Ali Hassan Joho mum on forged KCSE, expresses pride in D- grade

Updated: 29.03.2017

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho yesterday remained mum over allegations he forged a Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination results slip showing a score of C+ as he maintained that he was proud of his D- grade.

Mr Hassan Joho said he did not want to pre-empt his response to the detectives today when asked about the forged papers.
He was summoned to appear before the Directorate of Criminal Investigations over claims that he forged his KCSE exam results to secure admission to university.

This followed a brief from the examination agency that a certificate claiming that Mr Joho attained a C+ in 1992 was fake amid claims that he gained entry at the University of Nairobi, dropped studies and subsequently transferred to Kampala International University using the forged results.

Mr Joho said he was happy with the grade he got because he had turned it around into “real success”.
“I got a D-minus, but I have since made tremendous progress,” said Mr Joho.

The D- certificate will shine the spotlight on the degree he received from Gretsa University in Thika given the minimum entry grade to university remains C+.

“A forensic examination done on the handwriting and signatures appearing on the University of Nairobi application form was positive that it was actually filled and signed by Mr Joho,” says Spy agency NIS.

The governor has been engaged in a spat with President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto over development in the Coast region.

Ali Hassan Joho KCSE Certificate Fake – Knec

Updated: 27.03.2017

On the day that he led the resurgence of Orange boss Raila Odinga’s campaign for the National Super Alliance (Nasa) presidential ticket, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho suffered a political body blow after the Kenya National Examinations council said his secondary school certificate is a forgery.

This opens up criminal liability on the part of the youthful governor known for taking on President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ali Hassan Joho Degree

It could also mean that he may be shut out of the Mombasa gubernatorial race if his degree certificates are invalidated. Governors are required by law to be university graduates.

KNEC’s acting chief executive, Ms Mercy Gathigia Karogo, in a letter to the Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro, said they had established that the “purported” copy of results slip presented to the council for authentication was obtained from a forged document.

“Following your request for verification and confirmation of examination results Joho Hassan Ali results slip as per the letter referenced CID/SEC/4/4/3 dated 25th January, 2017… Joho Hassan Ali did not register nor sat for the year 1992 KCSE examination at Serani Secondary School under index number 160092024,” said Ms Karogo quoting records in the KNEC data base.


Ms Karogo wrote to Mr Muhoro in response to a letter by the DCI seeking for verification and confirmation of Mr Joho’s examination results.

The details indicate that the centre code for Serani Secondary School in 1992 was 16032 and not 160092 as indicated in his documents to the examination council.

“Therefore, the purported copy of the year 1992 KCSE examination results slip presented to KNEC for verification purposes, is obtained from a forged document,” Ms Karogo said in her letter dated January 26, 2017.

Ali Hassan Joho Education

Mr Joho is assumed to have attended Serani Secondary where he allegedly got a C+.

This is the qualification on which Mr Joho was presumably admitted to the University of Nairobi’s Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) programme.

The governor is reported to have transferred credits to Kampala International University from which he claims to have graduated.

He registered for yet another business related degree, this time at the little-known Gretsa University in Thika where he says he graduated last year.

Ali Hassan Joho Degree at GRETSA

Mr Joho has been battling claims on the authenticity of his academic qualifications with several court cases being brought against him since his election as the Governor of Mombasa County.

But Joho has all along stood his ground saying that he has two genuine degrees, one from Kampala International University in Uganda and another from Gretsa University.

Gretsa University, through the Vice Chancellor Kuria Thuo, confirmed in February that Mr Joho graduated on December 2016 with a degree in Commerce.

The governor, however, did not attend the graduation ceremony at the institution in Thika.

He said that the Mombasa Governor was a duly registered student who studied Bachelor of Commerce and specialised in human resource management through the distance learning since 2014.

Mr Thuo added that Mr Joho graduated after satisfying the board of examiners and senate, as is a requirement for graduation in all universities.

But if his Form Four certificate is forged, as KNEC now says it is, then his degrees would be invalidated.

University Degree Fraudsters

The development comes in the wake of a recent warning by Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i that he would reveal identities of politicians and other Kenyans using fake degree certificates to seek leadership positions.

Dr Matiang’i particularly lashed out at aspirants intending to use such documents to get clearance to contest for political seats in the August 8 General Election.

University Degree Racket

“There is no human being in his right mind who can fake papers and then ask to lead people,” said the CS, while addressing principals at All Saints Cathedral Anglican Church in Nairobi on Thursday.

The remarks by the CS come in the wake of a rush by politicians to acquire degree certificates to participate in the elections.

It also follows the unearthing of a racket that involves production of fake and backdated degree certificates at a local private university which was subsequently shut down by the education sector regulators in 2015.

