town to Nairobi and Thika, all the other roads are dry weather roads which makes it impassable during rainy seasons to connect to the highly productive villages.

Gatundu Town Photo

Gatundu Town Kenya