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Grace Msalame Biography, Husband, Age and Photos

Grace Msalame Biography

Grace Msalame was born in 1986. She is a bubbly, intelligent and fashionable media personality and Vivo Active wear ambassador. She graced the Television since she was 19 years old and managed to grow to be a top manager at KISS Tv. She is currently the content manager at Bamba Tv.

Grace Msalame Education Background

2008: Undergraduate student at Daystar University, communication, Electronic Media

Grace Msalame Job Experience

August 2015- Present: Content and Acquisitions Manager, Bamba Tv

  • Source and Acquire Content for Bamba TV. Schedule, monitor and create Marketing Material for the Multi-Channel PlatForm.

Tv Presenter, Radio News Reader,Tv News Anchor at KTN Standard Group, Capital FM, KISS Tv

Grace Msalame Husband

Grace Msalame was once married to Paul Ndichu who is currently the boss for Easy taxi and they were blesses with twins but they later broke up.


Grace Msalame Husband

Grace Msalame Husband

Grace Msalame Background

When growing up, Grace Msalame was the opposite of what she is now. She was reserved, calm and collected – but she was a naughty little girl just over a decade ago.

Grace Msalame now a strong woman, the inspiring girl who in September 2014 graced the cover of True Love Magazine East Africa. This shows the important role she plays in the contemporary society in Kenya. Young girls look up to her…they admire her story. Living up to her legendary father’s legacy is no mean fete.

Her grand plan for the next five years is to excel in her field.. She plans on becoming a Top 40 Under 40 within the next five years, which she leaves up to God.

Grace Msalame Hips

One celebrity who really knows how to dress her hot, curvy body is media personality, Grace Msalame, who is very stylish, chic and trendy. She describes her style as sexy, expressive, yet very comfortable and at least have a touch of flair (originality).

Her fashion sense is so dope and on point that she was made Vivo Active Wear ambassador because she appreciates her curves and most importantly, knows how to dress her body.

Grace Msalame believes that the fuller Africa woman is supposed to be celebrated, but she also points out that being healthy is key. She also works out to get her body toned.

She was accused of using enlargement pills for her hips but she refuted the claims through her websit and she wrote:

“Incidentally, as I type this, I’m tagged on a list of “celebs” that use enlargement pills for their hips and derrière! This is another laughing matter,” she said.

“Those who know me, know my body is genetic. I am getting fatter as I grow older. My hormones are all over the place, so if I eat badly and don’t work out as I should, these are the results, but that’s probably too boring for blogs! They need to juice up the story with fabrications,”

Grace Msalame affair with her boss

She was once trending on the internet after allegations that she was dating her boss Patrick Quarcoo. A series of leaked screenshots allegedly from Radio Africa’s former employee Evans Gikunda’s phone, a web developer, indicated that Msalame was secretly dating Quarcoo, who allegedly bought her a BMW X5.

She addressed the rumors through her website and she wrote:

“This year has been one thing after another. Online stories since January! I call them stories because that’s all they are! Some are more fabricated than others, with the newest one making me a proud new owner of a BMW X5. My family and friends saw that story and laughed it. They asked me why I had kept it a secret because those who know me know how uneventful and boring my life really is. I am simple and still drive my ‘Dudu’ as I fondly call my VW Polo!”

Grace Msalame Age

Born in 1986, Grace Msalame is a bubbly, intelligent and fashionable TV personality.

Grace Msalame Kids

She is blessed with beautiful twin girls Raha and Zawadi


Grace Msalame  Photos

Grace Msalame4 Grace Msalame5 Grace Msalame6 Grace Msalame 2 Grace Msalame Grace Msalame3

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