Jimnah Mbaru Biography

Jimnah Mbaru is an internationally renowned investment banker, he is the chairman and director of several companies, including Dyer & Blair Limited, a leading stock broking firm.

He has been associated with the development of financial institutions including the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE), which he served as chairman for 10 years and Africa Stock Exchanges Association, which he launched as a founder chairman in 1993.

 Jimnah Mbaru – Education Background

2003: University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Associate Professor Graduate School of Business.

1998 – 2002:  Bachelor of Laws (LLB, hons), University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya. Graduated top of the class.

1978 :  Master in Business Administration (MBA); IMD (Lausanne) (formerly IMEDE)

1968 – 1971 :  Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com, hons), University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya. Graduated in top class quartile and member of Students Representative Council.

1967 – 1968 :  East African Advanced Certificate of Education, Strathmore College, Nairobi, Kenya.

1963 – 1966 :  Kirogo Secondary School, Muranga, Kenya,East African Certificate of Education,. Obtained First Division in ‘O’ Level.

Jimnah Mbaru Job History

2000 – 2002 : Chairman: Nairobi City Council Interim Oversight Board (Presidential appointment).

Chairman: Nairobi City Council Interim Oversight Board (Presidential appointment). Responsibility: To oversee the financial management of the City Council.

1992 – 2001:Executive Chairman: Nairobi Stock Exchange, Nairobi, Kenya. In charge of overall growth and development of Nairobi Stock Exchange.

Executive Chairman: Nairobi Stock Exchange, Nairobi, Kenya. In charge of overall growth and development of Nairobi Stock Exchange.

1991 – 1992:Vice-Chairman: Nairobi Stock Exchange.

1998 – 2000: Chairman: African Stock Exchanges Association (ASEA). An organization bringing together all Stock Exchanges in Africa for purposes of enlarging and enhancing the appeal of the emerging markets in Africa.

1998: Vice-Chairman: National Bomb Blast Committee, Nairobi, Kenya. A Presidential appointment to oversee the disbursement of charitable funds to families affected by the1998 bomb blast.

1993 – 1995: Founder Chairman: African Stock Exchanges Association (ASEA).

1980cations and applicants, monitoring and reporting on loan repayments. Promotion of African businessmen and women in Nairobi.

-1990: Chairman: Jimba Credit Corporation Limited, Nairobi, Kenya. An investment banking company.

1984-1990: Chairman: Union Bank Of Kenya Limited, Nairobi, Kenya. A commercial bank licensed under the Banking Act of Kenya.

1983-1990:Chairman: Kenya Savings & Mortgages Limited, Nairobi, Kenya. This is a financial institution which dealt with long-term finance for mortgages. It was licensed under the Banking Act of Kenya.

1978-1980: Assistant Director of Industries, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Nairobi, Kenya. Responsibility: Assistant Director in planning and promotion of industrialization in Kenya.

1975-1976: Industry Development Officer; Ministry Of Commerce and Industry, Nairobi, Kenya. Responsible for promoting industrialization in Kenya.

1974-1975: Provincial Trade Officer, Ministry Of Commerce and Industry, Nairobi, Kenya. Responsibility: In charge of Kenyanization of businesses in Nairobi, issue of trade licences and general recommendations on business development in Nairobi province.

1971-1974: District Trade Development Officer, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Nairobi, Kenya. Responsibility: Vetting small-scale loan application

Jimnah Mbaru Publications

  •  Transforming Africa: New Pathways to Development.A 540-page volume on selected speeches, papers and presentations on financial reforms and development in Africa.
  • LLB Dissertation:Capital Markets and Economic Development: Law, Bond Market and Securitization in Emerging Markets: Challenges and Prospects for Kenya. 2002
  • Paper on ‘The Mobilization of Domestic Financial Resources’ for Economic Commission for Africa.
  • Report and Recommendations on the Needs and Organizational Structure of the Botswana Stock Exchange, for the Government of Botswana.


