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Nannies and House Helps in Kenya

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Nannies and House Helps in Kenya

House Helps in Kenya: Due to the dearth of employment opportunities, the high birthrate, and the long hours often worked by those with jobs, it is usual for most urban Kenyans to have a maid, often a very young girl, sometimes a family member, who is brought into town from the rural areas. She will be responsible for running the home, cooking the supper, and caring for the children.

More affluent households may also have an ayah, who is responsible for caring for the children (but who may cook, iron, and clean as well), and an askari, who is essentially a security guard, and who may be shared among a number of houses in a compound.

House Helps in Kenya – Upper and Middle Class Households

The upper echelons of Kenyan society (and the middle class is growing fast) may also have a cook, a gardener, and a driver. This situation is replicated in Asian and white households.

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Most house helps in Kenya “live in,” that is, they are provided with “staff quarters,” furniture, bedding, water, electricity, and so on, in addition to their wages, which are often very low (the minimum wage is approximately Ksh 5,500 per month, but nannies pay often falls below this).

Many house helps in Kenya come from “up country, “particularly from Western Kenya, where they often own a small farm or shamba, which is run by their wife and where their children live. “Leave” and “travel allowance” is provided by employers to enable them to visit their families from time to time. Courteous, charming, hardworking, and hospitable by nature, the Kenyans are excellent staff members, both private and in the hotel industry.

Nannies and House Helps in Kenya

Nannies and House Helps in Kenya

DOs and DON’Ts in getting a Nannies / House Helps in Kenya

  1. DO Call the househelp bureau in advance, and make sure that it is a valid . This is so as to avoid getting conned or cheated into going into areas that are dangerous.
  2. DON’T give any personal information over the phone. This is a general rule when dealing with someone you do not know.
  3. DO ask which domestic helpers the bureau has available for interviews. If you give your requirements first, they might fit them into an available helper so that you hire from them.
  4. DON’T ignore any signs that the house help might not be the best for you and your family. Watch for signs such as no luggage, no ID, and disconnected stories.
  5. DO always interview. Make sure that the helper has basic knowledge of house keeping and baby care.Where possible have a checklist that you can use to make sure that your minimum requirements are met.
  6. DON’T hire out of sympathy. We all want to help the world somehow, but do not make the mistake of being emotionally led to hire a house help or nanny. Remain objective and most of the time trust your instincts.

Mama Derick House Help Agency

Location: Buruburu, Coco beach stalls, room 24

Phone: 0726911731

Donholm Housegirls House help agency

Location: Donholm

Phone: 0722734765

Akipema Employment Bureau


Phone: +254 672 304

Dafina Housekeeping Executives


Phone: +254720 823 889


Nimu’s Bureau

Location: Westlands

Phone:+254 722636007

Fairdeal Agency

Location: Donholm near Total,Umoja near Umoiner stage

Phone:+254 726 699 315, +254 722 915 140

House girls/House boys/Gardeners/Nannies/Casual Workers and Security Guards


Tumaini Employment Bureau

Location: Roysambu/Thika Road

Phone: +254 771 880 328/ +254729 442 029

House Girls/Casual Laboor/Cloth Washing Services

Supa Maids

Location:Parklands Ring Road

Phone: +254723797936 +254733797936



www.supamaids .com

Kenya Sitters


Phone:+254 726 265 220 / +254 735 762 331

Nannies Desired


Phone: 254733927789

Naomi’s Fountain

Location: Kileleshwa

Phone:+254 727 227 861/ 728 406 345

housekeepers / nannies


Mother Goose Nanny

Phone:+254 723 412 689

Angels Domestic Workers Agency

Location: Eastleigh Sect 3

Phone:+254 726 584 724, +254 739 522 828

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