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Ali Hassan Joho Biography

Ali Hassan Joho was born on 26th February 1976 in Mombasa, he is the governor for Mombasa county. He is a member of Orange Democratic Movement and a coalition member of Coalition for Reforms and Democracy.

Ali Hassan Joho Education Background

  • Masters in Business Administration.
  • Apart from other fellowship programmes, Joho has also vast expertise in Information Technology.
  • He is a degree holder in Business Management and Human Resource Management
  • Student at Kenya institute of Management, Diploma in Management
  • Secondary school student at Serani Boys Secondary School.
  • Primary school student at Tom Mboya Primary school.

Ali Hassan Joho Wealth

Besides a rich political background and unquestionable record in the public services; Joho has had an illustrious career as a businessman. He is the founder and pioneer of Prima Pest and Bins Limited, the first garbage collection company in Mombasa.

He is also the founder of M-tech Kenya Limited and East African Terminals.

He equally commands respect within the shipping and logistics business. During his free time, Joho undertakes a lot of charity work. Through, the Hassan Joho Foundation, a non profitable organization, Joho supports the needy members of the society.

Ali Hassan Joho Foundation

During his free time, Joho undertakes a lot of charity work. Through, the Hassan Joho Foundation, a non profitable organization, Joho supports the needy members of the society.

The Assistant Minister joined active politics in the year 2004, and became the Kisauni party chairman for the Liberal Democratic Party between 2006-2007.

It was not until 2007 General Election, when he was overwhelmingly elected as the Kisauni parliamentary member through ODM in 2007. He is the current Member of Parliament for Kisauni constituency and the Assistant Minister for Transport.

Ali Hassan Joho Positions Held

  1. ODM, Organising Secretary.
  2. Vice Chairman for the Defense and Foreign Relations Committee of Parliament, Power and Privileges Committee, Parliament.
  3. Library Committee member of Transport, Housing and Public Works.
  4. Member of the ODM Re-loaded team.
Ali Hassan Joho
Ali Hassan Joho

Ali Hassan Joho Profile

  • Education Background: Undergraduate Student (BA Economics)
  • Student: (Diploma in Management) ongoing of Kenya institute of Management
  • Student: (Computer Studies) of Comprite College
  • Student: (Business Studies) of High Grade College, Mombasa
  • Secondary School Student: of Serani High School
  • Primary School Student: of Tom Mboya Primary School
  • Professional Career:  Board Member Started 1998 of Chelamed Kenya Limited
  • Managing Director: Started 1996 of Prima Pest & Bins Company Limited
  • Director: ongoing of Intra Security Company Limited
  • Member: ongoing of Environmental Trust of Kenya

Ali Hassan Joho Political Career

Hassan Ali Joho is a Kenyan politician. He belongs to the Orange Democratic Movement and was elected to represent the Kisauni Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya since the Kenyan parliamentary election, 2007.

Joho campaigned to be elected as first Governor of Mombasa during the election held on 4 March 2013. He emerged the winner and was sworn in as governor on 27 March.He won by 132,583 votes, his closest rival Mr Shahbal, who was second with 94,905 votes. Shabal went to court alleging rigging, but his petition was denied. He later went to court to block swearing in of the winner.

Hassan Ali Joho Family

Ali Hassan Joho Wife

Joho is married to Madina Joho

Ali Hassan Joho Children

Hassan Joho and Madina Joho have 4 children

Ali Hassan Joho Contacts, Facebook and Twitter

Ali Hassan Joho – Video

Ali Hassan Joho News Updates

President Kenyatta warns Ali Hassan Joho

Updated: 13.02.2017

President Kenyatta has vowed to teach Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho a lesson, accusing the county boss of pestering him and interfering with his work.

He says Mr Joho, who was put under office arrest on Monday, should focus on his work as the county boss and stop interfering with national government projects.

Police escorted the governor to his office after blocking him on Nyali Bridge as he headed to work in Mombasa town.

“He should not play with us or else we will teach him a lesson,” President Kenyatta said at Mtongwe Channel, where is re-launching a ferry, MV Likoni.

Mr Kenyatta accused Mr Joho of failing to develop Mombasa and asked him to account for Sh40 billion given to the county as equitable share.

“Mwambieni asituchezee…sisi tutamnyorosha (tell him not to joke with us… we’ll deal with him),” he has told the public at Mtongwe.

Ali Hassan Joho Projects

He claimed the vocal county boss and the kingpin of the opposition National Super Alliance has been a thorn in the flesh of his leadership.

He said Mr Joho should stop interfering with presidential functions or face unspecified action.