  • How to Bring Down Interest Rates for Housing or Mortgages
  • Why We Should Create A National Education Development Bank (NEDB)
  • Need to Split Some Equities on NSE
  • Housing Development and Economic Growth
  • Use of Donor Aid to Fund Public Pensions
  • Challenges of Increasing Domestic Investments
  • Converting Juja Road into a Trading Zone
  • A US $ 100 Million Credit Line to East and Central African Nations
  • How Hawking in a City could be Enhanced
  • Relocation of the Nairobi Railway Station
  • The Need to Create An African Monetary Fund (AMF)
  • Re-thinking Kenya’s Developmental Strategy


  • 6th Annual ASEA Conference, Abuja, Nigeria, October 2000
  • 7th S.W.I.F.T. Regional Conference in Africa on Securities Market Infrastructure – The Quest for Quality, Windhoek Namibia, May 2000
  • Annual African Investment Conference at the African Centre for Investment Analysis, University of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa, October 1999
  • CDC/CSAE Conference on Investing in Africa – Opportunities and Challenges in Capital Markets, Oxford, UK, April 1998
  • Jimnah Mbaru
    Jimnah Mbaru


  •  Policies for Promotion of Foreign Investments, in New York for 6 weeks.
  •  Policies for Transfer of Technology for Industrialization, in Seoul, South Korea, for 3 weeks
  •  Policies for Promotion of Exports, in Geneva, Switzerland, for 3 weeks.
  •  Management Development, in Nairobi, for 2 weeks.
  •  Management of Small-Scale Industries, in Nairobi for 2 weeks.
  •  Secondary Mortgage Market Workshop, sponsored by USAID in USA, for 3 weeks)
  •  International Financial Institutional Senior Management Seminar, sponsored by Citibank N.A., for 3 weeks.
  •  Treasury Management, London, UK. This Seminar was on Management of Cash in Multinational Corporations whose operations are in different countries with different foreign rates.
  •  The Financial Services Revolution. Banks and Non-Banks in the 1980’s. Held in London, United Kingdom.
  •  European Banking in the 21st Century, a seminar on Internationalization of European Commercial and Merchant Banks – their potential problems and opportunities. Held in Milan – Italy.
  •  Emerging Financial Services in Europe, a seminar on Impacts of Technology, Competition, de-regulation, Capitalization and Solvery margins, on strategic options for survival for financial institutions in Europe. Held in Brussels, Belgium.
  •  Mergers and Acquisitions, a seminar held at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A., in December, 1987.
  •  The Challenge to Recovery and Growth: Finding Solutions to Africa’s External Debt. A seminar held in London, UK, in April 1988
  •  The Job of the Executive, a seminar held at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) in March, 1989.
  •  Course on Banking and Monetary Policy in Developing Countries, six-week course held at the RELC International House, Singapore, from 15 May to 14th June 1989. Organized by Harvard University.
  •  Innovations in Foreign Financing – Roundtable, a five day forum organized by the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank. Held in Stratford-upon-Avon, in the United Kingdom, from 17th to 21 June 1989.
  •  Modern Macroeconomic Policy and Management in Developing Countries, a six-week course at Harvard University in summer, 1995.
  •  Securities Market Management in Emerging Markets, a two week seminar at The Intrados Group, Washington DC 4th – 14 December, 1995.

