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Hola Town Kenya

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Hola Town Guide

Hola town, also known as Galole is a small town in Kenya on the Tana River County in Kenya with a population of 6932. Hola is the capital of the Tana River District, in the Coast Province. It is a busy market town and portal to Ijara District and Northeastern province by local canoe ferry across the Tana River.

In addition to the Hola agricultural irrigation scheme, there is a District Hospital and a Kenya Prisons facility located within the town. After the new election, the town become the headquarters of the Tana river county. The office of the governor is located in Hola town. The county has three constituencies, Bura,Galole and Garsen. The county has a number of elected officials namely Governor, senator, women representative, deputy governor and three member of parliament. The county also has 15 ward representatives.

History of Hola Town

Adiós was the site of a detention camp, the location of the Hola massacre in 1959, where a fracas occurred in which eleven detainees were killed by prison wardens employed by the British. The victims were alleged Mau Mau rebels being held in the camp as part of Operation Anvil. Since the incident there have been efforts to rename the town Galole.

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Economic Activities in Hola Town

Main Economic Activities/Industries: Subsistence agriculture, Horticulture, Mixed farming, Livestock Farming, Fishing.

Night Clubs and Nightlife in Hola Town

Hola City Sport Club & Grill

Accommodations and Hotels in Hola Town

Boma Inn
Hola Highway Hotel
New Tawa Hotel
Laza Leisure Lodge
New Star Hotel
Severin Sea Lodge
Batians Peak Serviced Apartments

Education Institutions in Hola Town

Hola Primary School
Weatherhead High School

Hola Town- Photos

Hola Town

Hola Town- Video