The Independent Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission – IEACCwas established pursuant to Article 79 of the Constitution of Kenya and replaced KACC.

The (IEACC) Bill was passed into law on August 27, 2011. It took effect on September 5, 2011 following the President’s assent.

Independent Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (IEACC)   functions are:

(a) In relation to State officers:

(i) Develop and promote standards and best practices in integrity and anti-corruption;

(ii) Develop a code of ethics;

(b) Work with other state and public offices in the development and promotion of standards and best practices in integrity and anti-corruption;

(c) Receive complaints on a breach of the code of ethics by public officers;

(d) Investigate and recommend to the Director of Public Prosecutions the prosecution of any acts of corruption or violation of codes of ethics or other matters prescribed under the Act or any other law enacted pursuant to Chapter Six of the Constitution:

(e) Recommend appropriate action against state officers or public officers alleged to have engaged in unethical conduct;

(f) Oversee the enforcement of codes of ethics prescribed for public officers;

(h) Advise, on its own initiative, any person on any matter within its functions;

(i) Raise public awareness on ethical issues and educate the public on the dangers of corruption, and enlist and foster public support in combating corruption but with due regard to the requirements of the Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes Act, 2003 on confidentiality;

(j) Subject to Article 31 of the Constitution, monitor the practices and procedures of public organisations to detect corrupt practices and secure the revision of methods of work or procedures that may be conducive to corrupt practices; and

(k) institute and conduct proceedings in court for purposes of recovering or protecting public property, or freezing or confiscating proceeds of corruption or those related to corruption, or the payment of compensation, or other punitive and disciplinary measures.