Jimnah Mbaru Membership

  • Chairman: Nairobi Stock Exchange, Kenya, effective from 18th April 2006
  • Chairman and CEO: Dyer and Blair Investment Bank Limited, Nairobi, Kenya. A major Investment Bank in Kenya.
  • Chairman and CEO:   Dyer and Blair (Uganda) Limited, Kampala, Uganda. A stock broking company that deals with shares and stocks and is a member of the Uganda Stock Exchange.
  • Chairman:  Jitegemee Trust (Kenya). A Kshs.750 million micro-finance institution supported by the Netherlands Government.
  • Chairman:  Africa Consulting Group Limited, Nairobi, Kenya. Consultants in privatisation, liberalization, economic reforms and capital markets.
  • Chairman: Nairobi Equator Hospital
  • Director: Central Depository and Settlement System (CDS), Nairobi Stock Exchange. A computer automated system of transfer of share certificates.
  • Director: Occidental Insurance Company Limited, Nairobi, Kenya.A general business insurance company.
  • Director: AIG Global Investment Company (East Africa) Limited, Nairobi, Kenya. A US$ 300 million asset management company.
  • Director: British American Insurance Company Limited, Nairobi, Kenya. A mainly life insurance company.
  • Board Member: Association of Kenya Stockbrokers.
  • Board Member: Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Board Member: Faculty of Commerce, University of Nairobi.
  • Member: The National Economic and Social Council. A Presidential appointment to advise the Government on fast-tracking of Economic Recovery Strategy for Wealth and Employment creation in Kenya.
  • Member:  Advisory Council, University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa.
  • Member:  Kenya Institute of Management.
  • Member:  Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Advisor:  Botswana Government. On Reorganization of Botswana Capital Market.
  • Advisor: Rwanda Stock Exchange (in formation)
  • Advisor: The Dar-es-Salaam Stock Exchange.
  • Advisor: Uganda Securities Exchange.
  • Consultant: Economic Commission for Africa. On Mobilization of Domestic Financial Resources in Africa.

Jimnah Mbaru – Consultancy Work Clientele:

  • Banks
  • African governments
  • The World Bank
  • African Stock Exchanges
  • African Central Banks
  • Economic Commission for Africa

Jimnah Mbaru – Areas of expertise:

  •  Institutional building: Banks, Non-bank financial institutions, Stock Exchanges.
  •  Management and Economic Consultancy: Privatization, Liberalization, Economic Reforms, Retrenchment, Institutional Restructuring and Economic Empowerment.
  • Funds Management
  • Human Capacity Building

Jimnah Mbaru – Research interests:

  •  Investment, Finance and Growth of Firms.
  •  Micro-finance and Venture Capital.
  •  Emerging Markets and Political Risks.
  • Portfolio Investments and Risk Evaluation.
  •  African Capital and Money Markets development.

Jimnah Mbaru – Delegations:

Official Kenya Delegate to:

  • Conference of African Ministers of Industry – in Nairobi 1975
  • Inter-Government Standing Committee on Shipping – in Kampala 1975
  • UNCTAD Conference, Nairobi, Kenya 1976
  • Policies and Strategies for Industrialization in Africa – in Nairobi 1979

Jimnah Mbaru – Extra Official:

1971-1976: Chairman: Board of Management; Cottage Industries of the Nairobi Christian Council of Kenya.

HOBBIES: Reading, Golf and Travelling.

Jimnah Mbaru Wealth

Jimnah Mbaru, is a stock market entrepreneur who is worth billions of shiilings. He is the chairman and part owner of Dyer and Blair Investment Bank. He is also a director of the Nairobi Securities Exchange. He is one of the top 10 share holders in Britam where he owns 10.2 percent of the company which is around 219.3 million shares (valued at sh3.7 billion at the current market prices of sh17). He also has 256,900 shares in Uchumi, 13.04 million shares in Transcentury (4.76%) and many other private companies. He also has large ownership of properties. All these wealth is self-made.

Jimnah Mbaru Political Career

In 2013, general election he vied for Nairobi county gubernatorial seat but he lost to Dr. Evans Kidero.

Jimnah Mbaru Family

Details about Jimnah Mbaru family will be updated soon…

Jimnah Mbaru Contacts

Tel: 254 (020) 3240000

Fax: 254 (020) 218633/3240116

Address: P.O. Box 45396, 00100

Nairobi, Kenya

Email: mbaru@dyerandblair.com

Website: www.dyerandblair.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeamJimnaMbaru

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimnahmbaru

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