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Hartebeest Antelope in Kenya

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Hartebeest Antelope in Kenya Description

The hartebeest is a medium-sized antelope and is found in Nairobi, Tsavo, Amboseli and Masai Mara parks. It is easy to recognise as it has a long, narrow face and distinctively angular short horns (on both sexes) which are heavily ridged. Colouring is generally light brown on the back, becoming paler towards the rear and under the belly. The back slopes away from the humped shoulders. They prefer grassy plains for grazing but are also found in lightly treed savannah or hills.

The hartebeest feeds exclusively on grass, and usually drinks twice daily, although it can go for months without water if necessary. They are social beasts and often intermingle with animals such as zebras and wildebeest. Their behaviour is not unlike the wildebeest’s, particularly the head tossing and shaking.

Sexual maturity is reached at around 30 months and calving goes on throughout the year, although there are peak periods in February and August. Predators are mainly the large cats, hyena and hunting dogs.

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Hartebeest Antelope in Kenya