Hussein Mohammed Biography

Hussein Mohammed is a senior anchor at Citizen TV of Royal Media Services. He, together with Janet Mbugua Ndichu host “The Big Question” news bulletin on Monday’s 9 PM Citizen TV news.

Hussein Mohammed Career

He joined Citizen TV in 2008 and since then his professionalism and demeanour has raised his profile both nationally and internationally.

He is a man whose star keeps on shining each day. Sources close to the news anchor reveal that the top rated journalist is being sought by international media houses.

Several international media houses have approached him in the past 2 months, according to one of his close associates. Though he is not in a hurry to move out of Royal Media Services, the promise of hefty pay might tempt him to change his heart.

Hussein Mohammed Family and Wife

In December 2014, he walked down the aisle with her fianceé Malyun. The two got married in in a traditional Islamic ceremony called Nikkah at South C at the Masjid Nur.

hussein mohammed and wife
hussein mohammed and wife

Hussein Mohammed and Janet Mbugua Ndichu

In October, 2015, Citizen TV’s Janet Mbugua faked labour pains lost for words.

Hussein Mohamed was shocked reacting like most men would, only letting out one word, “okay!” The tension, however, did not last long as Janet relieved him from the moment saying it was a joke.

The stunt brought down the studio in laughter, as the two together with the panel of guests shared in the light moment.
As the show wound up, Mbugua announced that she was getting off the screen for a period of three months, adding that Jackie Maribe would stand in for her.

Hussein Mohammed Interviews

Hussein Mohammed and Moses Kuria

In July 2015, Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria caused a stir on Tuesday evening when

Hussein Mohammed
Hussein Mohammed

he walked out in the middle of a live television interview.

Mr Kuria, who was being interviewed by Citizen TV anchor Hussein Mohammed, stormed out when a clip of him allegedly inciting youth in Gatundu was about to be played.

The clip, which has elicited anger from Kenyans, shows Mr Kuria urging his constituents to attack politicians opposed to the National Youth Service (NYS) projects.

Hussein Mohammed had asked him to explain his utterances. Moses Kuria claimed a huge portion of the clip had been edited and demanded that the video, which he says was 45 minutes long, be played in full for Kenyans to know what really transpired.

“I was taken out of context. To understand you have to see the full footage of my speech,” Mr Kuria said.

However, Hussein Mohammed insisted on playing the clip, which prompted Mr Kuria to walk out.