Jalango Biography

Jalang’o whose real name is Felix Odiwour was born and raised in Kisumu. He is a kenyan director,an actor, a comedian and a radio show host. He is known for his green suit and a leopard print shirt. He is also the CEO of Arena media, an event organising company

If you have ever attended any of the events where he is the MC or seen interviews he has done, he acknowledges his humble beginnings and says that he is a graduate from the school of hard knocks. He has lived in various slums and has trecked to Nairobi’s industrial area to seek employment.

He fell in love with acting and would often visit the Kenya National Theatre to try out various roles. It is here that his talent was discovered and together with his friend Kazungu Matano were handed roles on Citizen TV’s Papa Shirandula.

His comic side seemed to open doors for him as he was later involved in various TV ads. With no college or university degree Jalang’o has become one of the highest paid MC /Event organisers in Kenya and is currently the C.E.O of Arena Media. He also hosts the show Jalango with the money on KTN.

Jalango Wealth

Jalango was born Felix kodhe decades ago. Going to bed at night hungry was the order of the day during his childhood. He moved from one slum to another in such of place of residence. Jalang’o did all sorts of jobs so as to make ends meet including hard manual jobs like mjengo. Felix ad a relatively decent level of education in his life time that saw him finish his high school education. At the moment he is pursuing a higher level of education majoring in marketing at Daystar University.

Jalang’o – Big Break

As fate would have it, good times smiled at Jalango. Knowing that he needed more than to dream life in the slum, living one day at a time, Jalango tried his chances in acting. At the Kenya National Theatre, Jalango started his acting career with his pay ranging from meal laced with compliments to just6 200 shillings.

He also ventured in to acting high school set books where he would travel far and wide in the country in order to get food, rent and the so much needed acting experience. Needing a game changer, Nyambane and his crew started acting Luo plays that gave them the needed attention and feedback that enabled them stand out from the rest. It is during this time in 2007 that Jalango was invited to appear in a single episode of ‘Papa Shirandula’ a comedy series in Kenya where he gave exemplary performance that hoisted him into the into the big league.

Jalang’o – Other Ventures

After stepping into big screen acting papa shirandula, Jalango has been a busy man. It was in Churchill show that he pushed his acting comedy roles to the full. Jalango was also privileged to be endorsed with a contract by KTN TV network for the crazy comedy show where he moved many people to tears with his hilarious utterances. On top of this, Jalango ventured into radio as an expansion of his career. He co- hosted the big breakfasw alongside Caroline Mutoko and Larry Asego at Kiss FM. As an ambitious person, Jalango is also a business man and co- founder of Arena Media marketing agency. Its main purpose is to organize elegant events for clients. It also deals with commercial advertisement for clients for different products on TV.

Although Jalango has a full history, his ambitions still run deep and he is still growing his career. Though he is now focusing on his company, it would be unwise to strike him off as a done deal in terms of comedy. Still focusing his time and energy on different roles, Jalango hopes that he will someday help many people achieve their dreams by availing a platform for them to show case their talent. Now promoting Kona comedy, Jalango is proving that he is taking comedy life very seriously. As difficult as his childhood was, Jalango is now living life large, a product of his tears, sweat and unwavering dedication.

Jalango Wealth

Our sources say that currently the comedian charges at least Ksh 250,000 when he appears as an MC at your event.He is invited to at least 4 events in a month

Jalang’o Girlfriend

Jalango is a family man with one child with his long term girlfriend and fiancée chekoiyet boiyo


10 Things You Did Not Know About Jalang’o

Some of the things you need to know a bout Odiwuor includes:

  1. He has *shared a flight with President Uhuru*. This was during the launch of KQ dream-liner, both Jalang’o and President Uhuru boarded the Triple 7-200 flight from Nairobi to London. They shared light moments even though both of them were headed for different missions.
  2. He is *a single father*, even though dating. During an interview with The Standard on 19th September 2014, he revealed that he has a family of three brothers, two sisters, a mother and a daughter called Salika.
  3. He *donated one million cash money* to his village church. This was presented in bunches of different notes.of sh.50,sh.100, sh. 200, sh. 500 and sh. 1000.
  4. Veteran comedian of Vioja Mahakamani,* Ondiek Nyuka Quarter is his role model*. He claims that he has been inspired by Ondiek from the time he was a young boy. He loved Vioja Mahakamani since his childhood.
  5. He struggled in Nairobi slums* before rising to fame. He sold water and did all manners of work including ‘mjengo’ so as to make ends meet.
  6. He started by doing Luo comedy at Kenya Cinema*. From such performances, he created contact with other established comedians such as Nyambane. He used such contacts to rise. Example of Luo plays he acted includes popular ‘Kibrit Olwar E Pi’ meaning ‘matchbox has dropped on water’.
  7. He had been arrested of activism*. During the 2008 Jamhuri Day celebration, Jalango and other civil right activist tried to disrupt the event while protesting over proposal by members of parliament to shield their income from taxation. Jalango was arrested and later released.
  8. He acted as Chief Nanga* in a Nigerian play; A Man Of The People by Chinua Achebe. that was back in 2005 when the book was a literature set book in Kenya.
  9. He is an entrepreneur*. He owns a marketing agency called Arena Media. His interest in marketing has seen him advance his education to higher level by studying Marketing at Dayster University.
  10. He loves Range Rover sports car*. he reveals his love for Range Rover in his twitter handle, claiming he is saving to buy one.


Felix Odiwuor – Jalang’o News

Comedian Felix Odiwuor – Jalang’o Finally Unveils His New Alliance With Jeff Koinange at Hot 96

Comedian Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, is set to make his debut on Hot 96 in the first week of May.

According to reports, the funny man will be hosting the daily breakfast show, dubbed ‘Hot 96 Breakfast’, alongside popular media personality Jeff Koinange.

Royal Media Services, the parent company for Hot 96, has been running promos of the show on social media and by the look of things, it’s going to be one of a kind.

Jalang’o, who was recently named as Kenya’s most popular radio personality in a survey carried out by Consumer Insight, is expected to maintain his comical approach when tackling listener’s problems, while Koinange will have a somewhat sober perspective.

It is hoped that the two, who have both gained a loyal following over the years, will attract more listeners and bring a fresh breath of air to the station. They are also expected to capture the urban youth, who have been avoiding the station for one reason or another, by discussing topics relevant to them.

Before his move to Hot 96, some media outlets reported that Jalang’o had signed a deal to work with the campaign teams of Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and that of Kisumu Senator Anyang’ Nyong’o.

The comic further fuelled the rumour after putting up a post on his social media pages that seemed to imply he was joining the murky political arena immediately after he resigned from Radio Maisha. But as it turns out, nothing could be further from the truth.