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Homa Bay Town Kenya

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Homa Bay Town

Homa Bay Town Kenya is located along the north – eastern part of Lake Victoria. It borders the Homa Bay, from which the town derived it name.

In the northwest, the town boundary is formed inside the Lake, in the east by Kochia / Kanyada boundary, in the west by Kanyada Kanyamwa location boundaries, and in the south by the line between Kabunde airstrip and Oturbam passing through Ogande Girls secondary school.

Homa Bay Town is located 105 kilometers South of Kisumu City and 405 kilometers southwest of Nairobi the capital city of Kenya.

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Homa Bay Town Geography

The town lies at an altitude of approximately 4000 feet at 1330 meters above sea level. It covers an area of 197 square kilometers of which half is inside Lake Victoria leaving the remaining area for active development.

Homa Bay Town Climate

Homa Bay town’s climatic condition is semi- arid and it has two rainy seasons. Long rains which falls between the months of March and May while short rains fall between September and November with approximately measurements of 1180 millimeters. Its daily temperature falls between 26-28 oC.

Transport network in Homa Bay Town

Homa Bay town is accessible by road through Kisumu to Nairobi and Kisumu to Kampala through Jinja, on the northeastern part of the Town. On the southeastern it is accessible by road through Kisii to Nairobi and through Migori Sirare and Mwanza. It is also accessible by Lake through Mbita Point, Musoma, Bukoba and Jinja. Homa Bay town also has an air strip located 5 kilometers away from the Town centre which is used occasionally by light planes. Railway connection from this town is Kisumu by steamer or road.

Administrative Structure in Homa Bay Town

Composition of the Council.Homa Bay Municipal council is divided into 6 wards each ward represented by a councillor totaling to six councillors. The Minister nominates 2 councillors and a Public Officer representing parties and the government. Homa Bay Municipal Council is composed of gender sensitive representations out of 9 councillors 2 of them are women. The municipal wards are:

  1. Market ward
  2. Posta/Bonde ward
  3. Katuma ward
  4. Kanyabala ward
  5. Kanyadier/Kothidha ward
  6. Kanyango/Kalanya ward

The civic wing is headed by a non – executive mayor assisted by the deputy Mayor.

Council Committees. Civic body is divided into 4 committees headed by a committee chairman. The committees are:

1. Finance staff and general purposes committee in charge of staff and financial matters

2. Works town planning and markets committee which deals with planning developments and plot allocation matters.

3. Public Health & environment deals with Health and environment matters.

4. Education & social services deals with education activities i.e. Nursery schools Welfare of staffs and town residents and sports.

Socio-Economic Profile The major activities taking place within the municipality are:

1. Employment of skilled and unskilled workers. 2. Trading and wholesale, retail, hawking, micro enterprise, touting, non – motorized transport business, motor boat, taxi buses, minibuses transport. 3. Fishing and fish mongering. 4. Industrial business, fish processing and by products factory, maize, sorghum, ground nuts, millet and potatoes.

Education Homa Bay Municipal council has both public and private primary and secondary schools.

  1. youth polytechnics
  2. farmers training centre
  3. medical training centre

Health Homa Bay has one public hospital which is the county hospital, private hospitals and dispensaries all which takes care of all kinds of sicknesses both in patients and out patients. There are several VCT centre both public and private to take care of HIV (AIDS) pandemics

Land Development The land uses which are taken into account for the following suitability classification are housing, crop cultivation and forestry.

Housing The land use type housing is considered as Homa Bay town is rapidly growing and degradation of the living environment is encountered. Most likely they are the result from building on for this use unsuitable land. Town planning could not keep up with the rapid growth.

Crop CultivationThe land use type crop cultivation is considered as Homa Bay is not self sufficient in food production however there is still a lot of land that is not yet under urban use and will not be in the near future. This land that is of important value and good suitability for crop production is sufficiently being used for agriculture crop production which serves the town and also sold outside the Municipal area.

Forestry A lot of trees are grown within the urban and peri-urban areas for conservation of environment. However, shortage of wood fuel is being experienced in town, therefore forcing people to import from outside though import of wood is very expensive and causes land degradation in the area of origin. mus village of Rugus is on the East