Speaking during the re-launch of Mtongwe ferry services, President Kenyatta told Mr Joho to stop following him wherever he goes.

“Why does he want to follow me? Am I his wife? He should tell people what he has done for them,” he said.

Ali Hassan Joho – Garbage

He claimed Mr Joho was trying to cling on projects initiated by the national governments because he knows he has done no development for locals.

“He only wants to boast and show off. He should start cleaning the county, which is in a mess due to garbage,” he said.

Deputy President William Ruto said the Jubilee government was not interested in political power competition but service delivery to the citizens.

He challenged the Mombasa county leadership to concentrate on serving the people, saying the city was sinking in drug menace.

Ali Hassan Joho Protest

“I ask you to elect leaders who will restore the pride and glory of Mombasa county and these leaders will come from Jubilee because Mombasa will change under Uhuru leadership, “said Mr Ruto.

During the ferry launch, the President said more vessels would be launched at the channel once two new ferries arrive in July.

Mr Joho on Monday condemned his arrest and office lock-up after police informed him that they were under instructions not to allow him out until President Kenyatta leaves Mombasa.

He protest the national government move to block him from the Mtongwe event, saying as the local governor, he has the responsibility of representing his people.

Uhuru Kenyatta vs Ali Hassan Joho Video

Hassan Joho: I won’t be Raila Odinga’s running mate

Updated 7.10.1016

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has dispelled fears within CORD that he was being groomed to be Raila Odinga’s running mate in next year’s elections.

Hassan Joho said he was campaigning countrywide to strengthen CORD and popularise Raila to face Jubilee in next year’s polls but had no interest to be his running mate next year.

“I want to make it very clear that I will defend my seat as governor of Mombasa in 2017. ODM has already endorsed Raila Odinga as its presidential nominee and I urge Wiper and Ford Kenya to do so that their nominees can face Raila in the CORD nomination,” Mr Joho said.

Hassan Joho accused the Jubilee administration of allegedly marginalising some parts of the country and favouring others. “The Jubilee administration claimed it had no money to buy Waitiki farm at about Sh1.25 billion but it has just waived loans for coffee farmers. This is discriminatory and it is why I have been critical of the Jubilee administration,” Joho said. He claimed Jubilee has failed to initiate meaningful development projects in CORD strongholds.

Source: Standard

Hassan Ali Joho Not Unfairly Targeted

Updated 12.3.1016

Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery has refuted claims that the government is unfairly targeting Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho – an allegation that the Coalitions for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) have made following the withdrawal of Joho’s security detail on Friday.

Speaking on Saturday, Nkaissery said that the government was reducing the number of security personal attached to all VIPs.

Commenting on the timing of the move, the CS said that the government had already made plans to cut down the number of bodyguards attached to VIPs, but the implementation coincidentally took place following the hotly contested Malindi by-election.

Nkaissery also told the Mombasa Governor that he must surrender all of his firearms, adding that Kabete MP Ferdinand Waititu is also required to surrender his gun.

The CS critised Joho’s initial refusal to surrender his guns saying that ownership of firearms is a privilege accorded to him by the government, not a right.

“His chest thumping that guns cannot be taken away is crossing the red line… It is a privilege to own a gun, because you shouldn’t own a gun. You are not supposed to own a gun because government protects you, therefore the privilege shouldn’t be abused” he said.

The withdrawal of Joho’s security and Nkaissery’s remarks has continued to attract sharp criticism from leaders allied to CORD, with many claiming that the Jubilee government is out on a revenge mission following their loss at the polls.

Adding his voice to the debate, Bungoma Senator Moses Wetagula accused the government of putting opposition leaders in danger by withdrawing their security detail.

Orange Democratic Party Chairman John Mbadi has however claimed that the ongoing controversy is an elaborate smokescreen, staged by the Jubilee government to divert attention “electoral theft”.

“The charade championed by Joseph Nkaissery and Nelson Marwa is also meant to divert attention from Jubilee’s electoral theft in Kericho and its failed attempt to steal elections in Malindi,” read Mbadi’s statement.

The ODM leader went further to state that the ongoing debate is meant to divert public attention from discussions about graft.

“The current campaign of intimidation of key Opposition politicians including ODM Deputy Party Leader Mr Ali Hassan Joho, Kilifi governor Amason Kingi and a host of our MPs is clearly intended to divert national debate from the grand thefts at the National Youth Service, the Youth Enterprise and Development Fund, Huduma Centres and of Euro Bond,” he added.

Joho’s body guards are linked to allegations of assaulting a woman who was accused of bribing voters during the parliamentary by elections in Malindi.

The incident is still under investigation.