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Iten Town Kenya

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Iten Town Guide

Iten town is a town in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya. It is located along the road between Eldoret and Kabarnet. Elgeyo escarpment and Kerio River are located east of Iten. The town has a population of 4000. Iten is the capital of the Keiyo District and Elgeyo-Marakwet County of Kenya.

Iten town forms a common local authority (Iten/Tambach town council) with Tambach, a small town in the vicinity. Iten was the headquarters of the former Elgeyo-Marakwet District since 1966, when it replaced Tambach.

The name of the town (iten) is a corruption of Hill Ten, a local rock formation named by Joseph Thomson in 1883. The hill is located about 800 meters outside the village on the road towards Kessup. It can be best viewed from the Iten Viewpoint.

Iten’s Hill Ten

The mayor of Iten is Mary Ruto (as of 2009), one of the few female mayors in Kenya.

Education Institutions in Iten Town

Sergoit Secondary School
Sengea Secondary School
St.Paul’s Kapkondot Secondary School
St.Paul Chesongoch Secondary School
St.Patrick’s Secondary School
St.Alphaneus Mutei Secondary School
Mon Secondary School Iten
Kiptulos Secondary School
Kimuron Secondary School
Kapteren Secondary School
Kapkessum Secondary School
Kapchebau Secondary School
Chebonet Secondary School
Anin Secondary School

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Iten Town


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