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Grant Gazelle in Kenya

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Grant Gazelle in Kenya Description

This is one of the most common antelopes and exists in large numbers in Nairobi National park, Amboseli, Masai Mara, Tsavo and Marsabit National Reserve.

Grant’s gazelle are most easily identified by their colouring and long horns: sandy brown on the back, clearly demarcated from a lighter colour on the flanks and white belly, and white around the tail and hind legs. They are not a large gazelle, standing around 90 cm at the shoulder. Horns are found on both sexes and are heavily ridged with around 25 rings; in the male they grow to around 60 cm (although they often appear longer because of the relatively small body) and curve gracefully and evenly up and back, usually with some outward curving as well; in the female the horns are much shorter but follow the same pattern.

You usually come across herds of Grant’s gazelle in open grassy country where there is some forest cover, although they are also occasionally found in heavily wooded savanna country. Herd size is usually between 20 and 30, with one dominant male, does and young. Food consists mainly of leaves and grass. As water is obtained through dietary intake these gazelles do not need to drink.

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Grant Gazelle in Kenya