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Genet in Kenya

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Genet in Kenya Description

Genet in Kenya

Unlike the civet, the genet distinctly resembles the domestic cat though the body is more elongated and the tail longer and bushier. The coat is long and coarse with a prominent crest along the spine. The basic colour varies from grey to fawn and is patterned from the neck to the tail with roundish dark brown to blackish spots. The tail is banded with nine to 10 similarly coloured rings and has a whitish tip. The large-spotted or rusty-spotted genet (Genetta tigrina), is similar in appearance to the common genet, but has a brownish-black spinal stripe and larger spots.

The genet lives in savannah and open country and is a very agile tree climber but not frequently sighted since it is entirely nocturnal. During the day it sleeps in abandoned burrows, rock crevices, hollow trees or up on high branches and seems to return to the same spot each day. The animals live singly or in pairs.

Its prey is generally hunted on the ground though it will climb trees to seek out nesting birds and their eggs. Like the domestic cat, it stalks prey by crouching flat on the ground. Its diet consists of a variety of small animals (mostly rodents), birds, reptiles, insects and fruits. It is well known for being a wasteful killer, often eating only a small part of the animals it catches.

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Litters typically consist of two to three kittens. Like the domestic cat, the genet spits and growls when angered or in danger.

Genet in Kenya – Photo

Genet in Kenya

Genet in Kenya – Video