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Greater Bushbaby in Kenya

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Greater Bushbaby in Kenya

Swahili: Komba

Looking more like an Australian possum, the bush-baby is in fact a small monkey and is about the size of a rabbit. It is found in all major reserves in Kenya, although being a nocturnal creature it is rarely sighted by day.

The head is small with large rounded ears and, as might be expected on a nocturnal animal, relatively large eyes. The thick fur is dark brown and the bush-baby sports a thick bushy tail. Your average bushbaby measures around 80 cm in length, of which the tail is around 45 cm, and weighs less than two kg.

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The lesser bushbaby (Galago senegalensis) is about half the size of the greater bushbaby. It is a very light grey in colour and has yellowish colouring on the legs.

Greater Bushbaby in Kenya – Photo

Greater Bushbaby in Kenya

Greater Bushbaby in Kenya – Video